curated by kids: duvet cover fabric diy ideas

A few of our favorite fabrics for making duvet covers, simply use one solid colored sheet with one sheet of these great fabrics, wonderful step by step directions via craftsy

or here at Design Sponge!  and of course, Martha has a video 

This post courtesy of me, and my six year old. Curated by Kids Series. Next guest curator will be Charlie who only likes girly things, but will pin you down if you take the last cookie with her pre k wrestling moves.


Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise

Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise via


helen dardik - pattern

Helen Dardik fabric 


'Seigaiha Wave' Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric

‘Seigaiha Wave’ Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric


sweet autumn day by little cube

Sweet Autumn Day Collection, via Little Cube


avril loreti

Avril Loreti, Cloud 9


HomeTenuguiCotton Gauze Blue Whales' apanese Tenugui Cloth

Cotton Gauze Blue Whales Japanese Tenugui Cloth, Kyoto Collection



littlecube studio.jpg

Little Cube Studio




Art Gallery Hello Bear Oh Hello Fog.jpg

Art Gallery Hello Bear, Oh Hello Meadow via



Timeless Treasures Unicorns Aqua

Timeless Treasures via


Seven Islands Runaway Bunny Pink


Curated by Rosalina + Bianca (age 6)

edgy sexy decor: katja’s house

meme design

recently i got to do a really amazing project for a spiritual healer, katja. she has such amazing light, passion and energy but loves mostly black and white for decor. her huge garden provides most of her food, and flowers from this glorious backyard fill the house

Photo by Dmitry Nevlad.jpg


ever the sexy archetype, she loves wolves, like i do. i recently helped her rethink her home and this blog is a kind of mood board for her aesthetic and vision….

our discussion began with the idea of spirit animals, and the bad reputation of wolves, and how there is a lot of manga style silliness out there, and paint by numbers looking nonsense pictures of wolves, and very little that really honors the fierce, wild and independent spirit of these animals.

but every once in a while you come across an artist whose depiction of the idea of wildness, of the spirit of the wolf is superbly powerful, sensitive and evocative, like that of the talented photographer katerina plotnikova, her portfolio is so beautiful it can be almost overwhelming, such a rich saturated gothic appeal.








Katja’s House Goes Gray

Our Lookbook | Decor Inspirations

A little modern rustic, add some little gothic, and a touch of romanian mystery and scandinavian white


kothea lux fabrics and wallcoverings



via upcycled treasures


Hans Blomquist





Trending Fashion Look Book 2016

I must say when one of my friends asked me to do a trending style look book feature on the blog, I had a little trouble locating pictures of truly beautiful couture that was not worn by underfed sulking teen models. My other issue was finding images that were from other times of the year besides fashion week.

This look book once again features style for women, with the idea in mind that one does not need to forget one’s pants in manner of Beyonce to be glamorous. Sorry B, but you are a grown lady and should try pants. xxoo


Trending Skirts….


love her


Well, this lady has style! I think she rather forgot her tights when packing and opted for her boyfriend’s trouser socks, but cause she is so delightful it totally works as does her eyewear. I am a sucker for French street style meets crazy art teacher + librarian. Hope those shoes are not too pinchy.



Street style for real.jpg

I would be friends with her just because she wears white sneakers with velvet skirts and does not need to be all exposed to be awesome. She probably knows a lot about Bauhaus architecture or some such.



street style seconds.jpg

OMG! Forever 21 meets awesome Siouxie and the Banshees style. Special thanks to this young lady for her natural look and unbashed adoration of plaids. Watch out for tram!!!



natalieoffduty blogspot.jpg

Okay, of all the women so far, she has it the most perfectly perfect. Chiffon skirt + leather jacket so lovely. And so pleased to see natural looks prevailing.


I completely had this skirt in high school. She is so glamorous.



kate spade plaid.jpg

That’s a Kate Spade skirt. I am in love, if one can be with a skirt, which I am certain is a possibility.





Monochrome classics –I just do not like the silly shoes as they seem quite wobbly and rather red light district, but otherwise this is a great outfit. As much as I am loathe to admit it, there are many moments when high heels can make you look stupid or in the very least terribly mistaken of the terrain, rather than sexy.


Trending: Fabulous Dresses


Harpers Bazaar Fashion week St style.jpg


This is from Harper’s Bazaar Fashion week street style feature. I have dreams about really fantastic non existent dresses and other style items, and I swear this is just like one of the featured fancies in my dreams. And the purse, and the nails. So lovely!



Goldenrod Burberry @ Vogue.jpg


Burberry continually surprises me with the richness of their seasonal color schemes and texture.




Gucci borrows a little from the imagination of India. Ironically, I am quite certain you can find something of equal beauty for a fraction of the cost from a seamstress or dressmaker in India.



Valentino @ vogue.jpg

Valentino…loving the amazing muted corals, greens, and whites and patterning.



Trending Fancy Hair…..


coopehagen style week

Source . Style week in Copenhagen




Hair ring by Moore Seal



yes please refinery29.jpg






Jewelry Trending -Do it with Style -Pakistani + Indian Lookbook

Indian & Pakistan Inspired Jewelry

Hello beautiful

So if you spent a little time on my blog you know I am a little desi style obsessed. So let us begin with some bangles. I cannot help but throw mine on every morning.



Sonam Kapoor



diorJames Thomas Long Photography


Inside Weddings
Photo,  Arjun Tryst.jpg




oh my bollywood.jpg







Annie & Amrita


Photo by Deo Studios.jpg



@nomadic decorator.jpg

MAC makeup Delhi Couture.jpgb465367322b2afc06f4dcb45ae2f51a4.jpg




all image source as available are listed in the image title.

smart lady style

Cute style @


and i am not talking a picture of megan fox wearing glasses. i am sure miss fox is a lovely person, but i am talking that woman in college who wore tweed jackets, and gray tights, and got all high marks, and reads real literature, not fifty shades etc. she’s your friend you still are in touch with.


she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s feminist. she keeps notebooks and likes tea or coffee and maybe a full bodied red wine, george elliot, neruda, zora neal huston, and paid maternity leave whether she has children or not.




@ olympias blogspot

Three Amigos @ classygirlswearpearlsl


PRETTY LADY @Catherine Sheppard  The Life Styled



simple-pastel-notebook. @ mochi things


uchida bristle markers.jpg

BOOKRIOTS superpower






Your desk needs flowers. It said so.




fruits store makers



@ aelida


bookshelves-skirt @ garnethill



a class act, @ beautifulingodseye


Note: image sources are noted in the image title.