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As many of you know, our content curator is invested not only in presenting gorgeous decorative content, but as well supporting young artists and designers. That’s why we wanted to showcase the Covet International Awards -and spread the word about this international contest.

They are seeking outstanding submissions in the areas of


Residential | Hospitality | Commercial | Sustainable Design 


The deadline is December 15th, 2018.


This exciting award series is honoring the very best in interior design projects allover the world. celebrating and working to elevate creativity in the field, an expression of a commitment to the importance of decorative arts in our world today, as well as nod to the importance of handicraft and quality workmanship, a form of art and craft that may be fading from our lives too soon. Learn more here:






The Covet Awards are Sponsored by the BR HANDS FOUNDATION and COVETED

Four Beautiful Modern Kitchens

In North America holiday season is fast upon us, and many of us are thinking about our cooking and entertaining spaces. Some of us are even renovating before the season really gets into full swing!! Now, while we all love the perennial appeal of a white crisp kitchen whether traditional or nordic style, there is so much to think about when it comes to choosing a space with depth, character and layered hues. We hope you enjoy our gallery of sophisticated kitchens distinguished by elegant combinations of natural materials and mid century modernist classicism.

Stunning Kitchen #1: A Historic Space with Contemporary Flair


modern-home, modern-decor, contemporary-house, mid-century modern, kitchen, cucina, kitchen-renovation-ideas, interiors, interior-decor, new-house, luxury-home

This grand space takes historic architecture and marries it with the most au courant of kitchen style, Archetipo 10, courtesy of L’Ottocento.


Stunning Kitchen #2: Depth in Color -A Contemporary Aesthetic


Original BTC Fin Medium Pendant Kitchen Lighting Lifestyle

A gorgeously romantic and modern space with sable colored stone counters and dark wood cabinetry complemented with original BTC Cosmo Pendants, such a stunning picture of contemporary style and taste. Courtesy of BTC. 


Contemporary Kitchen #3: Go Black with Luxurious Texture


Original Style Tileworks Nero Venato CS2142 12060

This stunner of a space takes Nero Venato tile in the most beautiful of grays and mixes it up with gorgeously veined stone, offset with noir countertops and dramatic lighting. Courtesy of Original Style. 


Modern Kitchen #4 -Pared Down Modernism


Original BTC Cosmo Pendants (on) Kitchen Lighting Lifestyle


If using your kitchen table for parties and or a working and family space is a definite, then the choice of a farmhouse table is clear. But the rustic look is beautifully made unique and stylish with modernist lighting fixtures such as these BTC Fin Pendant lights, adding style and ambient lighting. Courtesy of BTC Original.



Fabulous Bedrooms

Decorating a bedroom is always a personalized project that should encompass style with comfort and touch of sensuality and character. Focus walls with faux weathered historic looks, great wallpapers, ornate beds, classic sheets and Bloomsbury House style…we love all these amazing looks for your new bedroom…


Elegant Black and Gold


Bedroom | All Black with a Golden Touch.jpg

Luxxu – an ornate luxury look with a sumptuous contemporary feel.


Hollywood Regency Goes Tropical


Ariel Bed - Kingsize - Luxury Velvet Cloud-2

Dreamy blue….Somewhere between fairytale, mid century modern and art nouveau we jut love this king sized Ariel bed in luxury velvet cloud from Sweetpea and Willow


Snow White Classicism


Romantic Ruffles Bed Linen - Lifestyle.jpg

The delicacy and freshness of white…a classic choice with a touch of femininity,  Romantic Ruffles Bed Linen, The French Bedroom Co

Boho Eclectic Style


Block Print Stripe BP 770.jpg

Eclectic style, art, patterns, Kantha quilts combined with metallics and Block Print Strip Wallpaper, Farrow & Ball


Top Creative High End Furniture Manufacturers via Lladro

High End Furniture Manufacturers


Contemporary design conscious high end furniture manufacturers are distinguished by an imaginative vision of every day functional household pieces, think regally conceived bedroom suites, modernist and inventive cabinets, consoles, sofas and chairs, as well as incredible dining sets with gorgeous chairs and elegant tables.

The best of materials and the most unexpected combinations of shapes, configurations and aesthetics define this group of haute furniture makers. In no particular order, but delightfully beautiful, we present the creative world of today’s most interesting high end furnitures manufacturers, selected for their bold aesthetics, surprising ideas and innovative outlooks. Many of these leaders in design are featured in the most exciting design fairs every year, astounding the interior decor crowd with their new ideas and curated spaces.


#1 High End Furniture Manufacturers: Boca do Lobo


High End Furniture Manufacturers


Made of wood Boca do Lobo’s Symphony Cabinet is a bold statement in gold with an updated Art Deco look, and it’s inspired by music, as an artistic re-interpretation of key design elements found in church organs, violins and the details of brass instruments. This high end manufacturer’s masterpiece is made of gold plated brass, rosewood veneer and gold leaf.


#2 High End Furniture Manufacturers: Luxxu


High End Furniture Manufacturer

Luxxu is a Portugal based high end furniture manufacturer and design company, well regarded for its various lines of furniture, lighting and home accents.

Luxxu is constantly presenting exciting new ideas and designs and have a way with sculptural metallics and surprising hues.


#3 Kartell



Kartell is one of the most well known high end furniture manufacturers and an iconic design force in modernist form and idea. Pictured here is the Invisible Table by Tokujin Yoshioka with Philippe Starck’s Masters Chair. Superb modernist iconic pieces are the trademark of this firm.


#4 Wiczny by Maciej Markowicz 


High End Furniture Manufacturers and Designers


It’s not just the large companies with extensive design and production teams that define high end and artistic furniture design today. Smaller artist led ateliers are also the place to look for truly inventive furniture and accessories. Designed by New York City based Polish artist and designer Maciej Markowicz this limited edition hybrid sculpture is designed to accommodate a full 88 key digital piano and provides shelving for various music texts and items. Evoking the graceful beauty of a shell over a nautilus, this collector’s piece is a fully functional digital musical instrument. Among the many exceptional pieces by this inventive designer in his Wiczny Studio. 


#5 The French Bedroom Co. 


High End Furniture Manufacturers


The French Bedroom Co. has an aesthetic that is best described as somewhere between the elegance evocative style of Gustavian interiors, Versailles and modern luxury. This Charcoal Rattan bed is made from solid ash wood with hand-woven cane insets. We love the smoky hues and sense of luxury, a perfect capturing of the signature look of this company – for this historic noble feel with a contemporary twist, we suggest adding a chandelier for a layered an evocative look.


Whatever company you may choose to accent or curate your luxury living space or business interior, these fine companies present innovative ideas with high standards of design and quality materials, a winning combination. They prove that trends in high end design can be cutting edge and pioneering while absolutely functional. 


This post is a repost from Lladro. 

The Bohemian World of Wisdom & Koenig Interior




“You should enter another world surrounded by beautiful but also mysterious accents & figures. A place for barefoot elegance.”

Wisdom & Koenig Interior is a Munich based shop and interior design service headed by Kyle and Domi whose eclectic vision of décor and beauty is a colorful and bold style –splendidly exuding a sense of Bohemian chic, exciting, elegant and unusual. The designers love French, North African color and motifs complementing these traditions with keynotes from antique collectibles, modern forms and even touches of post-impressionist art and postmodern design.

It is such a delight to feature photographs from the design duo’s home and beautiful projects, as well as an exclusive interview!


Home3A view of the duo’s extraordinary home in Munich.


_14Y6124 - Arbeitskopie 3


Please tell me a little about your background, education, training -how did you come to be designers and decorators?

Domi: Early on I discovered my interest in interiors and furniture and appreciation for design. I received my carpenter diploma after high school and from there studied Interior design. In 1994, I opened my own store in Munich focusing on Moroccan interiors (Ali Baba 1994- 2006).

Kyle: Singer/song writer, performer and fashion model (worldwide for Versace, Valentino, Hilfiger, Yamamoto, etc.) As a musician, you are always experimenting and exploring new ideas, breaking rules and combining colors & moods. As a model, I was introduced and influenced by many different cultures as well as the fashion industry and photography. Dominique gave me the last push by opening my eyes to the world of interior design.




Most interesting project/ decorate project/ client?

Domi: My dream project was decorating a home in southern France. I was given total freedom to express the desired wishes of the client.

Kyle: Having worked directly with such greats as Versace and Valentino, I really benefitted from their freedom of creativity and lack of rules.  I saw firsthand that creation is very personal and the only boundaries are those you create yourself. This transports beautifully to arranging our showroom. Because we have such and eclectic selection the real challenge is bringing it all together so that it looks and feels perfect.




Home1The duo’s private home….


Your home is extraordinary, please tell me about your style of decorating and how you arrange and curate the space?

First of all, having an amazing space to work with is key! Light always plays an important role, as well as the comfort factor. We like the room to be warm and inviting however it should also be exciting to the eye. We want to discover things slowly as we settle in. It’s an eclectic mix of different periods, no rules; making sure to add in just enough of our own personal style, Moroccan with modern. However, in the end it must all fit together in harmony with color, texture and feel.

Favorite modern designer?

Domi: Gabriele Crespi and Jean Prouve.

Kyle: Gert Voorjans, Gio Ponti, Zaha Hadid, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Favorite designer chair or furniture piece?

Domi: Norman Cherner’s Armchair

Kyle: Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair.

Dream project?

Domi: A Boutique Hotel where each room is unique.

Kyle: I would love to put together a very cozy restaurant from top to bottom. Some place I would like to hang out myself!



Creation is very personal and the only boundaries are those you create yourself!


Learn more about the unique vision of Wisdom and Koenig



Dark Green Beauty -Decor Trends

Dark green furnishings, tabletop decorations, luxuriously rich and dark paint and textiles are a perfect approach to fall and winter updates. Warmth with an added touch of dark sophistication adds a timeless beauty to both traditional and contemporary spaces. Explore and enjoy our gallery of gorgeous new hues, furniture and rooms. In a black room like this amazing space from Sweetpea and Willow.



modern decor, velvet sofa, contemporary space, masculine decor, interior decorating, beautiful sofa, sofa
Sweetpea and Willow’s Balfour Sofa 3 Seater in House Velvet Forest Green



Maison Valentina, couch, elegant, sofa, day bed, green velvet, fall decor, winter decor

Maison Valentina’s superb day bed



Covet House, Dining Room, Chandelier, Lighting, Marble, Grey Paint, Dark Green Decor, Green Chair, Dark Green

Covet House Dining Room Modern Classic Inspirations



Decor trends, fall interior decor updates, dark green, modern decor, interior decor updates, candles, fall decor, winter decor

URBANARA Dining Banner Christmas 2017 II



Decor trends, fall interior decor updates, dark green, modern decor, interior decor updates, candles, fall decor, winter decor, pillows, modern colors

URBANARA Blankets and Cushions – AW17



Myalnds Paints Borough Market No. 38 and Mews Blue No. 98

Myalnds Paints Borough Market No. 38 and Mews Blue No. 98

Almost Spring + Bunnies Abound!


Wonderful black rabbit lamp, from Rume


Sometimes a person just likes decor with bunnies. Or cats. Right now it’s bunnies for  and who can blame us, the cuteness is almost unbearable. Ready for blooms and new greenery? Check out the pops of pretty sage, forest green and bright green. We love the retro look of Heavensent’s rabbit wallpapers!


HEVENSENT Racing Rabbit Wallpaper Border Dust Dove Grey 10m Roll RRP £60.00.jpg

Heavensent Wallpaper



Quail Ceramic Collection, Rigby and Mac




Annabel James Rabbit and Cabbage Tote Bag



Brer Rabbit Wallpaper William Morris from F+P Interiors.jpg

Brer Rabbit Wallpaper William Morris from F & P Interiors




Bloomingville, Adelynn from NIK Online GmbH







Rabbit Shade 2 Bunnies Blue Grey Lush Designs from Lushlampshades co uk .jpg

I would find it absolutely acceptable to have this shade in my bedroom or study. Yes, adults can adore rabbits too.  Lush Lampshades, London So hop along….

Inspiration Ideas for Your Home -Add Charming Prints

Athena Art
Cats, Illustration, Cute Decor Ideas, British art, Contemporary illustration
Chloe Cheese’s Cat Print

  Decorating Ideas for you -try charming drawings made into prints……

I really love the familiar children’s book illustration style of Chloe Cheese’s work, and the color scheme means her prints fit into any decor style. Her pretty illustrations reminds me so much of Judith Kerr’s fantastic Mog the Cat books! Before I admired the painting on Chinese porcelains, or the plaster sculptures that adorned my grandparent’s living room, the Kline blue paintings, it was the aesthetic wonder of illustration that was most important to me.
And anyone who has followed this style blog for a bit knows I adore any sort of lovely home decor with cat motifs. And mid century style. ….Enter Chloe Cheese, a printmaker whose amazing still life illustrations of the prettiness of every day life are absolutely charming. I found out about Chloe’s work from Emma Hardiman from Athena Art, London. Athena is famous for their c. 1960s shop on High street. Tremendously popular, today Athena is internet based and well known for their pop culture inventory including vintage albums.
However, it was the handmade illustrative work that really caught my eye when I was chatting with Emma who described Chloe’s work perfectly! “This collection encapsulates the essence of her passion for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary of everyday life. She finds beauty in the things that we might not even notice and causes us to pause and relax in the moment.” 
collage, print, teapot, coffeepot, decorating ideas, fun
 Interior of dining area with a large wooden table and black chai

CC Soup1

 Athena Art.jpg
Prints of Chloe’s work and other working artists can be purchased on the company site.
and check out Facebook,  Twitter + Instagram for more!

Eclectic House of the Month – Ghislaine Nassif and her Art Society via Krikla



“My decorative style is a direct reflection of my journey in life, and I love to see the evolution of the space as my lifestyle changes, and whatever my passions might be at the moment.”

Ghislaine Nassif’s home is also the centre of her salon style organisation The Raven Society, serving the artistic community and known today as a creatively kinetic epicentre for the arts. Ghislaine is an originative tour de force who began her career in fashion, followed by a time working as an interior designer.




“My first vision for the Raven Art Society for it to function as an art gallery, but also a salon where creative people can enjoy and participate in events.”

Always close to art and artists, and an avid collector of art and objects of all kinds, Ghislaine wanted to create an environment that was different from the standard gallery space, which often can be alienating or intimidating. She says her collecting is informed by not only the emotional connection she has for certain pieces, but her love of diversity that has grown out of her experience:




I grew up in Morocco and have always enjoyed the Moroccan market and its mixture of influences. As someone who has lived in many countries, and come from a dual cultures, I have amassed a collection of art, antiques and objects from the various places I have travelled.

Today, innovative Ghislaine organises monthly exhibitions for the Raven Art Society at her home in Battersea – an amazing eclectic space and an extraordinary expression of her distinctive and well-loved sensibility. A true believer in collaborative initiatives, Ghislaine wanted her space to reflect the close relationships she had developed with artists, and to be an open and free celebration of art and music.




Ghisalaine follows in the footsteps of one of the first home art salons in Paris in the home of the American writer Gertrude Stein/ Stein’s welcoming to creative people in a space away from the traditional French salon style and academic institutions and rules set an important model for the private collection and cultivation of unknown and Avant garde artists. Stein’s space was host to art world luminaries such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Guillaume Apollinaire and Marie Laurencin. Ghisalaine says: “Living with Art Feeds the Soul.”




She has lived in Battersea for about fifteen years, and as true Battersea girl loves living along the park and she is very familiar to the local community. She welcomes the changes that Battersea has been seeing recently.

“Although it stays a very family orientated area, it now has many restaurants and local shops and is starting to attract a young and diverse crowd. Raven Art Society is pleased to be part of these transformations and is eager to see the Battersea power station finished.”




In addition to partnerships with Caius House, a Battersea youth centre, Ghislaine Nassif continues to initiate new ideas for collaborations between her artists and the community’s youth. Other community ties include work with the well known artist Carinthia West who has earned prestige for her iconic shots of the Battersea Power Station and is subject of a special exhibition at the society.

The summer show of the 2015 included three artists Sarra Badel, Ronan Salaun (Fifi), François Domain and Matt Sherratt in a unique exploration of texture and space.


This post is a repost from the Krikla blog here. 

The New Luxe Decor -Design Ideas


The New Luxe Decor is all about elegance and a taste for the bold. Black and white with rich bursts of color and metallic elements. It’s truly traditional decor with an updated international vibe, think Studio Ko meets old world palaces….

Don’t get me wrong I will take blue and white stripes and cotton florals any day for that fresh off the beach look but I LOVE the grandeur of old world style. Fit for a Queen…





We love Koket and their impeccable luxury styling..Style and classicism works beautifully in these two rooms…..



Succulent opulence gorgeousness from Mia Fleur.




A gorgeous crystal glass in dreamy smoke from Gurasu, pure luxury for that premium glass of wine.




Noir and Blanc from Pooky.




Smoked Tile, The Tile Company





Oh Koket you make me feel like the only girl in the world…..


pooky-shiltern-table-lamp-125-with-empire-shade-in-pink-block-printed-cotton-65Pooky Shiltern Table Lamp

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