Adam Christopher Design -Geometry of Form

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Adam Barnes of Adam Christopher Design is a UK-based designer and artist whose practice includes sculpture and product design. Barnes’ work has geometric poetry to it that blends modernist iconic form with a sense of elegance. While the planters and sculptural containers are made of concrete, they resemble the delicate folds and sharp edges of origami and in some case the delicacy of eggs.

It was such a pleasure to learn more about this creative’s body of work and story. Enjoy the interview!


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Please tell me a bit about your schooling, training and evolution as a visual artist -I see you changed careers recently in a way…

It wasn’t anything spectacular, I failed my A-Levels decided to go to art school and was determined to do better so knuckled down and got A’s instead of U’s.  I had enough of education then as I was never great at it so decided to sell cars in an attempt to follow in my Dad’s footsteps but hated it and was again rubbish at it. So I went back to education and did car design, got a placement with Ford designing cars for them and then got a job with LEGO straight form Uni. I did that for nearly 3 years and then went at it on my own and started with sculptures but moved more towards the planters.

I learnt a lot whilst doing the sculptures about materials and loved the usability of concrete so that has stuck with me throughout. You can’t easily create any of the shapes I come up with but concrete makes it a bit easier in the sizes I like to work with.

I am entranced by the Brancusi like forms…if you were to describe your own aesthetic or style in a few sentences what might you say?

It would depend whether you are talking about my design or sculpture, the two are deliberately very different. My design work is origami, geometric style and you could liken the planters to opening seeds as the forms like Kronen and Prisme can open and close if folded from paper.


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Adam Barnes Grey and White Flame Sculpture


And your sculpture? 

The sculpture is more flowing and is a bit of a release from the brutalist lines of my design work. The most influential designer of my time when I was studying was Chris Bangle who over saw the flame surfacing design language of the early 00’s. The key to my sculptures is how the surfaces play with each other and flow around the form.


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Can you tell me a bit more about your Flame sculptures?

Flame was part of a developmental program I did a long time ago and was really about looking at fire and how the lines created in it are constantly changing but always pretty. I tried to capture the essence of a flame but in a bit more of an interesting shape than something simpler. There are a lot of lines there that work together and make it look simple but actually the lines all need to work together to balance the form and work in harmony.



As well as the sculptures your oeuvre includes mostly functional objects, tell me more about this area of concentration? 

I am interested particularly in the way your pots seem to be an admixture between luxury and industrial materials, in what way has your work in the auto industry informed your artistic practice?

Basically, I prefer stuff with purpose, if something has a function or a reason for existence then it is easier to relate to it. A sculpture that does nothing is nice to some people but a sculpture that doubles as something else is much more appealing and justifiable.


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Learn more about Adam Christopher Design 

Emma Bass -The Modern Classicist -Amazing Botanical Photographs

Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


New Zealand photographer Emma Bass creates bright and modern yet painterly images of flowers in exquisite arrangements. That elusive artistic talent…flawless composition ….returns us over and over to her delightful imagery. Emma’s work has been widely exhibited in New Zealand and may be found in international private and corporate collections and she was the only New Zealander invited to exhibit at the Royal Academy’s 2016 Summer Exhibition, London.

It was such a pleasure to interview the talented artist for the blog, and we hope you enjoy learning more about Emma Bass’s work as much as we did.


Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Tell us a bit about your background? 

I have always seen the world in a compositional way and through a lens. It all started while I was working as a nurse in London during the late 1980s. I did a photography course in Leicester Square and was completely hooked.  I came back to New Zealand where I properly trained for two years and started a career within editorial and commercial photography over a span of 23 years.

I’ve always loved flowers – they are my constant yet ever-changing muse.  As an art photographer who also worked in the milieu of glossy magazines, I became obsessed with finding the ‘perfect’ vessel to team with the ‘perfect’ arrangement. Then one day, a truth dawned. I uncoupled myself from this endless, fruitless search and began to capture reality.  This is when my first body of work Imperfect was formed.


Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


I see flowers as one of the most universal forms of beauty. Every culture celebrates them in some way – from the East where they are meditative offerings, to the West, where in the time of the Dutch Masters, they were symbols of wealth and status. They are also tokens of love and a natural expression of the environment. During difficult times, they are a reprieve. Some, like peonies, are impossibly beautiful. But because they bloom and fade so quickly, they are also metaphors of life and death.



Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Your process for making your artwork?

In the body of work Imperfect, I found the freedom to no longer peddle perfection. I embraced emerging decay: the maligned, blemished and slightly broken. I paired flowers gathered roadside – including dandelions and cowslip grass – with blooms from friends’ gardens, and displayed them in preloved vases found on eBay. The images were shot not in a studio, but on a stairwell ledge within my home amidst the comforting chaos of family life. I noted the time each image was captured. The decline in the blooms is not obvious or pitiful, but subtle and seductive.  I found the beauty in the imperfect.



Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Most inspiring photographer or artist? 

I have a house filled with botanical art, which I’ve collected from New Zealand and further ashore. I like to be surrounded by all flower forms and am interested in how other artists perceive the floral genre.

I love the work of English artist Ann Carrington who makes incredible sculptures of flower arrangements out of English silver cutlery.  Karl Blossfeldt did beautiful botanical studies in the early 1900s, and I love the Dutch Masters, which I’ve found inspirational for my second body of work Embellish.

In 2016, I had a work accepted into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London and while there I visited a Dutch flower still life exhibition at the National Gallery. To see these exquisite masterpieces up close in the flesh was quite a pivotal moment.


Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Favorite historic house or contemporary design? 

I love the era of the 50s, the modernist era.  I live in a 1950s house and love the clean lines, the open spaces, and large windows that fill the house with luminous light.  I would love to own a Frank Lloyd Wright house in my dreams.


6 Great Summer Outdoor Living Ideas


 Getting ready for summer and want to maximize your outdoor space, lounge appeal and style? Enjoy our curated selections of beautiful high design pieces for your deck, porch, seaside abode and backyard gatherings.


Adam Christopher Design.jpg

A place of total perfection, love the different seating areas, clean yet warm and welcoming style. Beautifully conceived by Adam Christopher Design, UK, the artist’s site is absolutely worth checking out, the combination of sculpture, and industrial design is visually gorgeous! We love all of the designer’s concrete planters because they represent a contemporary expression of the tradition of true artistry in furniture and decorative arts.



Adam Christopher’s Femkant Garden Planter, Corten Steel Effect



Oscar Raised Planter

Oscar Raised Planter, Sweetpea and Willow


1. A Required Investment -An Elegant Outdoor Dining Table for Parties

Goodbye old-fashioned splintery picnic tables, eating outside is natural luxury. We love adjustable tables, high quality and durable materials. Ease of storage is always a plus.



Skagaarden Oxno Collection, Houseology

Nardi_Rio Air Lunch Table


The Nardi Open Air Lunch Table  is gorgeous…..and incrediably practical it can adjusted for size and stored easily but is also made of a super durable material, and if you have a beach house you know this is super important!



2. Add Gorgeous Outdoor Chairs + Sofas


Minotti Modular Detail Outdoor CouchMinotti Modular Detail Greens and Grays

Vincent Sheppard Leo Dining Chair .jpg

Minotti Modular Outdoor Fabric Sofa and Vincent Sheppard Leo Dining Chair, Lagoon


High Design is not only for your indoor dining room, chose something sturdy, durable and well designed.

This is definitely an investment worth making, however as a veteran beachside resident, I say put it away in the winter or during very intense storms. Also tie down your furniture during hurricane season!


3. Your Easy Outdoor Living Style Upgrade – Add a Bench



La Granja, Ibiza, Summer 2017, Tine K Home



DIY Patio Bench via HGTV.jpg


No longer the stuff of public parks lovely benches are a perfect way to modernize your outdoor space, and provide extra easily converted seating. This fretwork embellished is actually a DIY project via HGTV.



Keliko Bench.jpg

Elegant Retro Rattan Bench by PIB


4. Embellish with Beautiful Outdoor Modern Textiles


Lenz and Leif Pation Pillows and Bkankets.png

We love the chilly nights by the sea, and think that Lenz & Leif has it right their color block style in merino wool, perfect for those who want to be cozy but love that modern look.

You don’t have to go designer or high-end for good-looking textiles, it’s pretty easy to make your own, you can try Spoonflower for fabulous fabrics, and the inserts are readily available at craft stores.

I am going to teach you how on the next blog!!!!




Oliver Bonas

5. Try a Contemporary Hammock

Lujo Living Taj Hammock Black

Lujo Living

This is a little different from the rope hammock of my childhood…it’s basically a bed to watch stars from –check out the new Taj Hammock by Lujo Living as it seems just perfect for beachside living, I can totally imagine this on our upper deck, it gets windy every evening and this is a great way to look at the night sky! The stand is Kwila hardwood and aluminum, so it’s sturdy but beautiful. Made in New Zealand, it actually ships free!



6. You NEED an Outdoor Bed


outdoor living, daybed



The Natural Curtain Company




Camas Balinesas de diseño Daybed Vela.png

Canopy Daybed from Nest, Fabrics from The Natural Curtain Company + the Camas Balinesas de diseño Daybed Vela


Amazing, this is the last frontier of my wish list ……how luxury…now the mosquitos definitely would have eaten us alive at my grandparents’ lake house but this is perfect for beach ocean side living….There is not an ounce of doubt that I need either of these absolutely immediately…..




Pillow via Las Cositas de Beach, Anabelle James Enamel Tray, Vitra Vegetal Chairs, Nest UK and a concrete Bon Planter.

Summertime Delight: Fried Zucchini Flowers

A sweetly memorable delicacy I tasted first in Rome, in a quiet family restaurant in the streets close to the Borghese Villa……the fried zucchini blossom…..



succhini blossom via eatalian



banno yuki via louto33

Via louto33


One of my favorite things about summer is the delight of squash flowers, their overbearingly gorgeous blooms, and of course, the Italian delicacy of fried zucchini flowers, which can be made gluten free, and stuffed with whatever you please such as goat cheese.


gluten free tempura zucchini via sensitive foodie net

Via Sensitive Foodie


Zucchini is a very hardy plant, and fairly easy to grow, much like the kale that features in so many recipes these days.

When choosing your zucchini blossoms try to get the male flowers they are more narrow in appearance, and tasty! 


photo by filipe lucas frazao on flickr

Filipe Lucas Frazao, Photographer


via adventures in cooking

Via Adventures in Cooking


goat cheese filled zucchini blossoms via love and olive oil

Via Love + Olive Oil

How to Make Fried Zucchini Blossoms

Batter: Whisk gluten free or regular flower with water and salt. 

Stuffing: Mix your stuffing of choice, we like basil, green onion and goat cheese. You will add about 1-2 teaspoons to each bloom, so mix enough for the number of flowers you are preparing. Simply carefully twist your flower’s petals to form this botanical delight. 

1. Heat oil in deep preferably sturdy pan,

2. Cover your stuffed blossoms in the batter.

3. Fry for 1-1.5 minutes, turning as needed until golden brown.

3. Place on plate covered with a paper towel. Salt.


kristyn hogan

Kristyn Hogan, Photographer


via loutu33



emma lewis

Drawing by Emma Lewis



easy delicious plants: nasturtiums


Nasturtium_Gleam-Salmon via Floret


The peppery tasting Nasturtium flower is a great substitute for radicchio or cress and all parts are edible. Easy to grow and available online + in garden stores, these delectable plants come in a wide variety of colors, and add a splash of color to your plate.


The Bouquet 1922 Félix Edouard Vallotton.jpg


Native to south and central America, Nasturtiums are easy to plant, spread easily and quite hardy they can be planted after your zone’s first frost.

I like to soak my seeds, and direct sow, or plant in peat pots. Generally, they do not respond well to transplanting. However, I find that they are in fact, quite easy to grow, and sprout so quickly whether in full sun or partial shade, last year these pretty flowers lasted into early winter.






via sabordecanela.jpg



cornbread and nastirsiums via aficianado.JPG




home is where th e boat is .png



Dreers Garden Calendar 1899


Kale and caramel ricotta and basil stuffed nasturtiums.jpg






Trending Home Style: DIY How to Make a How to make a Terrarium

How to make a Terrarium

Chose your glass container,  perhaps a bowl, maybe a vase from a florist bouquet, a jam jar, even a drinking glass?

Add small rocks to the bottom for drainage, and place 2 inches of potting soil, succulents do well as do cacti, Fill the bottom of the vessel with a 1 1/2-inch layer of small rocks to collect the water drainage. Use a tablespoon to dig a hole and gently place your first planting -add sand over the top, and elements, such as moss, shells, stones or decorative items.

Water twice a week!

by ExpatDesignShop.jpg



viva voce designs.jpg



front and main.jpg





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How to make a terrarium via muy ingenioso






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