Beautiful Pairings -How To Make a Duvet Cover

Urban Outiftters.jpg

Urban Outfitter’s Duvet Cover -imagine making something similar using fabric sourced from a thrift store for the front, and a beautiful cotton contrasting pattern for the back? I absolutely think you could make something like this out of an old salvaged tablecloth….

If you are craving that perfectly curated Pottery Barn Kids duvet cover with the scrumptious fabric combos you can totally replicate these looks with the beautiful selection of designer fabrics on Spoonflower, see something you like, and they show you the pairings so you can design your own reversible duvet using sets from the designer series. 



Fabrics designed by Judy Quintero and Little Arrow via Spoonflower


As promised, here are my instructions for making a simple duvet cover from queen or king flat sheets or fabric. You can make your own for half the retail price or less, and it’s fairly easy to make a cover from two different pieces of fabric if you are trying to save money and want a reversible option!


Here is a lovely example of the two sheet project, via Tamar at Nest Decorating.



  • Approximately 12 yards fabric machine washable cotton or cotton linen blends (you can use two queen or king flat sheets too)

  • 8-10 Large Buttons

  • Thread

  • Tape measure

  • Sharp Fabric Scissors

  • Flat Pins

  • Chalk

  • Sewing Machine or if you find you like stitching as a Zen activity stitching needles and thread.

  • Iron


Spring Friends Rainfall Fabric via Spoonflower



  • Before you buy fabric or select sheets to use, measure your comforter

  • Lay out the fabric and if needed trim selvedge edging (finished sections).

  • Lay out front by putting larger panel in center, and two smaller panels on each side

  • Measure to make sure this will fit your comforter with some room to shrink in wash and allow you to easily insert the comforter, typically an additional 1 inch wide, and an additional 2 ½ inches for the seam allowance and hemming.

  • Repeat for Back


Fabric by Charlotte Winter




Fabric by Esther Fallon Lau via Spoonflower



Rae Ritchie for Birch Organic Fabrics, courtesy of


Let’s sew!

1. Sew side panels to your center panel using the French seam method: reverse side placement, ¼ inches, finished on both sides, trim away excess. (See here for great instructions step by step for French seams)

2. Sew Front to Back: Place front and back sides, and top, leave bottom as is, for now.

3. Hem the bottom by folding about 1 inch of fabric inside, pressing with an iron, fold up an additional 1 inch outside and iron, use pins to secure.

4. Use machine to stitch the interior and exterior folds.

5. Adding buttons every 8 inches, I suggest using the button hole attachment on your machine, make sure you measure the buttons precisely, and you are done.





Charlotte Winter Fabric

Inspired by Spring -Easy Decor Upgrades

Pink washedl linien bedding by Linen Tales on

Good morning beautiful…a few gorgeous finds to inspire your spring or easter time decor, with a modern touch, bright spring colors and sense of fun and play! Enjoy these tips + ideas for trending decor ideas! Easy upgrades to add new life to your space…


1.Minimalist Beauty -Neutrals and Floral Accents



Image courtesy of Pixers, add a floral covering to plain black, and the gorgeous fun of a Pixer’s mural or go with that classic white we all know and love. 


Lloyd by Rachel Ashwell.jpg

Rachel Ashwell Lloyd Chair



SMALL HAND-ETCHED BRASS VASE from the Decorators Notebook

Image via Decorators Notebook UK


PINK WASHED LINEN BED SET by Linien Tales on DaWanda..jpg

Lovely muted tones, washed texture and minimalist decor with the cheer of spring. Pink washed linen bedding by Linen Tales on



2. Amazing Wall Murals + Brights for Spring Time Joy all Year Long!







Images courtesy of Pixers


Pixers definately is the winner here with their inspired designs and eclectic interior ideas that combine folk art inspiration, Scandinavian beauty + practicality and unique art murals. We also love the handmade precision and prettiness of the Casetta Living Line.


leyer_by_hailsandshine-51 700 x 400__54832.original.jpg




Casetta Living, Table + Messy Posey Tablecloth



3. Vintage Style Details + Toys for Play or Decor


Little blonde girl holding basket with painted eggs. Easter day.


Herr und Frau Hase rosa_hellblauLuggy Basket from Mira Mira Ireland

Pixers, Hellblau Herr + Frau Hase and Luggy Basket from Mira Mira



Lewis the Hare

Lewis the Hare, Image courtesy of Mira Mira




4. Handmade Inspired Touches


Whether it’s just a sweet vintage look with white wash, or handmade items, this is a sure way to go to add eclectic beauty to your interior.


Easter Eggs by Ahoj-2012 on DaWanda

Easter Eggs by Ahoj-2012 on



Light blue napkins Easter Linen napkins set of 6 by LinenHomeShop on DaWandajpg

Sweet springtime sky blue colors…Light blue napkins Linen Home Shop on




Somerset by Rachel Ashwell .jpg

Somerset by Rachel Ashwell



Tear Drop with Conical VaseTear drop with Conical Vase, from Casetta Living



Rebu Aqua Ombre Salad Bowl from Amara Home

Rebu Pink Ombre Fruit Bowl from Amara Home




Ombre Fruit Bowls from Amara Home





Beautiful Designs by Pixers


Pixers Gallery

Coffee Service….Yes Please! Pretty Coffee Makers + Sets




Perfection in presentation -beautiful coffee styling by Crate + Barrel


I love coffee, and my favorite morning ritual is drinking a cup of cafe au lait -my husband makes it for me every morning, an act of love and perhaps self protection as well.





Nonetheless despite this loveliness, I have been thinking I want to prettify my afternoon coffee break. Things can get pretty hectic here at the beach house slash homeschool center slash writing office slash crazy kids jumping up and down.

So what way will I go, ultra modern matte Scandinavian style or Italian high modern? Or so pretty I cannot stop staring. I don’t know yet if it will be one or another or both but here are some pretty things.


via travis s warren @ tumblr.jpg

Via Tumblr -Oh hey there, yes keep it coming darling.




coffee services, tabletop ideas


16.05.14.Mjolk5679-thumbc.jpg Luca Nichetto Sucabaruca Coffee Set, Kihara Ceramics, Mjolk


via rigby and mac.jpg

My heartfelt journey …. I want a beautiful coffee maker that is not fully aluminum -these are hard to find. The noble search goes on….Let’s start with the coffee maker, I love these cool ones from Rigby + Mac.


Alžběta Pilařová .jpgPhotographer Alžběta Pilařová


This is kind of how my table would look but not as picturesque. It’s like a tumbled dream, flowers, books, toys and delicious treats plus a coffee to delight.


What’s your favorite espresso coffee? ♥