Amazing Kids Dinnerware + Table Top Ideas

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Nanna Design, Bloomingville Mini


We finally graduated from our collection of super cute vintage plastic plates + bowels and we are ready to use porcelain plates! I wanted to get something that would appeal to grade-school age kids,  but can be used into the teen years. And I wanted to avoid cartoons and Disney Princesses etc.

We have used a combo of single vintage plates in coordinating colors, and discovered Jim Ward’s (JimBobArt) amazing line of plates with humorous and illustrative style plates, RiceDK and so many great sets, enjoy the beautiful selection!



Jim-Bob-Art-UK, tabletop, Bloomingville, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

The Sandwich Defender Plate, Jim Bob Art




kids dinnerware upcycled the storybook rabbit via etsy

The Storybook Rabbit Shop


The Storybook Rabbit Shop on Etsy has great paintings on vintage dishes, like this wonderful rabbit plate above,  and while they run high in terms of pricing, they are just so charming, and make amazing gifts! And the Australian based artisan makes custom orders!


via BHLDN Weddings



If you chose vintage places I suggest hand washing so the finish does not come off and expose your kids to any toxic paint etc. Do not use cracked plates, and feel free to combine vintage pieces with usually pricey sale items single pieces from department stores, thrift or outlets.

I recently curated an amazing collection of animal themed plates for one little boy, each sources sourced from thrift stores or sales at retailers (where only odd numbers of plates are on sale) so this approach can be used for any taste.



orchow Spode Woodland Hunting Dog Dinnerware via Horchow

Spode Plate Set via Horchow



Rockett-St-George, tabletop, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

Rockett St. George



Wee-Gallery, porcelain, ceramics, tabletop, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

Wee Gallery



EBONY via Sketch Inc

Ebony Line, Sketch Inc.




Rice DK




Biobu Ekobo Plates

Biobu (Bamboo fiber plates)





Lapin Citron



Rice a:s dk Melamine Sailor Stripe Print

Rice DK


via kindzoblij nl


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Decor Tips-Using Persian, Moroccan + Oriental Style Rugs

Discover Decorating Ideas-Mixing Modern with Persian, Moroccan + Oriental Style Rugs

jaune min stylist apartmentvia my domaine


Whether hand-woven antiques from established and reputable antique and vintage dealers, or found in estate sales, these handmade works of art are beautiful additions to any interior, traditional, spanish colonial, farmhouse and rustic modern, Scandinavian, retro mid-century modern, even contemporary. As well there are a number of fine companies offering beautiful rugs that are handmade abroad including India, Pakistan, Turkey Afghanistan, Iran and various other places. Many of the rugs while they reflect regional traditions including Persian decorative elements and Islamic architecture are made for export and show an admixture of signs, motifs, patterns, and artistic additions.

In no way would one wish to classify these contemporary works of art as “reproductions” or knock offs but rather a continuation of the rich artistic cultures of these amazing designers, weavers and artists. It’s quite amazing to see the creative reworking of multi-cultural motifs, patterns, and framing devices within each design.

Via Gravity Home + Milk Decoration


If you live in a farmhouse style home or maybe an NYC apartment that has seen better days, add an abstract Moroccan style rug for a layered eclectic look and Bohemian flair. Love the contrast of black painted floors with the cream ground of this beautiful geometric woven carpet.




make it home nl

Make it Home, Netherlands


Here we see a lovely mix of a more traditional rug with an updated office chair, dark walls, industry style unfinished floor, and a farmhouse style desk. Wonderful!





 Velvet Textiles, Kirsten Hecktermann,  Suzani Oriental Rug, Solo Rugs, and House of Jade Interiors





Amber Interiors

Via decorators best blog

Naomi Stein of DesignManifest

A mix of high modern and traditional has an eclectic feel, and is made bright by the canvas like walls, So gorgeous, one can imagine spending hours here with friends and family, reading a book or catching up over tea…



Kelly Ishikawa via design sponge

Kelly Ishikawa, Photographer

Richness seems a theme here, the beautiful sheepskin throw, ornate patterns on the rug and pillows, offset by white walls, and the cozy feel of a lived space, books, plants and a reading lamp…




nicole franzen pictures of kate doughtery for suno

Nicole Franzen




Lina Östling Photographer via johanna vintage blogspot

Lina Östling Photographer, Johanna Vintage

via noden home _stylist jadwina pokryszka house

Via Noden Home

A small carpet is beautiful as a draped accent, love this combination of spare and ornate…..



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Decor Hollywood Regency Style -Project X

via 1st dibs

Project X took me out of my comfort zone is the best of ways… I was thrilled to help a friend and former client develop the glamorous decor and design theme of her very daring home. She wanted something that was Hollywood Regency style but updated and maybe a little over the top in a way that only goes in Vegas. After all, X is a Vegas performer and well, probably one of the most interesting people I have ever met.


amber interior design


This blog is simply a series of mood boards made for X, I am excited to share these collages of sorts because making them was a real adventure for me and they remain visually entrancing…

Dedicated to X and the many risk taking performers, performance artists and adventurers all over the world.




Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.35.17 AM.png





Mood Board Dining Room Rosalina





Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.17.29 AM






Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.30.11 AM7342838ef0c5d2a475ac845d8ec11540Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.31.07 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.30.48 AM



Tineke Triggs Design


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.24.42 AM.png

*Please note I do not post pictures of client’s or friend’s homes in the interest of protecting their privacy.

Beautiful Blue Interiors -How to Decorate


This collection was inspired by the indigos by Sister Parrish Designs and Ann Wood’s Handmade Birds, and a series of absolutely deliciously cozy and beautiful sofas…could spend hours reading, writing, talking, cuddling…

Rich blues, smoky slates with plum notes, grayish wedgewood tones, indigos, all seem modern and traditional, allowing a richness, and comfort. Please enjoy these ideas, rooms and combinations of blue by some of my favorite stylists and publications.

Discover beautiful and simple ways to update your interior….



via decor pad



jesus marina barba

Jesús Marina Barba, Photographer



Daniella Witte, Interior Stylist


 Paperblog + Pics Lovin + H&M



Sania Pell



japanese indigo via stella dot uk

Stella and Dot UK


On-voit-la-vie-en-bleu elle decoration fr

Elle Decor, France


the lifecreativeblog_Interior-design-trends-2016-minimal-Japanese-dining-room

The Life Creative Blog

trending interior decor: smoke + fog

A darkly romantic, modernist palette….



Perhaps inspired by the rich yet transient color, texture and weightlessness of elements, fog, mist, smoke, steam…quiet juxtaposition of antique faded walls with modernist furniture, or ombre walls with regency style fixtures, better yet, a mural made from a photo of a great foggy horizon, or perhaps inspired by a single print that takes the color and depth of  water and smoke….and transforms its form into a sort of captivating mysticism..


pic via ebay



via apartment therapy


via pixers


via behang fabriek



clouds via pixers


via murals wallpaper




via organic authority



via rebel walls


how to style a book shelf

here are a few amazing bookshelves featuring books, of course, pictures, sculptures, decorative pieces, treasured finds, with the perfectly imperfect amount of things, space and staggered or neatly stacked composition..

so declutter that clutter, and artfully arrange…


via bungalow interiors


Decide on a color theme… we have natural colors, white and blue, add natural objects like stones or shells sparingly..and lots of white space….


via thoughts from alice


Don’t throw out all the old books, treasure the most attractive, or sentimentally meaningful, look for single bookends at flea markets, final sales and thrift shops…


via cait pretty and fun


Embrace color, mix and match titles, add a small ceramic piece in brights or softer colors…a small painting…



apartment 34


Beautiful coral, metal sculpture in gold tones, whimsical elements, staggered heights, and shapes make this a patterned stage for enjoyment



via centsational  girl


Paper the back of a boring shelf, or paint it a bright or rich color. Note the use of transparent materials, lattice vase, glass and sculpture with negative space. Air plants make a hardy and beautiful addition to your curated shelving. Classic, Asian and chic modern come together to make a mesmerizing tableaux.




An office set up that makes you want to go to work at your the neutrals + metallics + cozy blankets




Make the most of white space, and vary your book arrangements, mixing stacking with rows, add textures, wicker, stone, porcelain and wood make for an interesting vignette.


via emily henderson


Stone, metal, wicker and beautiful wood sculpted by nature. The designer has added air plants, as well as modern + rustic style, giving the space a gallery look.


via instagram

An eclectic look —a shelf  can hold your prized editions, art collections: combine antiques, natural elements like feathers, carefully selected stone items or shells. Add textile, wicker, sculpture leaving some staggered space between…..for a touch of green, usually succulents, air plants + cactus stand up best to these kind of arrangements…

bliss in the bedroom: bedside table style guide



via stylizimoblog


Bedrooms are sanctuaries, family hangout areas, sleepy rabbit warrens, and a place for pared down style. Make your bedroom beautiful with carefully arranged bedside table vignettes and decor…


via stephanie sterjovski


via madebygirl


Flowers, stacked books, and ambient lighting are always a winning combination.


  • A stylish lamp -with low light, but bright enough for reading…
  • A few pretty books
  • Flowers always flowers!
  • Keep it tidy! Leave some empty space..
  • Add pretty things you love, and arrange artfully!
  • Keep your bedroom dust free (easily clean up in a non toxic way –make your own cleaner with lemon juice, lavender essential oil and vinegar and use washable rags to dust away! )


Erin-Gates-Newton_via elements of style


via southern charm


via arkpad


elle decor phillipines




diy com IKEA-hack-nightstand