Trends in Style -Contemporary Jewelry Design by Konzuk


Konzuk -A Contemporary Minimalist Jewelry Line

Karen is the designer behind a remarkable minimalist celestially inspired modernist jewelry line Konzuk made for the architecture and designer lover. Called wearable architecture by Dwell Magazine, the pieces are hand made and feature diamond dust infused black concrete. We are so delighted to feature this Vancouver based artist and designer on the blog. Hope you enjoy her beautiful creations and learning more about the process!

Tell me about your training and path to making artisan jewelry?

I had originally attended art school where I studied sculpture. It was in an attempt to hone my sculptural skills that I took a jewelry class. I immediately took to it and there was no turning back! It was in my last year of school that I developed and production line, business plan and concept for my company. It’s been going for 20 years strong now!

 What’s the process for making the concrete and diamond dust pieces? 

For the Continuum pieces we hand form each of the dome shapes by using a dapping block and forming tools. The concrete and diamond dust is then applied to the surface in a thin layer of about 1mm and cured for three days to assure a hard enough surface and to prevent cracking. We then fabricate the final pieces using a laser welder and finish the process by hand.

 You have a new line, called Continuum, please tell me a bit about the inspiration behind these pieces? 

The continuum collection is an extension of our Stellar line which is inspired by capturing the stars in the sky. The main inspiration is drawn from Bauhaus ideals of simplistic and geometric forms.

Learn more about Konzuk on their website here























KONZUK jewelry appeals to design-centric audiences around the world. Collaborations include Sir Paul Smith’s flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles. In 2014, it was awarded an international design awards for its innovative Orbis line; and in 2016, Schwinn, Germany, will begin producing its unique line of concrete hardware.


Learn more HERE!

Jada Garvey’s Handmade Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses

Jada Garvey - IMG_2263

Jada Garvey - Designer Wedding Dresss

Jada Garvey of Fable Dresses is a bespoke wedding dress designer. Jada’s handmade gowns are always one of a kind, and each year the designer’s sense of artistic adventure and attention to detail determines a new series of dresses.

Jada has become beloved for her artistic and delightful creation of beautiful gowns embellished with handiwork, beading, embroidery, and a sumptous dash of found fabric. Hand dyed and lovingly made her gowns are absolutely extraordinary. She’s the go to designer for bespoke one of a kind wedding dresses for bride who wants something different.


Jada Garvey - Artistic Wedding Dress


Jada Garvey Fable Dresses One of a Kind Gowns


This season the dresses have a delicacy, embellished with detailed beading, inspired by the idea of the bride wearing a gown, her companions riveted by the handwork.Inspired by fairy tales and stories, in particular by the other-worldly and ancient, as she makes each dress by hand she likes to imagine who will wear every dress and the setting as well, usually in the natural world….

“a meadow with fluffy seed pods floating in evening sun. Mossy forests or wonderfully dark and creepy woods and swamps. A sacred place, the desert, a tropical beach. My imagination helps to form each dress.”


Jada Garvey -Black Bodice Wedding Gown


Each dress is time consuming to make, all the pieces are made from recycled materials and Jada spends countless hours sourcing these pieces, unpredictable work but an expression of the artist’s commitment to making sustainable designs and truly one of a kind items. She includes found items, and even creates her own dyes for some projects.



Jada Garvey - DSC00177


“I use anything interesting or beautiful that I can get my hands on.  Linens, household items, old clothing or gowns, broken jewelry, so many different things are used in my dresses.  Lately I have been having fun stitching clear quartz crystals on my dresses that I dig up from a spot a few miles from my house. They give a very natural sparkle that you will not see on any other wedding dress. When I make my own fabric dyes, I go out into nature and pick berries, flowers, or roots of certain plants and fill my pack basket. Being able to include the natural world into my designs makes me happier than I could possibly describe. Putting it all together and creating a dress takes a lot of energy. Sometimes I feel like I have to try a thousand fabric and detail combinations before it feels right and a dress is born.


Jada Garvey -American Designer and Dress Maker Studio 


What was your creative life like when you were a child, did you sew with your mother?

Jada: I grew up a bit poor. We did not have much and wasted very little out of necessity. When my mother taught me to sew clothing at 14, I was disappointed at how boring and uncreative sewing patterns felt. But one day I realized that I did not have to follow the rules of a sewing pattern. New fabrics were a luxury and I did not often like them, so I took my mother’s old clothes and whatever interesting used materials I could get my hands on and started patching, adorning, and recreating my own clothing with them. I started using sewing patterns as merely a guide, and I would redraw them or alter them to my liking.  It made me excited about creating clothing and I loved the idea of using materials that would otherwise be wasted.


Jada Garvey - Unique Wedding Dress.jpg


And so, the magic began! The vocabulary of traditionally women’s domestic arts or decorative arts in many ways is making its way into the contemporary art and design world, there is a kind of “renaissance.” What do you think about this and how do these traditions play into your own creations?


Jada: I am thrilled to see things like hand embroidery, crocheting, quilting, and other forms of folk art come back into the art world. They were once taught to children as a pastime and I think we need to bring them back into our family traditions, both my son and daughter know how to hand embroider and crochet. I have loved doing these lost arts for many years and I include these techniques in my dresses and the popular have hand embroidery or other stitching and details It is what I am known for and I admire other people’s work too and sometimes the more organic or handmade it looks, the more I love it.


Jada Garvey Unique Wedding Dress

Visit Jada’s website Fable Dresses and see more beautiful creations. She even makes wedding party dresses and gowns for little girls as well.


Jada Garvey Bespoke Bridesmaid Dress

The Best Outfit Ever ….

Women’s style is constantly changing, and no matter your age some version of this classic look is an all time winner!

A flattering pair of jeans, feminine button down top and beautiful shoes, flat or high heels!




Jeans with a blouse or button up shirt is a classic look with tons of variations, but it can be hard to get the combo just right, shoes, blouse, jean cut and a flattering assemble for your body type. Sometimes adding a body shape wear piece can make the look.

We think of shape wear as a special occasion undergarment but today there are so many great pieces that mold those curves just right and comfortably, adding beauty and confidence!


1. Pick jeans that flatter your shape…





If that means 1 pair of more pricey jeans that’s okay. It’s better to invest in something you look great in –than to waste your money on 4 pairs that do not do you justice. Add a belt to show off your waist.



2. If you wish…. add Shapewear that you love

Try something that looks good if you catch a glimpse -such as when you were semi-transparent blouses, peaks through sweaters,  +  most importantly chose for comfort. Think of it less as hiding something bad, but a seduction of sorts, revealing a feminine foundation beneath..


The Lingerie Lesbian and Lena Lena Lingerie 

Try a sexy bralette under the shapewear in a contrasting color -strappy, halterback or lace, or if you need more support a underwire bra with detail, shimmer, maybe in a bright color . 


Agent Provocateur


3. Add a favorite loose but elegant casual button down shirt in any color




Camilla Pihl


Remember this look is about more than a tight shirt….another option is 

Feminine blouse with detailed buttons, patterns or in delicate luxe materials or at least fabric that looks like it!









Chia Mihara Shoes


Yosi Samra via Zappos.jpg

Glamour and comfort with Yosi Samra Foldable Flats….


Anthropologie Boots and Coco Shoes Ankle Boots


5 Great Fall Style Outfit Ideas


1. The loose fitting shift dress in linen is a great addition to an all season wardrobe, add layers for fall like scarfs and cardigans, tights and boots, or in the warmer months, add flats, sandals or whatever you wish. Love the low braided bun! (Via Wit and Delight)




2. The Blossom Style Top, modest, figure flattering + feminine in any color  (Via Alisa Burke)



death by elocution.jpg

3. The Relaxed Style: loose fitting, drapery in leisure or sport style is immensely popular, and it’s no surprise because this look liberates women from the discomfort experienced in a great deal of women’s clothing –think squeezing waist-lines etc. Understated colors navy and olive green make this outfit sophisticated. (Via Death by Elocution)




4. Sporty – Riding pants with the classic New Balance sneaker in hip black, and a khaki jacket, chunky scarf -so chic and cozy! (Via Wachubuy)

5. Preppy Fall Cool -I like the Boho style as much as the next girl, but sometimes autumn just calls for a bit of classic minimalism, and I love this updated look. (Via

Trending Style – Apron + Drape Dressing

The ultimate in feminine style, easy, washable, wearable, and adjustable sizing, drawing inspiration from the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto-and even the traditional farm dress. Great for cool days and hot summers. Layer or wear with bare legs. Beautiful Simplicity.

Explore these fashion ideas and beautiful designs…


via twitter sewingmiette

Sewing Miette


jess kamm field dress

jess kamm field dress

image via linolin se

Linolin Sweden



Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto


image via lamingnotte tumblr

lamingnotte @ tumblr


Image via Son de Flor

son de flor


via blueberrymodern @tumblr

blueberry modern @tumblr

Fall Fashion-Classic Style for Women


Loose yet geometric, a style that works amazingly during the transitional autumn, add a pair of boots + tights with a cozy sweater and it’s fall-winter ready. Image via vettacapsule.




Reminds me of those beautiful summers at the lake, nothing like a oatmeal colored cozy sweater with simple black leggings, image via bethanymarie



Classic beauty, white blouse with great pair of navy trousers…red nails and a chunky gold bracelet –via simply luxurious life




I could lose the boots, but I love the stripes, classic bag and cute skirt, Madewell always gets the french look merged with prep just right



Oh…the drape of this shirt, and it hides a bit around the mid area –important for us curvy girls…via death by elocution @tumblr



Sexy look without revealing too much, soft texture of white sweater with thin gold necklace, sweetly feminine and wintery! via tendancies de mode



A little more French style, Madame Dumas……



Oh Jean, you are so classic, messy hair, button up blouse, red lips….

Trending Bridal -Deliciously Pretty Designs by Lucia

LuciaStofej Lace Headband Folkart wedding belt

I am so excited to present a quick chat with Lucia Stofej, an inspiring creative entrepreneur from Slovakia. I hope you enjoy learning more about her process and seeing lots of deliciously pretty bridal jewelry, veils, and headpieces. If you are like me, and a total romantic maybe you could totally wear these every day!

Lucia Stofej belt
Shepardess LuciaStofej

SImple Bridal Hair Crown Flowers by Lucia Stofej


Bellemaison: Tell me more about your vision and what makes your shop and designs so special? 

Lucia: Vintage materials! I love looking for “treasures” at antique shops.


 Lucia Stofej AT WORK


Every time we travel somewhere, I create a list of flea markets and antique shops to visit. Also, my grand mother is a great source of materials as she tends to put away pretty things she had inherited from her relatives. This way I now own beautiful lace, ribbons and parts of our national folklore costumes. And they keep living their life through my accessories. All this helps to make fashion more sustainable and fulfill my vision.


Image via Kent State University Museum.jpg

Bellemaison: Who are your customers? 

Lucia: Brides, brides and brides. The wedding market and business is my fate. During my Work & Travel student programs, I spent 3 summers in Vermont, USA and worked at a mansion where weddings took place, from Thursday to Sunday, every week.

I love weddings and everything about them. Such a beautiful celebration of love. I even married my husband twice, in Paris and in Slovakia.


LuciaStofej Gold Tiara Bridal Pearl Crown

Lucia: When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a painter. There was a large storage room in my parents’ house. It was full of old magazines, books, clothes, plants and it was my favorite place to be. I could get messy there. Painting inside of old books made sense to me as there were only words. Later on during my studies a passion for DIY and mostly creating jewelry and hair accessories appeared. I was inspired by a friend of mine who used to make earrings. At university, I studied Arts and really enjoyed our drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, even jewelry classes. After that there was no way back. 🙂 I had to open my creative business.

Lucia Stofej, Peacocks


LuciaStofej Teal Hair Accessories feather

Bellemaison: How did you arrive at making these beautiful accessories? 

Lucia: I sold quite a number of products in Slovakia so I wanted to try out a global market. It was 2nd of January, 2011 when I finally mustered up all of my courage and opened my Etsy shop. The first necklace sold within hours. Later on my focus changed and now I mainly create bridal hair accessories and veils and such.

Bellemaison: Do you have special sources of inspiration that you can share?

Lucia: My inspiration comes from antiquing, watching old movies, gardening and hikes in the woods….

Sweetness LuciaStofej

Bellemaison: Slovakia’s national craft tradition is considerable and includes a  long history of gorgeous practices such as resistance dying, women’s ornately embellished clothing, weaving, painted homes, wooden architecture and carving. In what ways do these traditions influence your work? 

Lucia: I believe “modrotlač” or blue print is our national craft. It’s a negative block printing or a combination of printing and painting –and through the resistance process, beautiful blue and white fabrics are created.


Images courtesy of Ludovakultura, Centre for Folk Art Production


Lucia: In fact, there are so many interesting festivals in Slovakia featuring national crafts, music, and food. As well, I am fascinated by our traditional costumes and decor and these elements come together to inspire my work.


Image courtesy of Slovak folk costumers @ tumblr

Image via Slovak folk costumes @ tumblr 


Detail LuciaStofej

Bellemaison: Tell me about the process of making your creations please? 

Lucia: I am the sole designer and creator of everything for sale, and I pack and ship everything myself from my home studio. I am a very busy lady (and mum)! Most of my items are hand-sewn with great attention to detail.

Halo Headband Vintage Lace by Lucia

I love how objects transform when pearls, beads and rhinestones are applied . I often hand-dye my feathers and fabrics. My flowers are made by hand, petal by petal, using traditional millinery techniques.

Image of the artist + a vintage photo of a woman embroidering via Slovak folk costumes @ tumblr 

LuciaStofej Constellation


You can see Lucia’s creations on LuciaStofej Bridal Veils, Vintage Headpieces and Bridesmaids Jewelry) and visit Lucia as below too!


Learn more about the tradition of modrotlač through this incredible pictorial story

All images are the copyright of Lucia Stofej + used with her express permission for this blog, unless otherwise credited. 

gold lookbook-style + design

via vera moraes

home design etc


Beautiful gold… new and modern ways, breathtaking gold henna, refurnished regency style furniture, lovely summer time dress, make up, enjoy this curated style collection + discover the way you can use gold for your decor, style + beauty ideas.




via chicfettiform-tea-pot-tom dixon









adeamaralpopsugar home



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Best of Cute Baby Girl Bathingsuits


Do you love the deliciousness that is a toddler in a bathing suit? For your cuteness needs for today! Naturally I love to see that handsome surfer taking a stroll along the beach, but one of my favorite sights is a baby in a swimming suit. Adorable!


gidget pattern by rubyjeanscloset @ etsy

Check out these trending cuties, as well as a great pattern by Ruby Jean Clothing (below) and our fabric selections for the cutest of suits!


Tara Hedger, The Fabric Fairy, Sweetness via Spoonflower, and Pink Woodland Creatures by Lydia Meiying, Spoonflower


Four Fun Designs by Lydia Meiying, via Spoonflower


Lydia is a favorite designer of mine, and she has a great selection, we are in love with her Chinese wood cut fabrics, particularly popular for the inclusion of tigers as voted by our jury of toddlers and primary school fashionistas!

Cute swimsuit fabric can be hard to come by, depending on your skill level you need to get a pattern that will work for your suit, allover scattered is great for the novice. So far, the best places I have found are Spoonflower, you can order many of the artist designed fabric in a swimsuit appropriate material (sport lycra). However, Fabric Fairy has an entire section of swimsuit fabric so it’s easy to find, and lots of fun patterns as well.

via delia creates

DIY How to Make a Suit Yourself!

The creative guru Delia has an amazing precise and easy to follow tutorial for a baby suit, great instructions and step by step photos! Please see the link Basic Baby Swim Suit Tutorial by Delia Creates.

spring blossom by olivia


melissa youngphotos

seed heritage



via gilt group

baby blue by rralph lauren

chameleon kids



via heartme com au




via iloo co kr




all image credits/ sources are found within the image title

style: beach essentials + 5 great suits


ia instagram.jpg




For a unexpected pop with pale or dark skin, wear red.

Add mint leaves to your amazing thermos, enjoy the feminine and sexy look of a Nanette Lepore swimsuit —kimono fabric style…


via modcloth.jpg



via fashionspot.jpg

Beach hairstyle…


via shopstyle.jpg

Sexy not dowdy…


via cupshe.jpg

For the sporty type, or prepster, feminine, but simple


white beach hat via polyvore

love her yellow polish, remember always wear a hat for at least some of your day at the beach in order not to look 107 by next week and protect yourself from skin cancer


towels by the beach people via style files

Love these beautiful beach blankets and towels



via zaful

Full coverage with a boho flair….


via literary gift company

books…portable sanctuary…..


mara hofmann for freepeople

add desi style bangles with this beautiful bright pattern sort of cover up -via mara hofmann