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My home is a beautiful open plan upstairs with sliding glass doors outdoors to a porch with a half arch window above, lots of light and sense of fluidity. It’s a dream home truly, built by husband, his friends, the FDNY & family, post Sandy.

In this space at one end there is a small sitting area, & at the other end, a playroom on the right, & my home office on the left. And therein lies the problem, too much overflow of plastic ponies & tiny farm animals.



Searching for a solution that provides a non permanent divider that won’t ruin the beautiful architectural & can be changed as our lives change. I wanted to share some of the interesting ideas I have found during my research for this problem! Enjoy!


Room Divider Idea #1: Glass Walls




Room Idea Divider #2: Just Curtains…


partment therapy sf girl by the bay.jpg

Fearon Hay Architects


Room Divider # 3:  Screens

room divider ideas

boaz cohen and sayaka yamamoto

alberto biagetti and laura baldasarri via desireecasoni.jpg

alberto biagetti and laura baldasarri 






# 4 Bookshelves as Room Dividers


Apartment 34.jpg



frenchfancy doherty design studio.jpg





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Fashion design & couture is full of creative leaders and talent, embroidery is one of the many techniques that require considerable visual imagination, planning and skill. Before so much was mass produced, the very best of women’s clothing was embellished with embroidery — whether for princesses or the every day woman……this technique yields simple and elaborate beauty…

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elle france


Assia Lingerie

Assia Lingerie


alena akhmadullina


dolce gabbana


embroidered blouse via nasty girl

via nasty girl


pernias pop up shop lehenga set with pink and teal rose print embroidery

pernias pop up shop



huit 8 via the lingerie addict


detail embroidered dress by hamda al fahim

hamda al famhim