4 Easy Ways to Upgrade + Update a Tween Girl’s Bedroom

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Oh Eight Oh Nine


My daughter who just turned 8 has been requesting an update to her room -she’s had the same set up since age 5 so it’s time. Her taste and interests have changed.

Our changes will have to be in the details, because we won’t make any major furnishing changes, and we just painted about 3 years ago -and it’s in perfect condition.  I also invested in high quality shades and curtains.

There are new fun ways to update the look without getting rid of the big investment pieces.


1. Add a High Quality Poster or Photo that Changes the Mood


Interior Philosophy.jpg

Interior Philosophy gets this look right.



2. Change Those Drapes!



I am loving these Boho style Pom Pom curtains…..from Susie Watson Designs + Serena & Lily


3. Add Throw Pillows that Say Fun!



Zazzle,  Aelfie, + Plusheez


4. Add Sheepskin for Cozy Style


Blue Sheepskin Style by Aelfie.jpg



Deavita Sheepskin Style Pouf Seat.jpg


curated by kids: duvet cover fabric diy ideas

A few of our favorite fabrics for making duvet covers, simply use one solid colored sheet with one sheet of these great fabrics, wonderful step by step directions via craftsy

or here at Design Sponge!  and of course, Martha has a video 

This post courtesy of me, and my six year old. Curated by Kids Series. Next guest curator will be Charlie who only likes girly things, but will pin you down if you take the last cookie with her pre k wrestling moves.


Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise

Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise via fabric.com


helen dardik - pattern

Helen Dardik fabric 


'Seigaiha Wave' Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric

‘Seigaiha Wave’ Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric


sweet autumn day by little cube

Sweet Autumn Day Collection, via Little Cube


avril loreti

Avril Loreti, Cloud 9


HomeTenuguiCotton Gauze Blue Whales' apanese Tenugui Cloth

Cotton Gauze Blue Whales Japanese Tenugui Cloth, Kyoto Collection



littlecube studio.jpg

Little Cube Studio




Art Gallery Hello Bear Oh Hello Fog.jpg

Art Gallery Hello Bear, Oh Hello Meadow via Fabric.com



Timeless Treasures Unicorns Aqua

Timeless Treasures via fabric.com



Seven Islands Runaway Bunny Pink


Curated by Rosalina + Bianca (age 6)

How to decorate kids’ rooms with vintage prints DIY





Image courtesy of Liza Giles and Decor 8.


Decorating with vintage prints, pretty calendars from years before, old appointment books –here are some DIY ideas to transform your child’s rooms or even your sitting room. Add depth, character & a sense of originality with eclectic selections.

Salon style hanging of reproductions, good quality laser prints, e-bay or thrift store finds, pages from old discarded kids’ books, and creative commons images licensed for non commercial use are some of the many sources for eclectic curation.

Your frames can be different materials and shapes as well for a true salon style arrangement.

For kids’ rooms, think about adding reverse glass paintings, framed old sewing patterns, hand drawn prints of old advertisements,  and antique nursery decor items.



Combining children’s artwork, with historic art, folk art and modern pieces can work beautifully.

colrofulhomes tmblr


This painting rather makes me rethink on the dingy strange mid century style things I walked by at thrift stores….







These images below were sourced from google creative commons & licensed for non commercial reuse, so you can print them out & frame if you like…or you can hang with washi table or fancy pin tacks like this.



Pretty room via juliasvitadrommar, the lovely feedsack pins are available @ MAKINGtheNESTofIT


A Gallery of Ideas…DIY Decor

1. Cheerful Vignettes







And sometimes not so cheerful…





2. Grimm Style Fairytales











3. Classic Tales…











4. Fairies, Myth, & Romance









5. Flora & Fauna


4a47f195056de4694c0b8b01510d2c9d    images-1       Zenaida_macrouraAWP17AA






Great Links to Free Printables for your salon style wall

1. The Hawthornes….


♥Free Downloads of Vintage Childrens’ Books, House of Hawthornes and Farm Animals


2. Handmadehome


Free Downloads of the Alphabet, Handmadehome


2. Freeprettythingsforyou



Courtesy of Free Pretty Things for you, we love this vintage kitty