Amazing Kids Dinnerware + Table Top Ideas

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Nanna Design, Bloomingville Mini


We finally graduated from our collection of super cute vintage plastic plates + bowels and we are ready to use porcelain plates! I wanted to get something that would appeal to grade-school age kids,  but can be used into the teen years. And I wanted to avoid cartoons and Disney Princesses etc.

We have used a combo of single vintage plates in coordinating colors, and discovered Jim Ward’s (JimBobArt) amazing line of plates with humorous and illustrative style plates, RiceDK and so many great sets, enjoy the beautiful selection!



Jim-Bob-Art-UK, tabletop, Bloomingville, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

The Sandwich Defender Plate, Jim Bob Art




kids dinnerware upcycled the storybook rabbit via etsy

The Storybook Rabbit Shop


The Storybook Rabbit Shop on Etsy has great paintings on vintage dishes, like this wonderful rabbit plate above,  and while they run high in terms of pricing, they are just so charming, and make amazing gifts! And the Australian based artisan makes custom orders!


via BHLDN Weddings



If you chose vintage places I suggest hand washing so the finish does not come off and expose your kids to any toxic paint etc. Do not use cracked plates, and feel free to combine vintage pieces with usually pricey sale items single pieces from department stores, thrift or outlets.

I recently curated an amazing collection of animal themed plates for one little boy, each sources sourced from thrift stores or sales at retailers (where only odd numbers of plates are on sale) so this approach can be used for any taste.



orchow Spode Woodland Hunting Dog Dinnerware via Horchow

Spode Plate Set via Horchow



Rockett-St-George, tabletop, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

Rockett St. George



Wee-Gallery, porcelain, ceramics, tabletop, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

Wee Gallery



EBONY via Sketch Inc

Ebony Line, Sketch Inc.




Rice DK




Biobu Ekobo Plates

Biobu (Bamboo fiber plates)





Lapin Citron



Rice a:s dk Melamine Sailor Stripe Print

Rice DK


via kindzoblij nl


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trending style: little girl spring fashions

Be inspired by this collection of spring -summer styles for little girls ages 2-12. Some hand picked by my little ones! Many of these fun outfits can be handmade if you know how to sew!


via least little thing tumblr

I love this assemble just because it looks like something a little kid would put together. My awesomeness is awesome!


kixx sleevless horse shirt.jpg

Obviously anything with horses rules. I like this cause it’s a realistic assemble. + animals



love this, so my older surfer girl’s style, plus shoes for running! too many little girl’s shoes are all fussy, pinchy and bad for great things like running about and bouncing.


simona barbieri


emile et ida




kindred oak



paul and paula back of dress


motoreta spring summer 2015



Did your heart just grow 3x its regular size? Probably.





I have a super awkward dress that just simply does not fit me,  & is begging to be transformed into this dress for my kids. Glad we sorted out its fate.

Aylinkashop @etsy







serene bohemian melijoe paris

country road pear and watermelon




etoiles leo



Photo by Denise Bovee
Looking for amazing editorials, ideas, & outfits?

Fun publications include MILK Le mode de enfant.

I love Street Looks for super adorableness & original fashion. Love their French street style section too, funky cool mismatch kid styled! Check out Denise Bovee’s photo of city girls above…

Also discover the petit and small blog + fashion editorials. 

mini-rodini-ss16-collection via petit and small.jpg

trending interiors: how to decorate with cool chairs

want to add flair, originality and character to your home? pick something original, attention grabbing, hope you are inspired by this gallery of beautiful chairs about by artists and designers….it’s okay to introduce something daring into your interiors, for streamlined hard surface chairs, combine with soft furnishings, or add as the main chairs at your dining table….the los res desk is perfect for your office…..

Bae Se hwa Steam 11 Walnut Chair.jpg

bae se hwa steam 11 walnut chair



Christian Desile Desile Chair via Core 77.jpg

christian desile



Diplome Liyun Design Object via

diplome liyun



via rekamagyar.jpg

via rekamagyar

grupa, hungary




Cees Braakman Chair for Pastoe via

cees braakman chair for pastoe



Poul kjaerholm 1952.jpg

poul kjaerholm 1952



Model Airplane Sear Eames.jpg

airplane seat model by charles and ray eames



Gerrit Reitveld via

gerrit reitveld, Powerhouse Museum










*click on image for more information about source please

Give Your Home the Luxurious Look: How to decorate

Add luxury and splendor to your home or apartment with these designer inspired ideas

1. Lushly Green Hues


apartment therapy

 Source // Source


Green, deep beautiful pine green, or a verdant kelly hue.

Brabbu Malay Sofa @ Braddu

Velvet furnishings, like this piece from Brabbu …Chose one furnishing to cover in velvet in an au courant color. The purity of cream is also very elegant, stone table and gray walls. Dove gray also has a certain monumental elegance….


2. Luxurious Grays & Onyx Tones




Source // Source

3. Ornate Texture









4. Vintage Chandeliers



Source //

Vintage chandeliers paired with these historic blue walls, elegant formal dining table


5. Manor House Red









6. Add Antique Sculpture & Wall Murals….





Trending Dark & Dramatic Interiors

Stone & marble walls, painted grays, inky blues, maybe even plush neo-victorian blues, rich grays, fantastic blacks and deep plum so romantic….so gothique, so au courant…

Some rooms simply feature one saturated color in a furnishing, while other punctuate the deep color with rich brights. Many of the spaces are eclectic, mixing historic, antique with modernist items and features.

turbulences-decor. fr.jpg


1st dibs.jpg


insideout au.jpg


late afternoon blog


47 park ave


we are scout


Marie Graunbøl Photo.jpg


Broste Copenhagen & Marie Graunbøl.jpg



Trending Fashion Look Book 2016

I must say when one of my friends asked me to do a trending style look book feature on the blog, I had a little trouble locating pictures of truly beautiful couture that was not worn by underfed sulking teen models. My other issue was finding images that were from other times of the year besides fashion week.

This look book once again features style for women, with the idea in mind that one does not need to forget one’s pants in manner of Beyonce to be glamorous. Sorry B, but you are a grown lady and should try pants. xxoo


Trending Skirts….


love her


Well, this lady has style! I think she rather forgot her tights when packing and opted for her boyfriend’s trouser socks, but cause she is so delightful it totally works as does her eyewear. I am a sucker for French street style meets crazy art teacher + librarian. Hope those shoes are not too pinchy.



Street style for real.jpg

I would be friends with her just because she wears white sneakers with velvet skirts and does not need to be all exposed to be awesome. She probably knows a lot about Bauhaus architecture or some such.



street style seconds.jpg

OMG! Forever 21 meets awesome Siouxie and the Banshees style. Special thanks to this young lady for her natural look and unbashed adoration of plaids. Watch out for tram!!!



natalieoffduty blogspot.jpg

Okay, of all the women so far, she has it the most perfectly perfect. Chiffon skirt + leather jacket so lovely. And so pleased to see natural looks prevailing.


I completely had this skirt in high school. She is so glamorous.



kate spade plaid.jpg

That’s a Kate Spade skirt. I am in love, if one can be with a skirt, which I am certain is a possibility.





Monochrome classics –I just do not like the silly shoes as they seem quite wobbly and rather red light district, but otherwise this is a great outfit. As much as I am loathe to admit it, there are many moments when high heels can make you look stupid or in the very least terribly mistaken of the terrain, rather than sexy.


Trending: Fabulous Dresses


Harpers Bazaar Fashion week St style.jpg


This is from Harper’s Bazaar Fashion week street style feature. I have dreams about really fantastic non existent dresses and other style items, and I swear this is just like one of the featured fancies in my dreams. And the purse, and the nails. So lovely!



Goldenrod Burberry @ Vogue.jpg


Burberry continually surprises me with the richness of their seasonal color schemes and texture.




Gucci borrows a little from the imagination of India. Ironically, I am quite certain you can find something of equal beauty for a fraction of the cost from a seamstress or dressmaker in India.



Valentino @ vogue.jpg

Valentino…loving the amazing muted corals, greens, and whites and patterning.



Trending Fancy Hair…..


coopehagen style week

Source . Style week in Copenhagen




Hair ring by Moore Seal



yes please refinery29.jpg






pretty in pink

pinks, rose, mauve, hot pink, neon pink, petal pink……


I used to think pink was not really a color for grown women, but black make one look worn out or older so here are some highlights from my favorite pinks…from the world of fashion & style…


@valentinoruemag.comsheln.comemerson fry nyNorman Jean Roy, Photo, DIOR, Harpers Bazaar Aug 15kate spade @nordstrom@frenchfancyChloe@marni@rstyle.meMaison Martin Margiela@june@shopstylemore ks @nordstromsstreet level @nordstromsJoey Kennedy Photographer MÖ BY MÖVENPICK @ australiadivinecarolinewachabuy@hunter, lovelyaddictions@fabulousflows.blogspot.comc8e91c0e9606edb0cd800f2309e713eb@lolobu@francescasPhoto by JessaKae@southboundbridepeone Amulette | Alice Gaoconversecareergirldailytheeverygirl@chimeforchange@cottagedivine


all image credits & sources may be found by clicking on the image, enclosed as title