4 Easy Ways to Upgrade + Update a Tween Girl’s Bedroom

Image via Oh Eight Oh Nine.jpeg

Oh Eight Oh Nine


My daughter who just turned 8 has been requesting an update to her room -she’s had the same set up since age 5 so it’s time. Her taste and interests have changed.

Our changes will have to be in the details, because we won’t make any major furnishing changes, and we just painted about 3 years ago -and it’s in perfect condition.  I also invested in high quality shades and curtains.

There are new fun ways to update the look without getting rid of the big investment pieces.


1. Add a High Quality Poster or Photo that Changes the Mood


Interior Philosophy.jpg

Interior Philosophy gets this look right.



2. Change Those Drapes!



I am loving these Boho style Pom Pom curtains…..from Susie Watson Designs + Serena & Lily


3. Add Throw Pillows that Say Fun!



Zazzle,  Aelfie, + Plusheez


4. Add Sheepskin for Cozy Style


Blue Sheepskin Style by Aelfie.jpg



Deavita Sheepskin Style Pouf Seat.jpg


curated by kids: panda bedrooms

How to decorate your room with various panda themes, objects + etc.


Lulu et Brindille with prints by Seventy Tree

Lulu et Brindille, Paris and Seventy Tree


Curated with the assistance and expertise of Bianca (6 years) & Charlotte (4 years), who managed to create this vision despite a diverse number of insults, and objectionable behaviors from one’s sister, such as “she’s wearing my headband”  “stop breathing” and “stop touching my hair.” Ten years of collective experience in the industry of childhood, expertise in cuteness, bed hogging, liking small animals, singular diets, & talking nonsense.



iviebaby blanket.jpg


Editorial note regarding this cutie cozy from Iviebaby: “That’s a baby blanket, but I like it and sometimes I like small stuff even though I am not a baby.”


panda walllpaper mural by little hands.jpg

Little Hands Wallpaper (warning the cutest on their site is overwhelmingly delightful)


cyandegre via etsy, panda pillow

Sleepy Panda, Cyandegre, Canada 


panda chair via amixss

Vintage Chair, Japan



ferm living_marionette wallpaper

Ferm Living

moshi moshi kids -panda decor


Moshi Moshi Kids and Paula Arcklin


panda cushion by babee and me via etsy

Panda Pillow by Babee and Me


teddy bearfabric at esty

Panda Blanket Panel from Teddy Bear Fabric