Best of IMM Cologne 2019 -A Design and Interiors Fair

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Koelnmesse | Studio Truly Truly’s Das Haus Project, Interior View

IMM Cologne Home and Interiors  showcases trends and invention in interiors and design – known for its sleek format and emphasis on technologically pioneering exhibitors it is one of the most important events in European design. This year the theme is pure atmosphere, a distillation of formal restraint, design purity with unusual touches. This coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school and there is even a section devoted to this important and lasting design legacy. With over 13,00 exhibitors it’s a unique opportunity to see up and coming talent as well as established furniture and design icons’ newest ideas and pieces.


Here are a few of our favorites from the IMM Cologne Fair this year.


Knoll, Mies-Van-der-Rohe, Barcelona-Chair, Mid-century-modern

The beautiful and iconic Barcelona Chair, originally designed by Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion of  the World Exhibition, 1929. IMM | Knoll International



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Koelnmesse | Giorgetti

Giorgetti  is known for unique and expected combinations and has a long history spanning over 100 years. The modern designs are based in part on a tradition of cabinet making and an emphasis on the unexpected use of materials.

All the pieces are made in Italy, from conception to production which is eco-efficient overall interestingly. In these fantastic chairs, Giorgetti uses restraint and geometry with exhilarating color, a sense of daring formalism comes together to create furnishing that is paired as a group or can be used a focal piece. The company is currently traveling an exhibition featuring its 120 history of design entitled Object to Project. 



IMM | Studio Truly Truly

Studio Truly Truly’s beautiful Wove chair is an imaginative expression of modern sculptural form, water like gracefulness reminds one of suspension bridges.  This Australian pair is known for their extensive collaborations with top brands and design initiatives.  Based in The Netherlands, the duo is hands down one of our favorite design forces, and make a range of products beyond furniture including lighting, textiles, as well as entire spaces.



Das-Haus, Studio-Truly-Truly, House, Modern-Home, Organic-Home, Architecture, Open-space, Experimental-Design, Interiors, Truly-Truly-Studio, IMM-Cologne-2019, Design-Fairs, Interiors, Modern-Design

Koelnmesse | Das Haus by Studio Truly Truly

In fact, the team will be presenting this year’s Das Haus – or Interiors on Stage.Created with artistic vision, every year the Das Haus space is designed by a nominated architect or designer and is meant to provide a platform for the designer’s personal vision of beauty and function, answering how people might live ideally.

This year, Truly Truly has created a space called Living by Moods. Emphasizing changing schedules and needs, this home has a sense of organic flow and within there are special zones: Reclusive, Serene, Active and Reclining. This space and the entire Das Haus project is considered experimental as a whole, and interestingly enough this year’s design focused on the beauty of flux, the ever-changing dynamism of our daily lives. We love the modular furniture, dramatic light fixtures, intersecting lines and variety of layering materials, particularly the airy juxtaposition of open space and light, partitions and natural and manmade texures.


Koelnmesse | Das Haus by Studio Truly Truly



image.pngBilly Chair by Joe Smith | IMM

We are also captiavted by simpler projects such as that of young British designer Joe Smith of the young talents content. An interest in exaggerated form paired with craftsmanship and  industrial material drives this designer’s aesthetic and production. For this extraordianry chair, the designer was inspired in part by the construction of trains and bridges in the North of England, thus the cubic form and use of bolts.



image.pngIMM | INDO Urvi Sharma and Manan Narang

As we can see, the young talents competition is one of the most interesting resources for finding innovative technical projects that marry beautiful design with materials.

INDO’s lush geometry of the Ikat Credenza is a wonderfully designed project. This piece plays with the variability of the Kat fabric on a curvilinear classical form of the iconic modernist furniture profile of a mid-century modern tambour credenza, creating a sense of movement.



IMM 2019 Tobias Grau.jpg

Koelnmesse | Tobias Grau

German lighting designer Tobias Grau synthesizes artistic form with technological innovation to create unexpected yet sculptural formats. Headed by the designer and based in Hamburg, a holistic philosophy guides the process of making modern artistic lighting.  This series of lamps is one of my favorite IMM pieces.



Fotorundgang, Stand: Classicon, Halle 11.2

Koelnmesse |ClassiCon

ClassiCon is renowned for their pieces that combine artistic radicalism and classic modern design, considered art works in themselves. Collaborations have included with stellar design leaders such as Eileen Gray and Eckart Muthesius, as well as Konstantin Grcic.




IMM| Mor Dogan | Piggo Modular Furniture

Last but not least is another Young Talent innovator -this modular furniture piece was designed by Mor Dogan for children’s waiting rooms. Inspired by her nephew who had to spent time in doctor’s office she wanted to bridge this often boring and stressful experience by creating a line of furnishings that approached design, usefulness and well-being.

Fall Design Trends – Go Gold with Boca do Lobo


Metamorphosis Dining by Boca do Lobo


High polish, gold paired with gorgeous geometry…and a taste for the bold…

Artistic and imaginative, one of my favorite design interiors lines include Boca do Lobo, in all its modern-baroque glory…check out these fantastic fairy tale furnishings…..perfect for your fall upgrade….






Monet Center Table…




We love the gold Tortuga table.. for something truly daring ….diamond chocolate sideboard piece in your absolute show stopper, this cubist creation is luxury artistry!


modernhome, contemporaryhome, interiors, design, decor, branding, interior design, bocadolobo


The metropolis table combines the elegance of art nouveau with modernist geometries…what a fantastic focal piece for your holiday interiors….



Decorating with Gold -4 Ways to Add Splendor

Gold is the material of royalty, treasured throughout the ages…Add gold accented pieces to your modern living space for a sense of luxury and heirloom quality elegance. Whether taking your cue from Ancient Rome, Neo-classical Europe, the splendor of Rococo, Art Deco or the ornate vegetal patterns of the east, gold takes your decor to the next level. Enjoy our guide to decorating with gold hues and gilt surfaces…


Stylish Kitchen - KOKET Projects.jpg

Koket Projects Gold Kitchen



1. Chose an Accent Table or Bookcase with Gold Detailing

Aidan Gray Furniture Furano Gold Coffee TableMaison XXIV LLC

Wareham Coffee Table Base Finish: Antique Gold Gilt






2. Add Gold Hues to Bedrooms



Newtons Furniture



Splash Of Gold Cushion The French Bedroom Co UK.jpg

Splash of Gold Cushion, The French Bedroom Co

Gold Ombre Cristal Lumbar Pillow by Lorena Maxilla




Ashes of Roses Gold Bed -Newtons Furniture



Wayfair’s Abbie Floral 6 Light Semi Flush Mount Finish Gold Leaf




The French Bedroom Co



White & Gold Embroidered Cristal Sheet Set by Lorena Gaxiola





3. Retro Style Decorative Pieces with Gold Details


Ambiance Honor Side Board from Memoir.jpg

Ambiance Honor Side Board, Memoir



Ostentation Folding Screen, Memoir

Red Pomegranate Gilt Bowl
, Wayfair


Angled Bird Leg Candlestick gold from Arbol House.jpg

Angled Bird Leg, Candle Stick from Arbol + Ovohouse



modern lighting, gold decor, pendant lighting

Dar Lighting Group, Be&Liv, Boca do lobo, and Touched Interiors 




4. Add a Piece of Design that is Truly a Work of Art



The sculptural Lapiaz Center table from Boca do Lobo is inspired in part by karst formations, a vision of stone frozen and dramatically cracked open to expose a rich mineral interior of gold.  



Bedroom Decor with NYMPH Chandelier - KOKET Projects.jpg




Classical Inspired Homewares by Mia Fleur.jpg


Mia Fleur



Give Your Home the Luxurious Look: How to decorate

Add luxury and splendor to your home or apartment with these designer inspired ideas

1. Lushly Green Hues


apartment therapy

 Source // Source


Green, deep beautiful pine green, or a verdant kelly hue.

Brabbu Malay Sofa @ Braddu

Velvet furnishings, like this piece from Brabbu …Chose one furnishing to cover in velvet in an au courant color. The purity of cream is also very elegant, stone table and gray walls. Dove gray also has a certain monumental elegance….


2. Luxurious Grays & Onyx Tones




Source // Source

3. Ornate Texture









4. Vintage Chandeliers



Source //

Vintage chandeliers paired with these historic blue walls, elegant formal dining table


5. Manor House Red









6. Add Antique Sculpture & Wall Murals….