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Bedrooms are sanctuaries, family hangout areas, sleepy rabbit warrens, and a place for pared down style. Make your bedroom beautiful with carefully arranged bedside table vignettes and decor…


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Flowers, stacked books, and ambient lighting are always a winning combination.


  • A stylish lamp -with low light, but bright enough for reading…
  • A few pretty books
  • Flowers always flowers!
  • Keep it tidy! Leave some empty space..
  • Add pretty things you love, and arrange artfully!
  • Keep your bedroom dust free (easily clean up in a non toxic way –make your own cleaner with lemon juice, lavender essential oil and vinegar and use washable rags to dust away! )


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elle decor phillipines




diy com IKEA-hack-nightstand








bliss in the bedroom: bedside table style guide

How to decorate your room with various panda themes, objects + etc.


Lulu et Brindille with prints by Seventy Tree

Lulu et Brindille, Paris and Seventy Tree


Curated with the assistance and expertise of Bianca (6 years) & Charlotte (4 years), who managed to create this vision despite a diverse number of insults, and objectionable behaviors from one’s sister, such as “she’s wearing my headband”  “stop breathing” and “stop touching my hair.” Ten years of collective experience in the industry of childhood, expertise in cuteness, bed hogging, liking small animals, singular diets, & talking nonsense.



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Editorial note regarding this cutie cozy from Iviebaby: “That’s a baby blanket, but I like it and sometimes I like small stuff even though I am not a baby.”


panda walllpaper mural by little hands.jpg

Little Hands Wallpaper (warning the cutest on their site is overwhelmingly delightful)


cyandegre via etsy, panda pillow

Sleepy Panda, Cyandegre, Canada 


panda chair via amixss

Vintage Chair, Japan



ferm living_marionette wallpaper

Ferm Living

moshi moshi kids -panda decor


Moshi Moshi Kids and Paula Arcklin


panda cushion by babee and me via etsy

Panda Pillow by Babee and Me


teddy bearfabric at esty

Panda Blanket Panel from Teddy Bear Fabric





curated by kids: panda bedrooms

curated by kids: duvet cover fabric diy ideas

A few of our favorite fabrics for making duvet covers, simply use one solid colored sheet with one sheet of these great fabrics, wonderful step by step directions via craftsy

or here at Design Sponge!  and of course, Martha has a video 

This post courtesy of me, and my six year old. Curated by Kids Series. Next guest curator will be Charlie who only likes girly things, but will pin you down if you take the last cookie with her pre k wrestling moves.


Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise

Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise via


helen dardik - pattern

Helen Dardik fabric 


'Seigaiha Wave' Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric

‘Seigaiha Wave’ Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric


sweet autumn day by little cube

Sweet Autumn Day Collection, via Little Cube


avril loreti

Avril Loreti, Cloud 9


HomeTenuguiCotton Gauze Blue Whales' apanese Tenugui Cloth

Cotton Gauze Blue Whales Japanese Tenugui Cloth, Kyoto Collection



littlecube studio.jpg

Little Cube Studio




Art Gallery Hello Bear Oh Hello Fog.jpg

Art Gallery Hello Bear, Oh Hello Meadow via



Timeless Treasures Unicorns Aqua

Timeless Treasures via


Seven Islands Runaway Bunny Pink


Curated by Rosalina + Bianca (age 6)

trending style: little girl spring fashions

Be inspired by this collection of spring -summer styles for little girls ages 2-12. Some hand picked by my little ones! Many of these fun outfits can be handmade if you know how to sew!


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I love this assemble just because it looks like something a little kid would put together. My awesomeness is awesome!


kixx sleevless horse shirt.jpg

Obviously anything with horses rules. I like this cause it’s a realistic assemble. + animals



love this, so my older surfer girl’s style, plus shoes for running! too many little girl’s shoes are all fussy, pinchy and bad for great things like running about and bouncing.


simona barbieri


emile et ida




kindred oak



paul and paula back of dress


motoreta spring summer 2015



Did your heart just grow 3x its regular size? Probably.





I have a super awkward dress that just simply does not fit me,  & is begging to be transformed into this dress for my kids. Glad we sorted out its fate.

Aylinkashop @etsy







serene bohemian melijoe paris

country road pear and watermelon




etoiles leo



Photo by Denise Bovee
Looking for amazing editorials, ideas, & outfits?

Fun publications include MILK Le mode de enfant.

I love Street Looks for super adorableness & original fashion. Love their French street style section too, funky cool mismatch kid styled! Check out Denise Bovee’s photo of city girls above…

Also discover the petit and small blog + fashion editorials. 

mini-rodini-ss16-collection via petit and small.jpg

trending style -art & decor embroidered hoop pictures


Caitlin Benson, Cinder and Honey


Sarah K Benning



The delicacy, graphic flair and beauty of handmade hoop embroidery has long held my attention and now has been making the front pages of various blogs and style magazine. Here are a few of my favorites …..because i like small hand sewn things..


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Caitlin Benson, Cinder and Honey


Molly Projects shot in the studio

Molly Projects, Via Molly Makes Issue 56



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Caitlin Benson, Cinder & Honey

Sarah K Benning via the everygirl

Sarah K Benning

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