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Athena Art
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Chloe Cheese’s Cat Print

  Decorating Ideas for you -try charming drawings made into prints……

I really love the familiar children’s book illustration style of Chloe Cheese’s work, and the color scheme means her prints fit into any decor style. Her pretty illustrations reminds me so much of Judith Kerr’s fantastic Mog the Cat books! Before I admired the painting on Chinese porcelains, or the plaster sculptures that adorned my grandparent’s living room, the Kline blue paintings, it was the aesthetic wonder of illustration that was most important to me.
And anyone who has followed this style blog for a bit knows I adore any sort of lovely home decor with cat motifs. And mid century style. ….Enter Chloe Cheese, a printmaker whose amazing still life illustrations of the prettiness of every day life are absolutely charming. I found out about Chloe’s work from Emma Hardiman from Athena Art, London. Athena is famous for their c. 1960s shop on High street. Tremendously popular, today Athena is internet based and well known for their pop culture inventory including vintage albums.
However, it was the handmade illustrative work that really caught my eye when I was chatting with Emma who described Chloe’s work perfectly! “This collection encapsulates the essence of her passion for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary of everyday life. She finds beauty in the things that we might not even notice and causes us to pause and relax in the moment.” 
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 Interior of dining area with a large wooden table and black chai

CC Soup1

 Athena Art.jpg
Prints of Chloe’s work and other working artists can be purchased on the company site.
and check out Facebook,  Twitter + Instagram for more!

Decor Inspiration -Elements from Asia


Peter Wilds Design Green Armoire + Chair

Peter Wilds Design, Colours of India Project


Decorate with beautiful artwork, reproductions, textiles, furnishings, ceramics and more from Asian + or Asian inspired. Remember Asian visual culture is one of the oldest and richest and there is an endless variety of styles, genres, objects and materials to peruse, learn about and adore. For a living room that has character and international fee,  add collectibles including antiques and reproductions. Kid’s rooms look wonderful with layered eclectic touches, including Asian color schemes, furniture and textiles.

In honor of the upcoming art event Asia Week New York, March 9-18, 2017 discover this dreamy collection of Asian inspired decorative ideas and interior design inspirations and gorgeous products and designs.



Hua Trees Wall Mural Grey .jpg

Hua Trees by Sian Zeng


Contemporary design often incorporates international motifs and influences, however the very best and most captivating somehow seems to manage to also use traditional artisan or craft traditions to create new and innovative objects and design items. One such standout example is Sian Zeng, a London based designer who imaginatively recreates space using traditional Chinese techniques and imagery within modern day interiors.


White Buddha (Large) - £36.00.jpg

Buddha from The Contemporary Home



Floriental Bedroom.jpg

Dune Elm 



Small Classic Chinese Cabinet - Pink.jpg

What a wonderful addition to a little girl’s room! Small Classic Chinese Cabinet in Pink, from Furnish



Intrade, Sweden




Peter Wildes Desgn Detail of Colors of India Project

Peter Wilds Design, Colours of India



Manuel Canovas

Manuel Canovas



M CanovasManuel Canovas, The Samira Collection



Hector Sanchez

Hector Manuel Sanchez, Photographer



Inchyra Blue No. 289.jpg

Inchyra Blue No. 289 by Farrow & Ball


Decorating Ideas -Swans


MyLove Affair with Swans

I never really thought about swans -as a decorative element, or a favorite animal until my daughter requested a stuffed swan for her birthday -and I was astounded by how hard it was to find a nicely made one -I had to order one from Germany. I realized in fact they were the perfect bird for the animal crazy primary schooler -and they can add a touch of sophistication and the vintage as well. I hope you will be absolutely inspired by this collection of beautiful artistic designs, antiques, and eclectic swan decor items. 


Hanna Nyman, Sweden -Hanna is a paper artist who is worth knowing about. Check out her amazing Back to Poetry Instagram for more extra prettiness!


No need to be a baby to LOVE this amazing mobile and this super swan pillow. Mmm..sweet dreams sugar..from Little Cloud, UK. You can find tons of custom items made with yes, Liberty Fabrics.


swan, handmade gifts, nacotopocoto at etsy

I may in fact, need one of these for my dresser, how delightfully sweet, hand made ballerina swans….artfully crafted by hand using a family heirloom sewing machine by Nacotopocoto, Etsy.



Via Instagram/ Pinterest


swan, eveline-tarunadjaja,

Design by Eveline Tarunadjaja, an extraordinarily talented illustrator, and designer from Melbourne. Enjoy more of her work on her beautiful site



Frankie’s Bedroom….A little romance mixed with a vintage settler’s bed + Swedish Style..via Blonde +Bone.



And more wonderfulness, Swan prints, and check out the amazing whale stuffed animal on the bed. Via Little Dwellings, Australia. This design firm’s site is full of delights, including “mood” or e-boards, and tours of makeovers. Masters of the cool pastel and whimsical, yet tasteful children’s decor, their site is a must see.



Image via Pinterest, Top Home Decor.



Swan Nightlight via Modcloth

Beautiful + Inexpensive Flower Arrangements

End of summer? No matter, pick those last roses, herbs or even weeds and make something beautiful.

Ways to save those more hardy blooms from that store bought bouquet! Add foliage, herbs like rosemary and berries.



Image via House by Hoff




Via Brides of Adelaide





Image via Desire to Inspire




Via Paper + Stitch



Via Johanna Vintage



Via Crush cul de sac



via Etsy

Last of your garden roses? Add buds, branches and herbs…

3 Inspiring Interior Decor Ideas for Fall!

Kristin Doggett via Glitter Guide

Kristin Doggett, via Glitter Guide

Starring polka dot and his friend the splotch pattern, a fanciful decorative touch that adds whimsy and is also quite modern! Need a way to divide space or upgrade your small apartment?

Check out these awesome ideas for updating your home for the fall!

1. Add Circles,  Squares + Lines

These trending patterns can be easily added -whether a set of mismatched cups, an imported basket, a rug or simply stick on decals, use this decorator go to pattern update!


Image via H+M

Curated white space with touches of monochrome and color -check out the yellow pillow and that pretty corner plant, a perfect touch of green! Via H&M


plump pretty sugar @tumblr

Creative Low cost upgrades! Simple shelves transformed into a gallery of cups, love the geometric elements! Via prettyplumsugar@tumblr


Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics Photo by Umla

Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics, Stripes, grids + polka-dots



via joy cho on pinterest

Via Joy Cho,Oh Joy! This sweet home office area is artistically laid out with just a few touches to separate spaces….Love the combo of a Moroccan style rug, modernist chair, flowers, hand picked decor items with decal polka dots beautifully transform a dull space.



Look Modern! Awesome polka dot clock via Society6!




2. Create a Special Cozy Space!

Whether it’s a small space that needs an upgrade, or a decorating of a window seat so you have a special place to read, get ready for the cooler indoor time, by creating a nook for you or your loved ones.


via fleaingfrance@tumblr

Transform a tiny room via FleainginFrance@tumblr


79 ideas

A cozy reading nook, via 79 Ideas



Pastel sweetness, a haven away from the world, Via vtwonen, pretty contrast of the worn white floors with the deep green-blue walls…




A cup of tea, and a book, Via newjerseyicecreamco

3. Paint Your Floors Cool Green or Frosty White!

If your wood floors are beyond repair or you need a refresh consider painting your floors a crisp white or a lovely green or blue….small apartments or shared spaces are great candidates for painted floors!!!


Painted white floors via Gravity Home

An open plan apartment with painted wood floors, Via gravity home…




Off white floors with grays…via JJ



Simplicity rules, whites are easy to clean + touch up, add blue accents, + fun linens, Via JJ.


Brondesbury Park viaJJCocations

Whites + brights complement one another wonderfully; this room combines minimalist white with eclectic boho style, Via jj.


Green and White painted floors via boligliv dk

Go green…a small apartment space is divided with simple high gloss painted floors, white + green! Via boligliv dk.



Lake House with a green blue floor via Country Living

A beautiful lake house with green floors + white accents! check out the birch tree table legs! Via CountryLiving!



via found

A shared space is made welcoming with this wonderful combo of bright jewel tones. Via Pinterest/ found.


Super Star Round Up -The Splot, Spotch + Polka Dot Winners






Beautiful Spaces, Interior Decor Inspirations

bedroom view via entrance makleri se

Minimalist Bedrooms have a certain grace….via Entrance Makleri, Sweden


Faux Fur with White via True Colors Brussels

Faux Fur Cozy, via True Colors Brussels


Baklava by Claesson Koivisto Rune via Great Dane


Baklava by Claesson Koivisto Rune via Great Dane


Baklava Pendant via Great Dane

Baklava Pendant



Joanna Laven Sandbergs + Hildasro via Agent Bauer

Stylist Joanna Laven, via Agent Bauer


Klippan Bengt & Lotta Wooden Tray in Light Blue via

Klippan Bengt & Lotta Wooden Tray in Light Blue via Huset


morris-pure-wallpaper-lodden-via elle decor se


via vintage whitesMary Kannu via Ellos Home


Mary Kannu, Ellos Home, Finland


Tiny garden detail Beautiful space via

Little Garden, via Entrance Makleri, Sweden



Sweet kitchen via Stadshem

Sweet Swedish Kitchen, via Stadshem


Via SF Girl by the Bay

Beautiful Vintage Mirrors Hung Salon Style, via SF Girl by the Bay


anotherfeather on instagram

Via Another Feather, Instagram

Decor Tips-Using Persian, Moroccan + Oriental Style Rugs

Discover Decorating Ideas-Mixing Modern with Persian, Moroccan + Oriental Style Rugs

jaune min stylist apartmentvia my domaine


Whether hand-woven antiques from established and reputable antique and vintage dealers, or found in estate sales, these handmade works of art are beautiful additions to any interior, traditional, spanish colonial, farmhouse and rustic modern, Scandinavian, retro mid-century modern, even contemporary. As well there are a number of fine companies offering beautiful rugs that are handmade abroad including India, Pakistan, Turkey Afghanistan, Iran and various other places. Many of the rugs while they reflect regional traditions including Persian decorative elements and Islamic architecture are made for export and show an admixture of signs, motifs, patterns, and artistic additions.

In no way would one wish to classify these contemporary works of art as “reproductions” or knock offs but rather a continuation of the rich artistic cultures of these amazing designers, weavers and artists. It’s quite amazing to see the creative reworking of multi-cultural motifs, patterns, and framing devices within each design.

Via Gravity Home + Milk Decoration


If you live in a farmhouse style home or maybe an NYC apartment that has seen better days, add an abstract Moroccan style rug for a layered eclectic look and Bohemian flair. Love the contrast of black painted floors with the cream ground of this beautiful geometric woven carpet.




make it home nl

Make it Home, Netherlands


Here we see a lovely mix of a more traditional rug with an updated office chair, dark walls, industry style unfinished floor, and a farmhouse style desk. Wonderful!





 Velvet Textiles, Kirsten Hecktermann,  Suzani Oriental Rug, Solo Rugs, and House of Jade Interiors





Amber Interiors

Via decorators best blog

Naomi Stein of DesignManifest

A mix of high modern and traditional has an eclectic feel, and is made bright by the canvas like walls, So gorgeous, one can imagine spending hours here with friends and family, reading a book or catching up over tea…



Kelly Ishikawa via design sponge

Kelly Ishikawa, Photographer

Richness seems a theme here, the beautiful sheepskin throw, ornate patterns on the rug and pillows, offset by white walls, and the cozy feel of a lived space, books, plants and a reading lamp…




nicole franzen pictures of kate doughtery for suno

Nicole Franzen




Lina Östling Photographer via johanna vintage blogspot

Lina Östling Photographer, Johanna Vintage

via noden home _stylist jadwina pokryszka house

Via Noden Home

A small carpet is beautiful as a draped accent, love this combination of spare and ornate…..



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Decor Hollywood Regency Style -Project X

via 1st dibs

Project X took me out of my comfort zone is the best of ways… I was thrilled to help a friend and former client develop the glamorous decor and design theme of her very daring home. She wanted something that was Hollywood Regency style but updated and maybe a little over the top in a way that only goes in Vegas. After all, X is a Vegas performer and well, probably one of the most interesting people I have ever met.


amber interior design


This blog is simply a series of mood boards made for X, I am excited to share these collages of sorts because making them was a real adventure for me and they remain visually entrancing…

Dedicated to X and the many risk taking performers, performance artists and adventurers all over the world.




Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.35.17 AM.png





Mood Board Dining Room Rosalina





Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.17.29 AM






Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.30.11 AM7342838ef0c5d2a475ac845d8ec11540Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.31.07 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.30.48 AM



Tineke Triggs Design


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.24.42 AM.png

*Please note I do not post pictures of client’s or friend’s homes in the interest of protecting their privacy.

Beautiful Blue Interiors -How to Decorate


This collection was inspired by the indigos by Sister Parrish Designs and Ann Wood’s Handmade Birds, and a series of absolutely deliciously cozy and beautiful sofas…could spend hours reading, writing, talking, cuddling…

Rich blues, smoky slates with plum notes, grayish wedgewood tones, indigos, all seem modern and traditional, allowing a richness, and comfort. Please enjoy these ideas, rooms and combinations of blue by some of my favorite stylists and publications.

Discover beautiful and simple ways to update your interior….



via decor pad



jesus marina barba

Jesús Marina Barba, Photographer



Daniella Witte, Interior Stylist


 Paperblog + Pics Lovin + H&M



Sania Pell



japanese indigo via stella dot uk

Stella and Dot UK


On-voit-la-vie-en-bleu elle decoration fr

Elle Decor, France


the lifecreativeblog_Interior-design-trends-2016-minimal-Japanese-dining-room

The Life Creative Blog

gold lookbook-style + design

via vera moraes

home design etc


Beautiful gold… new and modern ways, breathtaking gold henna, refurnished regency style furniture, lovely summer time dress, make up, enjoy this curated style collection + discover the way you can use gold for your decor, style + beauty ideas.




via chicfettiform-tea-pot-tom dixon









adeamaralpopsugar home



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