Inspired by Spring -Easy Decor Upgrades

Pink washedl linien bedding by Linen Tales on

Good morning beautiful…a few gorgeous finds to inspire your spring or easter time decor, with a modern touch, bright spring colors and sense of fun and play! Enjoy these tips + ideas for trending decor ideas! Easy upgrades to add new life to your space…


1.Minimalist Beauty -Neutrals and Floral Accents



Image courtesy of Pixers, add a floral covering to plain black, and the gorgeous fun of a Pixer’s mural or go with that classic white we all know and love. 


Lloyd by Rachel Ashwell.jpg

Rachel Ashwell Lloyd Chair



SMALL HAND-ETCHED BRASS VASE from the Decorators Notebook

Image via Decorators Notebook UK


PINK WASHED LINEN BED SET by Linien Tales on DaWanda..jpg

Lovely muted tones, washed texture and minimalist decor with the cheer of spring. Pink washed linen bedding by Linen Tales on



2. Amazing Wall Murals + Brights for Spring Time Joy all Year Long!







Images courtesy of Pixers


Pixers definately is the winner here with their inspired designs and eclectic interior ideas that combine folk art inspiration, Scandinavian beauty + practicality and unique art murals. We also love the handmade precision and prettiness of the Casetta Living Line.


leyer_by_hailsandshine-51 700 x 400__54832.original.jpg




Casetta Living, Table + Messy Posey Tablecloth



3. Vintage Style Details + Toys for Play or Decor


Little blonde girl holding basket with painted eggs. Easter day.


Herr und Frau Hase rosa_hellblauLuggy Basket from Mira Mira Ireland

Pixers, Hellblau Herr + Frau Hase and Luggy Basket from Mira Mira



Lewis the Hare

Lewis the Hare, Image courtesy of Mira Mira




4. Handmade Inspired Touches


Whether it’s just a sweet vintage look with white wash, or handmade items, this is a sure way to go to add eclectic beauty to your interior.


Easter Eggs by Ahoj-2012 on DaWanda

Easter Eggs by Ahoj-2012 on



Light blue napkins Easter Linen napkins set of 6 by LinenHomeShop on DaWandajpg

Sweet springtime sky blue colors…Light blue napkins Linen Home Shop on




Somerset by Rachel Ashwell .jpg

Somerset by Rachel Ashwell



Tear Drop with Conical VaseTear drop with Conical Vase, from Casetta Living



Rebu Aqua Ombre Salad Bowl from Amara Home

Rebu Pink Ombre Fruit Bowl from Amara Home




Ombre Fruit Bowls from Amara Home





Beautiful Designs by Pixers


Pixers Gallery

Decor Inspiration -Elements from Asia


Peter Wilds Design Green Armoire + Chair

Peter Wilds Design, Colours of India Project


Decorate with beautiful artwork, reproductions, textiles, furnishings, ceramics and more from Asian + or Asian inspired. Remember Asian visual culture is one of the oldest and richest and there is an endless variety of styles, genres, objects and materials to peruse, learn about and adore. For a living room that has character and international fee,  add collectibles including antiques and reproductions. Kid’s rooms look wonderful with layered eclectic touches, including Asian color schemes, furniture and textiles.

In honor of the upcoming art event Asia Week New York, March 9-18, 2017 discover this dreamy collection of Asian inspired decorative ideas and interior design inspirations and gorgeous products and designs.



Hua Trees Wall Mural Grey .jpg

Hua Trees by Sian Zeng


Contemporary design often incorporates international motifs and influences, however the very best and most captivating somehow seems to manage to also use traditional artisan or craft traditions to create new and innovative objects and design items. One such standout example is Sian Zeng, a London based designer who imaginatively recreates space using traditional Chinese techniques and imagery within modern day interiors.


White Buddha (Large) - £36.00.jpg

Buddha from The Contemporary Home



Floriental Bedroom.jpg

Dune Elm 



Small Classic Chinese Cabinet - Pink.jpg

What a wonderful addition to a little girl’s room! Small Classic Chinese Cabinet in Pink, from Furnish



Intrade, Sweden




Peter Wildes Desgn Detail of Colors of India Project

Peter Wilds Design, Colours of India



Manuel Canovas

Manuel Canovas



M CanovasManuel Canovas, The Samira Collection



Hector Sanchez

Hector Manuel Sanchez, Photographer



Inchyra Blue No. 289.jpg

Inchyra Blue No. 289 by Farrow & Ball


5 Easy Stylish Upgrade Ideas for Your Spring Decor

1. New Legs with Pretty Pegs

Add an easy upgrade with Pretty Pegs -Furniture Legs and Parts  — a Swedish company that makes beautifully designed table legs that make your renovation splendid whether it’s refinishing an old table, adding style to an Ikea piece or making that change from boring to stylish. Contemporary and streamlined  –these are gorgeous….







unspecified-1.jpgImages courtesy of Pretty Pegs



2. Circu’s Fairytale  Decorative + Furniture Superstars 


Something special from Circu Magical Furniture? Looking at their curated selection makes me feel like I am a child in a grown up body –as if  I accidentally time traveled. Amazing stuff, from teepee bedrooms to air balloon sofas, and cloud lamps,  so many things that make you feel like you are in a dream. Delicious!



Images courtesy of Circu


3. Beautiful Home Decorative Accessories by Bermuda Living

Not ready to commit to a huge hot air balloon bed? Go simple with throw pillows. Loving these gorgeous things from Bermuda Living lately!



So pretty and modern. More to come from LA based designer Meike Legler. All images courtesy of Meike + Bermuda Living. 



4. Wallsauce’s Murals

Undisputedly my favorite is the series by London-based illustrator and textile pattern designer, Gabriela Larios…she is a return to artisan wallpapers in a way…love the mix of traditional folk art via El Salvador and the contemporary touch! If you are looking for art the company Wallsauce has a wide selection, having teamed up with Bridgeman Art Library for some stunning selections.  Customized and delivered to your home as well.






Images courtesy of Wallsauce.


5. Linen Sheets from Lithuania

Handmade beautiful cool and anti-allergen sheets…so lovely…my favorites come from Linen Tales






All images are courtesy of Linen Tales.

3 Inspiring Interior Decor Ideas for Fall!

Kristin Doggett via Glitter Guide

Kristin Doggett, via Glitter Guide

Starring polka dot and his friend the splotch pattern, a fanciful decorative touch that adds whimsy and is also quite modern! Need a way to divide space or upgrade your small apartment?

Check out these awesome ideas for updating your home for the fall!

1. Add Circles,  Squares + Lines

These trending patterns can be easily added -whether a set of mismatched cups, an imported basket, a rug or simply stick on decals, use this decorator go to pattern update!


Image via H+M

Curated white space with touches of monochrome and color -check out the yellow pillow and that pretty corner plant, a perfect touch of green! Via H&M


plump pretty sugar @tumblr

Creative Low cost upgrades! Simple shelves transformed into a gallery of cups, love the geometric elements! Via prettyplumsugar@tumblr


Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics Photo by Umla

Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics, Stripes, grids + polka-dots



via joy cho on pinterest

Via Joy Cho,Oh Joy! This sweet home office area is artistically laid out with just a few touches to separate spaces….Love the combo of a Moroccan style rug, modernist chair, flowers, hand picked decor items with decal polka dots beautifully transform a dull space.



Look Modern! Awesome polka dot clock via Society6!




2. Create a Special Cozy Space!

Whether it’s a small space that needs an upgrade, or a decorating of a window seat so you have a special place to read, get ready for the cooler indoor time, by creating a nook for you or your loved ones.


via fleaingfrance@tumblr

Transform a tiny room via FleainginFrance@tumblr


79 ideas

A cozy reading nook, via 79 Ideas



Pastel sweetness, a haven away from the world, Via vtwonen, pretty contrast of the worn white floors with the deep green-blue walls…




A cup of tea, and a book, Via newjerseyicecreamco

3. Paint Your Floors Cool Green or Frosty White!

If your wood floors are beyond repair or you need a refresh consider painting your floors a crisp white or a lovely green or blue….small apartments or shared spaces are great candidates for painted floors!!!


Painted white floors via Gravity Home

An open plan apartment with painted wood floors, Via gravity home…




Off white floors with grays…via JJ



Simplicity rules, whites are easy to clean + touch up, add blue accents, + fun linens, Via JJ.


Brondesbury Park viaJJCocations

Whites + brights complement one another wonderfully; this room combines minimalist white with eclectic boho style, Via jj.


Green and White painted floors via boligliv dk

Go green…a small apartment space is divided with simple high gloss painted floors, white + green! Via boligliv dk.



Lake House with a green blue floor via Country Living

A beautiful lake house with green floors + white accents! check out the birch tree table legs! Via CountryLiving!



via found

A shared space is made welcoming with this wonderful combo of bright jewel tones. Via Pinterest/ found.


Super Star Round Up -The Splot, Spotch + Polka Dot Winners






Beautiful Spaces, Interior Decor Inspirations

bedroom view via entrance makleri se

Minimalist Bedrooms have a certain grace….via Entrance Makleri, Sweden


Faux Fur with White via True Colors Brussels

Faux Fur Cozy, via True Colors Brussels


Baklava by Claesson Koivisto Rune via Great Dane


Baklava by Claesson Koivisto Rune via Great Dane


Baklava Pendant via Great Dane

Baklava Pendant



Joanna Laven Sandbergs + Hildasro via Agent Bauer

Stylist Joanna Laven, via Agent Bauer


Klippan Bengt & Lotta Wooden Tray in Light Blue via

Klippan Bengt & Lotta Wooden Tray in Light Blue via Huset


morris-pure-wallpaper-lodden-via elle decor se


via vintage whitesMary Kannu via Ellos Home


Mary Kannu, Ellos Home, Finland


Tiny garden detail Beautiful space via

Little Garden, via Entrance Makleri, Sweden



Sweet kitchen via Stadshem

Sweet Swedish Kitchen, via Stadshem


Via SF Girl by the Bay

Beautiful Vintage Mirrors Hung Salon Style, via SF Girl by the Bay


anotherfeather on instagram

Via Another Feather, Instagram

The Best of Wallpaper Art: Fantastic Visions


De Gourney’s Kiso Mountains on statue india tea paper. Natalie Dinham Photography. Styling by Tara Craig. The preeminent UK based house of design De Gournay was established by collector & businessman Claud Cecil Gurney in 1986.







Ellie Cashman, creative contemporary visionary super optic wallpaper…..



Did you know that wallpaper is a treasury of artistic talent, beauty, innovation, national craft tradition as well as historic information & contemporary imagination?

Pierre FreyOne of the most well regarded decor houses, Pierre Frey’s  Braquenié line includes this astonishing edition Toiles de Jouy, a vibrantly bold modern rendition of historical models from “antique documents.”




Spectacularly mesmerizing as always, & truly narrative: De Gournay’s Early Views of India, paille colorway on crystal grey scenic paper

I have always been mad about artisan made wallpaper since I first lived in a Victorian home that amazingly had its original nineteenth century wallpaper adorning the beautifully appointed parlor. A silver ground seemed a celestial sky for a collection of pheasants, birds, imaginary plants, winding vines, butterflies & peonies in dark greens, blues. I spent many hours staring at the patterns, wondering at the detail. My mother, a master of decor took on the power of this bold wallpaper effortlessly, accepting that as is the case of all art wallpaper, you work with it, not against it. It is the centerpiece, it is the greatest piece in your collection.

In my search for more information about this work of art, I only found reference to it, which was a sadly an uninformed woman saying she just took it down in her home. 

Wallpaper offers both a grand & intimate scale for imagination of talented contemporary designers, emerging artists and a number of high end famous interior design houses, many of whom date to the 19th century & specialize in handmade historic patterns & creative reinterpretations of tradition. 



De Gournay perfection: feast your eyes on the famously beautiful Badminton design on 12 Carat white gold gilded paper. Premiere artwork tier collectible home interiors, wonderfully contrasted with worn wood bench, modern & chinoiserie accents. Photography by Dan Marshall.





This exquisite hand painted De Gournay wallpaper Jardinieres Citrus Trees is hand painted on custom silver metallic Xuan Paper Photography by Marc & Sunna Van Praag



De Gournay is one of the most famous wallpaper producers, breathtaking green is scattered with vignettes, peonies & botanical wonders. The signature style is contrasting colors paired with the highest technical craftsmanship. Hand painted custom wallpapers, furnishings, porcelain exquisite to behold.


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.05.28 PM

An example of Pierre Frey‘s beautiful reimagining of historic style, this print is called Imperatrice Eugenie.Celeste green is a delicately transparent hue, a perfect canvas for richly inscribed flowers in antique colors.


Established in 1935, the French House of Luxury Design Pierre Frey builds on the considerable artistic traditions of France & houses a remarkable archive of documents about creative patterns and decor. While many lines are in fact based in part on historic leitmotifs, the company in fact, also possesses a very contemporary approach. Brands include Braquenié, Fadini Borghi, & Boussa. In this picture, we see a selection from the famous Braquenié, style or old nobility including patterns from 18th & 19th century France. This house was established in 1823, and is world renown & became part of Pierre Frey in the 1990s.


The Imperatrice Eugenie series combines the artistic traditions of the east with a modern sense of the Second Empire aesthetic. The fascinating Pierre Frey site has a full glossary of terms in English & includes engaging histories such as the story of the design: “A fabric version of this exquisite pattern was used in the restoration of the Petit Trianon in Versailles to decorate one of the bedrooms. This was a favorite place for the Empress Eugenie, who worshipped Marie-Antoinette.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.06.00 PM

Pierre Frey Le Palais Imperial, an exotic composition of perfect vignettes printed on a mica ground, richly bright color recalls the fanfare of the arts of the great caliphates, gardens with courtiers, deer, butterflies & birds.


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.05.49 PM

La Grande Voliere Tropical lush beauty shines in this Pierre Frey design that combines wood block prints with luxurious Asian inspired decorative palettes.


There is such intensity & power to a black background, so regal. This is from  Misha wallpaper is an Italian design company inspired by Chinese decorative traditions. Misha is contemporary  & historic, truly artistic hand made patterns in stunning palettes. A favorite of mine, & so many clients.



Misha Wallpaper’s vibrant green decorated doors…



De Gournay blues in traditional home. ‘Portman’ design on custom blue Edo painted silk. Styled by Tara Craig. Photography by Natalie Dinham.




De Gournay’s fresh & ornate St. Laurent design on custom turquoise Edo tea paper,  De Gournay’s Chinoserie Collection. Photography by Mariam Medvedeva.


De Gourney hand-painted Jardinieres Citrus Trees on Custom Blue Green Williamsburg Interiors by Di’Zai’n, Hong Kong




Daydream Blue by Julia Rothman, screen printed by hand, Hygge and West. 



Piña wallpaper in Sunset by Aimée Wilder 




Amalfi Black from Swedish wallpaper company William Sandberg