trending fashion embroidered style: part 1: vamp

Fashion design & couture is full of creative leaders and talent, embroidery is one of the many techniques that require considerable visual imagination, planning and skill. Before so much was mass produced, the very best of women’s clothing was embellished with embroidery — whether for princesses or the every day woman……this technique yields simple and elaborate beauty…

via corsets @tumblr

elle france


Assia Lingerie

Assia Lingerie


alena akhmadullina


dolce gabbana


embroidered blouse via nasty girl

via nasty girl


pernias pop up shop lehenga set with pink and teal rose print embroidery

pernias pop up shop



huit 8 via the lingerie addict


detail embroidered dress by hamda al fahim

hamda al famhim

Stuff that makes me happy

Because one needs this kind of thing sometimes.



Reading the paper in bed…or perhaps stretching in bed with full make up….





Pink macaroons

romy northovers

Romy Northovers ceramics



Photos by JessaKae

Pictures of women holding coffee….and being stylish


The shirt says it all –I mean one does not really “kill it” in a calico skirt, but I love the whole concept. I think one rather reads books on one’s lunch break while dressed as such, but never the matter…

Luxury feel bedding, quartz rose color…..because so soft.






Random unicorn stuff


teen vogue i saw a unicorn.jpg



Ridiculous unicorn items.

unicorn nightlight @modcloth


I smell Nutella


Household goods with cats on them (even though I have a dog).



Little Cloud Table Lamo.jpg


A cloud Lamp who simply just loves you


And a mad pillow from etsy.

Trending Fashion Look Book 2016

I must say when one of my friends asked me to do a trending style look book feature on the blog, I had a little trouble locating pictures of truly beautiful couture that was not worn by underfed sulking teen models. My other issue was finding images that were from other times of the year besides fashion week.

This look book once again features style for women, with the idea in mind that one does not need to forget one’s pants in manner of Beyonce to be glamorous. Sorry B, but you are a grown lady and should try pants. xxoo


Trending Skirts….


love her


Well, this lady has style! I think she rather forgot her tights when packing and opted for her boyfriend’s trouser socks, but cause she is so delightful it totally works as does her eyewear. I am a sucker for French street style meets crazy art teacher + librarian. Hope those shoes are not too pinchy.



Street style for real.jpg

I would be friends with her just because she wears white sneakers with velvet skirts and does not need to be all exposed to be awesome. She probably knows a lot about Bauhaus architecture or some such.



street style seconds.jpg

OMG! Forever 21 meets awesome Siouxie and the Banshees style. Special thanks to this young lady for her natural look and unbashed adoration of plaids. Watch out for tram!!!



natalieoffduty blogspot.jpg

Okay, of all the women so far, she has it the most perfectly perfect. Chiffon skirt + leather jacket so lovely. And so pleased to see natural looks prevailing.


I completely had this skirt in high school. She is so glamorous.



kate spade plaid.jpg

That’s a Kate Spade skirt. I am in love, if one can be with a skirt, which I am certain is a possibility.





Monochrome classics –I just do not like the silly shoes as they seem quite wobbly and rather red light district, but otherwise this is a great outfit. As much as I am loathe to admit it, there are many moments when high heels can make you look stupid or in the very least terribly mistaken of the terrain, rather than sexy.


Trending: Fabulous Dresses


Harpers Bazaar Fashion week St style.jpg


This is from Harper’s Bazaar Fashion week street style feature. I have dreams about really fantastic non existent dresses and other style items, and I swear this is just like one of the featured fancies in my dreams. And the purse, and the nails. So lovely!



Goldenrod Burberry @ Vogue.jpg


Burberry continually surprises me with the richness of their seasonal color schemes and texture.




Gucci borrows a little from the imagination of India. Ironically, I am quite certain you can find something of equal beauty for a fraction of the cost from a seamstress or dressmaker in India.



Valentino @ vogue.jpg

Valentino…loving the amazing muted corals, greens, and whites and patterning.



Trending Fancy Hair…..


coopehagen style week

Source . Style week in Copenhagen




Hair ring by Moore Seal



yes please refinery29.jpg






Lingerie is art. For Valentine’s Day


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, enjoy this gallery of handmade artisan lingerie as well as few manufactured pieces of exceptional beauty. Edgy, traditional, feminine, kink, whatever you like ladies…

(Cover image is courtesy of Dottie’s Delights)



Palmers by Lena Hoschek Lingerie Collection ~ Photo by Hilde van Mars, Source.



CLOEN Intimo_esmeralda_@journelle



American Grace Lingerie @etsy.jpg

American Grace Lingerie, Handmade in the United States, Edgy and fun selection.


LenaLena Lingerie.jpg



Lena Lena, beautifully stylish & handmade…



Lingerie ideas for valentine's day

Meow said the cat to the cow...Hopeless Lingerie from Australia…Love their instagram too ♥




Alexandrea Anissa -amazing meets seventies & betty paige style ♥

Alexandrea Anissa .jpg

Alexandrea Anissa


Fox undies @BettibonesBettibones detail fox undies

So sweet, foxy panties Betti Bones Shop


Audrey Set @Miss Crofton


Miss Crofton...thank god for natural models..and creatively designed hand made artisan goods



@anthro Honoka.jpg

Honoka Lingerie. Source.





Baby…I was just born this way. I don’t know if it’s the natural no effort sultriness of Madame Brunette or the modesty of the cuts, but this is my favorite so far. Heirloom collectibles. Couture undies by I am Evgenia.



Oh SO LOVELY lingerie




In love….so sexy, beautiful colors…..OH SO LOVELY




Ohhhlulu, Lingerie @ Etsy.



Naomilingerie Japanese Style.jpg

Naomi Lingerie Cateyes.jpg

Naomi Lingerie, Japanese Style



1920's lace and silk camisole @cluebelle.jpg

1920s vintage style….from Cluebelle



Simple prettiness by Ollegoria



Secrets in Lace Vintage Poster.jpg

Permalift Poster Source.