Get Cozy -Winter Interior Decor Tips


Beautiful Cozy Home via Blissbbblog photo by Gilian stevens.jpgPhoto by Gilian Stevens, Via Blissful B Blog

Looking at any of lifestyle photographer Gilian Stevens’ work you get the sense that cozy and warm is more than plaid and old rugs. Write down these ideas!

Think beyond the 1980s-90’s home decor look! Go north and warm it up with a reading nook, charming tea or coffee set, sheepskin, wall hanging, plush faux fur and cable knit throws. Enjoy your indoor time with beautiful tableware and beautiful throw pillows.



Via Alchemy Fine Home, from their beautifully curated and hand selected Celebration Collections.



Via Bo Bodre by Kahler Design


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Via BlueBirdVintage



Via The Nordic House Blog


Wood burning stoves are simply amazing, they save money and create heat and are beyond warm and cozy!!! Whites and grays add depth to the space in this lovely room.



Get warmed up and read indoors, Photo by Gilian Stevens, Via Blissful B Blog Well..these looks like toasty bliss, cable knit blankets lined with faux fur, adorable! Via RH Baby and Child -their kids and baby selection has a lot of gorgeous stuff that can be used easily for adult decor -and they have amazing sales!



Via Fresh Home

More wood burning sweetness, and a sheepskin throw -remember minimalism and modern can be warm! Indoor time in winter is about returning to your home, and making it welcoming, warm and stylish. After a long hike, skiing or snow man building, host a small get together or just cuddle up for quiet time solo or with your family…


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Give Your Home the Luxurious Look: How to decorate

Add luxury and splendor to your home or apartment with these designer inspired ideas

1. Lushly Green Hues


apartment therapy

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Green, deep beautiful pine green, or a verdant kelly hue.

Brabbu Malay Sofa @ Braddu

Velvet furnishings, like this piece from Brabbu …Chose one furnishing to cover in velvet in an au courant color. The purity of cream is also very elegant, stone table and gray walls. Dove gray also has a certain monumental elegance….


2. Luxurious Grays & Onyx Tones




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3. Ornate Texture









4. Vintage Chandeliers



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Vintage chandeliers paired with these historic blue walls, elegant formal dining table


5. Manor House Red









6. Add Antique Sculpture & Wall Murals….