Fabulous Bedrooms

Decorating a bedroom is always a personalized project that should encompass style with comfort and touch of sensuality and character. Focus walls with faux weathered historic looks, great wallpapers, ornate beds, classic sheets and Bloomsbury House style…we love all these amazing looks for your new bedroom…


Elegant Black and Gold


Bedroom | All Black with a Golden Touch.jpg

Luxxu – an ornate luxury look with a sumptuous contemporary feel.


Hollywood Regency Goes Tropical


Ariel Bed - Kingsize - Luxury Velvet Cloud-2

Dreamy blue….Somewhere between fairytale, mid century modern and art nouveau we jut love this king sized Ariel bed in luxury velvet cloud from Sweetpea and Willow


Snow White Classicism


Romantic Ruffles Bed Linen - Lifestyle.jpg

The delicacy and freshness of white…a classic choice with a touch of femininity,  Romantic Ruffles Bed Linen, The French Bedroom Co

Boho Eclectic Style


Block Print Stripe BP 770.jpg

Eclectic style, art, patterns, Kantha quilts combined with metallics and Block Print Strip Wallpaper, Farrow & Ball


3 Inspiring Interior Decor Ideas for Fall!

Kristin Doggett via Glitter Guide

Kristin Doggett, via Glitter Guide

Starring polka dot and his friend the splotch pattern, a fanciful decorative touch that adds whimsy and is also quite modern! Need a way to divide space or upgrade your small apartment?

Check out these awesome ideas for updating your home for the fall!

1. Add Circles,  Squares + Lines

These trending patterns can be easily added -whether a set of mismatched cups, an imported basket, a rug or simply stick on decals, use this decorator go to pattern update!


Image via H+M

Curated white space with touches of monochrome and color -check out the yellow pillow and that pretty corner plant, a perfect touch of green! Via H&M


plump pretty sugar @tumblr

Creative Low cost upgrades! Simple shelves transformed into a gallery of cups, love the geometric elements! Via prettyplumsugar@tumblr


Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics Photo by Umla

Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics, Stripes, grids + polka-dots



via joy cho on pinterest

Via Joy Cho,Oh Joy! This sweet home office area is artistically laid out with just a few touches to separate spaces….Love the combo of a Moroccan style rug, modernist chair, flowers, hand picked decor items with decal polka dots beautifully transform a dull space.



Look Modern! Awesome polka dot clock via Society6!




2. Create a Special Cozy Space!

Whether it’s a small space that needs an upgrade, or a decorating of a window seat so you have a special place to read, get ready for the cooler indoor time, by creating a nook for you or your loved ones.


via fleaingfrance@tumblr

Transform a tiny room via FleainginFrance@tumblr


79 ideas

A cozy reading nook, via 79 Ideas



Pastel sweetness, a haven away from the world, Via vtwonen, pretty contrast of the worn white floors with the deep green-blue walls…




A cup of tea, and a book, Via newjerseyicecreamco

3. Paint Your Floors Cool Green or Frosty White!

If your wood floors are beyond repair or you need a refresh consider painting your floors a crisp white or a lovely green or blue….small apartments or shared spaces are great candidates for painted floors!!!


Painted white floors via Gravity Home

An open plan apartment with painted wood floors, Via gravity home…




Off white floors with grays…via JJ



Simplicity rules, whites are easy to clean + touch up, add blue accents, + fun linens, Via JJ.


Brondesbury Park viaJJCocations

Whites + brights complement one another wonderfully; this room combines minimalist white with eclectic boho style, Via jj.


Green and White painted floors via boligliv dk

Go green…a small apartment space is divided with simple high gloss painted floors, white + green! Via boligliv dk.



Lake House with a green blue floor via Country Living

A beautiful lake house with green floors + white accents! check out the birch tree table legs! Via CountryLiving!



via found

A shared space is made welcoming with this wonderful combo of bright jewel tones. Via Pinterest/ found.


Super Star Round Up -The Splot, Spotch + Polka Dot Winners






Beautiful Spaces, Interior Decor Inspirations

bedroom view via entrance makleri se

Minimalist Bedrooms have a certain grace….via Entrance Makleri, Sweden


Faux Fur with White via True Colors Brussels

Faux Fur Cozy, via True Colors Brussels


Baklava by Claesson Koivisto Rune via Great Dane


Baklava by Claesson Koivisto Rune via Great Dane


Baklava Pendant via Great Dane

Baklava Pendant



Joanna Laven Sandbergs + Hildasro via Agent Bauer

Stylist Joanna Laven, via Agent Bauer


Klippan Bengt & Lotta Wooden Tray in Light Blue via Huset-shop.com

Klippan Bengt & Lotta Wooden Tray in Light Blue via Huset


morris-pure-wallpaper-lodden-via elle decor se


via vintage whitesMary Kannu via Ellos Home


Mary Kannu, Ellos Home, Finland


Tiny garden detail Beautiful space via entrancemakleri.se

Little Garden, via Entrance Makleri, Sweden



Sweet kitchen via Stadshem

Sweet Swedish Kitchen, via Stadshem


Via SF Girl by the Bay

Beautiful Vintage Mirrors Hung Salon Style, via SF Girl by the Bay


anotherfeather on instagram

Via Another Feather, Instagram

bliss in the bedroom: bedside table style guide



via stylizimoblog


Bedrooms are sanctuaries, family hangout areas, sleepy rabbit warrens, and a place for pared down style. Make your bedroom beautiful with carefully arranged bedside table vignettes and decor…


via stephanie sterjovski


via madebygirl


Flowers, stacked books, and ambient lighting are always a winning combination.


  • A stylish lamp -with low light, but bright enough for reading…
  • A few pretty books
  • Flowers always flowers!
  • Keep it tidy! Leave some empty space..
  • Add pretty things you love, and arrange artfully!
  • Keep your bedroom dust free (easily clean up in a non toxic way –make your own cleaner with lemon juice, lavender essential oil and vinegar and use washable rags to dust away! )


Erin-Gates-Newton_via elements of style


via southern charm


via arkpad


elle decor phillipines




diy com IKEA-hack-nightstand








The Palace Post, Bedroom Decor

Part I. This is part one of a series of galleries about bedroom style and decor trends. This first post is inspired by a client who loved both the Scandinavian & the Versailles look.

Curating a beautiful bedroom.

We begin with a little palace style….for this you may need a fresco, antique lace, a castle even, and perhaps a chandelier.

But really, how to achieve opulence, historic allure and comfort? Use muted color, combine old and new materials, contrasting textures, natural materials such as silk, linen and wool.





Marie Antoinette’s Bed, Versailles Image via modaoperandi.tumblr.com




Image via inredingsvis.



 Green & Gray, linens…chandelier….image via stylecaster



Image via uniqueshomedesign.tumblr.com



Image via bellanottelinens

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