Emma Bass -The Modern Classicist -Amazing Botanical Photographs

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New Zealand photographer Emma Bass creates bright and modern yet painterly images of flowers in exquisite arrangements. That elusive artistic talent…flawless composition ….returns us over and over to her delightful imagery. Emma’s work has been widely exhibited in New Zealand and may be found in international private and corporate collections and she was the only New Zealander invited to exhibit at the Royal Academy’s 2016 Summer Exhibition, London.

It was such a pleasure to interview the talented artist for the blog, and we hope you enjoy learning more about Emma Bass’s work as much as we did.


Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Tell us a bit about your background? 

I have always seen the world in a compositional way and through a lens. It all started while I was working as a nurse in London during the late 1980s. I did a photography course in Leicester Square and was completely hooked.  I came back to New Zealand where I properly trained for two years and started a career within editorial and commercial photography over a span of 23 years.

I’ve always loved flowers – they are my constant yet ever-changing muse.  As an art photographer who also worked in the milieu of glossy magazines, I became obsessed with finding the ‘perfect’ vessel to team with the ‘perfect’ arrangement. Then one day, a truth dawned. I uncoupled myself from this endless, fruitless search and began to capture reality.  This is when my first body of work Imperfect was formed.


Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


I see flowers as one of the most universal forms of beauty. Every culture celebrates them in some way – from the East where they are meditative offerings, to the West, where in the time of the Dutch Masters, they were symbols of wealth and status. They are also tokens of love and a natural expression of the environment. During difficult times, they are a reprieve. Some, like peonies, are impossibly beautiful. But because they bloom and fade so quickly, they are also metaphors of life and death.



Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Your process for making your artwork?

In the body of work Imperfect, I found the freedom to no longer peddle perfection. I embraced emerging decay: the maligned, blemished and slightly broken. I paired flowers gathered roadside – including dandelions and cowslip grass – with blooms from friends’ gardens, and displayed them in preloved vases found on eBay. The images were shot not in a studio, but on a stairwell ledge within my home amidst the comforting chaos of family life. I noted the time each image was captured. The decline in the blooms is not obvious or pitiful, but subtle and seductive.  I found the beauty in the imperfect.



Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Most inspiring photographer or artist? 

I have a house filled with botanical art, which I’ve collected from New Zealand and further ashore. I like to be surrounded by all flower forms and am interested in how other artists perceive the floral genre.

I love the work of English artist Ann Carrington who makes incredible sculptures of flower arrangements out of English silver cutlery.  Karl Blossfeldt did beautiful botanical studies in the early 1900s, and I love the Dutch Masters, which I’ve found inspirational for my second body of work Embellish.

In 2016, I had a work accepted into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London and while there I visited a Dutch flower still life exhibition at the National Gallery. To see these exquisite masterpieces up close in the flesh was quite a pivotal moment.


Emma-Bass, Art, Floral-Design, Flowers, Botanical, Floral, Flower-Arrangement, Photography, Women-Artist, New-Zealand-Artist, Artist, Photographer, Beautiful-Art


Favorite historic house or contemporary design? 

I love the era of the 50s, the modernist era.  I live in a 1950s house and love the clean lines, the open spaces, and large windows that fill the house with luminous light.  I would love to own a Frank Lloyd Wright house in my dreams.


Last Minute Flowers for Thanksgiving from Couture Flowers Magazine

Fall Flowers, Thanksgiving Floral, Autumn Flowers, Master Florist, Christian Tortu
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Last Minute Thanksgiving Flowers and Decor Ideas

We love thanksgiving flowers, decor and tabletops. We are so excited for the holiday season, and like all of you we have been happily busy.

However, as always we are keeping our eyes open for inventive ideas for beautiful Thanksgiving flower arrangements for tabletops!

So much creativity these days and so we wanted to share just a few of the lovely ideas we have come across while looking for new inspirations!

So, for you hostesses who need last minute ideas…enjoy the gallery of Thanksgiving flowers and decor ideas!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thanksgiving Flowers – Beautiful Elegant White & Neutrals  


Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Decor, Thanksgiving Flowers, Fall Flowers, Flowers

Blogs are a great place to find curated personalized ideas and we are so inspired by the simple elegance of this tabletop with multicolored pumpkins and gourds, and mixes of natural cuttings. Combine metallics for a curated look. Image courtesy of  Boho Chic Cafe.


Roses & Fruit Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving Tables


Sarah Windward Floral Design Wedding at the Annadel-Estate-winery 2017

Sarah Windward is a floral designer and we love her simple rose arrangement with apples and vintage silver pieces. Borrow this idea for your thanksgiving tabletop, try cut roses with a few artfully placed apples or mandarins!




There are so many creative ideas from weddings that can be borrowed for seasonal decorations so we didn’t want you to miss this delightful arrangement with rustic wood, flowers and fruits-so perfect for fall and winter decorations,  from Cedarwood Weddings with Kristin Vanzant Photography.

Gilded Elegance -French Inspired Thanksgiving Flowers & Centerpieces

Fall Flowers, Thanksgiving Floral, Autumn Flowers, Master Florist, Christian Tortu


And for something more fancifully elegant -this arrangement is a truly creative use of natural fruits and boughs with flowers. We adore the artful draping of natural cuttings, kumquats, Phalaenopsis orchids, paper white Narcissus and jasmine — gorgeousness abounds.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart.


French Designer, Master Florist, Fruit Centerpiece, Christian Tortu, Fall Flowers, Autumn Floral, Thanksgiving






And we end our quick last minute blog with an ode to Christian Tortu, the master floral designer from France. The designer’s way with natural beauty and dramatic lush elegance is always inspiring. Here he is at work on a tiered fruit and foliage arrangement.

Happy Thanksgiving & best wishes for a lovely holiday season dear readers!!!


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Inexpensive Wedding Decor Ideas -Rose Gold Themes

Summer wedding coming soon? Don’t want to break the bank or spend tons of money on things that one just throws away? Want to be creative and make a visual impact? Try these pretty ideas and objects from allover the world. A wedding does not have to have a high price tag to be beautiful…



Huffington Post 


Check out these craft supply and decorating sources for a beautifully curated wedding that reflects a certain sense of modesty and prettiness.


Hollie @ Fleur Couture .jpg



Fleur Couture, Textile design by Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher, Sarah Kate Studios Ribbon Typographic Napkins, Candle + Co. Ltd


Crafty Wool Felt Metallic Braided Ribbon.jpg

Pretty wedding ribbon from Crafty Wool Felt



Lotus tealightsfor a wedding tabletop from Foiling Star Shop via Etsy



Rose Gold Party & Wedding Tableware.jpg

Rose Gold Party & Wedding Tableware from Ginger Ray




Mini Glitter Scallop Garland_Sisters Guild.jpg

Mini Glitter Scallop Garland from Sisters Guild.


Rose Gold Foil 'Love' Balloon from Jeremys Home Store.jpg

Rose Gold Foil ‘Love’ Balloon from Jeremy’s Home Store


Rose Gold Vase or Wedding Centerpiece from The Bashful Bride on Etsy.jpg

Rose Gold Centerpiece Vases from The Bashful Bride via Etsy


Dove Plate by D Wilson from Sisters Guild.jpg

Dove Plate by Deborah Wilson from Sisters Guild



glamorous-gold-blush-from-idecorate I Decorate


Illustrator Jeannie Phan LOVES Gardening

Jeannie Phan’s Sweet Secrets -Illustrations

Jeannie Phan, Illustration for Bitch Magazine


My hands don’t know how to do anything else but draw….







Jeannie Phan’s way with the seemingly mundane is immediately captivating. The young Canadian artist employs a simple schematic way of drawing, color and cutout like elements allowing a readable pictogram of sorts, a concept left abstract yet full of suggestion.

We see this in Jeannie’s Instagram posts of everyday life, here and there, a moment of seemingly mundane intimacy, exhaustion, gluttony, a woman asleep at a late solo dinner table, the intensity of the rat race mirrored in the face of a weary office worker. There are also simple moments of grace: careful gardening or a pleasantly fat and unaware house cat observed…











Jeannie has a simple yet charming way of drawing her audience inwards, into the place of words, the stories told in the images or the text her pictures might accompany. One rather has the sense that one has stumbled into a place uninvited, the tiny details unfurling like a child’s bedtime story.








Jeannie Phan for Montecristo Magazine


The artist is an avid gardener and some of her most compelling pieces include moments of an urban garden. Strangeness and extraordinary acts meet in the series Night Trowels produced to complement the story in Nuovo magazine about the night gardening habits of  Disneyland’s team of horticulturists.



Jeannie Phan, Night Trowels, Nuovo Magazine

An impressive rooster of high-profile clients grace the resume of this young artist including The New Yorker, The New York Times and The Globe and Mail.




Jeannie Phan Clearing the Air, Illustration for Nuovo Magazine






RB: How do you manage to harmonize the client’s requirements, motifs, storyline etc. with your artistic vision?

JP: I find I’m the most creative when I have parameters, which, applied to my work is what the clients needs are. Usually as illustrators, we all have our own visual vocabulary, we draw people a certain way, use certain colours, etc. As long as I’m using my own visual vocabulary, I feel my artistic vision and integrity still stays put despite illustrating something else’s story or idea.


RB: Gardens, animals, and working people –these motifs are present in many of the works, as well as rounded geometry, can you elaborate?

JP: I love the calmness and order of geometry, so it tends to find its way into my work. Gardens lend themselves so easily to being muses: I just love plants and growing them is a big hobby of mine. As for working people, I have an acute interest in office work culture, since as a freelancer, I work in such a totally different way.



RB: The Toronto art scene is quite vibrant and full of talent, how does this inform your practice?


JP: I love living in this city day-to-day, but in terms of the creative community specifically, there are a lot of wonderfully like-minded people who are passionate and full of ideas for the future. I’m currently a member of Lunchroom, a creative family that cooks and eats together….



RB: Tell us a little more about the Swim project?

JP: “Swim” was a personal zine I created when I fell in love with swimming. I needed a break from my work life, and would submerge myself (literally) in water to zone out and relax in a weightless space.







Learn More…instagram / twitter / facebook /dribbble

Beautiful + Inexpensive Flower Arrangements

End of summer? No matter, pick those last roses, herbs or even weeds and make something beautiful.

Ways to save those more hardy blooms from that store bought bouquet! Add foliage, herbs like rosemary and berries.



Image via House by Hoff




Via Brides of Adelaide





Image via Desire to Inspire




Via Paper + Stitch



Via Johanna Vintage



Via Crush cul de sac



via Etsy

Last of your garden roses? Add buds, branches and herbs…

easy delicious plants: nasturtiums


Nasturtium_Gleam-Salmon via Floret


The peppery tasting Nasturtium flower is a great substitute for radicchio or cress and all parts are edible. Easy to grow and available online + in garden stores, these delectable plants come in a wide variety of colors, and add a splash of color to your plate.


The Bouquet 1922 Félix Edouard Vallotton.jpg


Native to south and central America, Nasturtiums are easy to plant, spread easily and quite hardy they can be planted after your zone’s first frost.

I like to soak my seeds, and direct sow, or plant in peat pots. Generally, they do not respond well to transplanting. However, I find that they are in fact, quite easy to grow, and sprout so quickly whether in full sun or partial shade, last year these pretty flowers lasted into early winter.






via sabordecanela.jpg



cornbread and nastirsiums via aficianado.JPG




home is where th e boat is .png



Dreers Garden Calendar 1899


Kale and caramel ricotta and basil stuffed nasturtiums.jpg