Seaside Styling -Curated by Kids Fashion Series!


NEXT Pink Floral Shift Dress.jpg

NEXT Dress + Jacket, “Because she so beautiful and you can do a pretty good dance in that dress.” (Charlotte, 5)



Next 2017

Pineapples are the best beach food ever, and this cutie rocks her little pineapple look perfectly! From NEXT.


It’s almost beach season say my special fashion advisors ages five and seven and it’s “totally time for us to give fashion advice too!”

Now,  I try to take their advice with a grain of salt because they have a general attitude that often if an outfit is fabulous it benefits from becoming two outfits, e.g. they love to wear two outfits at a time, I mean why not?

Nevertheless, they have helped me pick out some super winners from the amazing world of kid’s creative style and fashion! Do enjoy my darlings!


monsoon ss 17 summe dresses.jpg

Monsoon SS 17




The Leotard Shop + To the Moon




Mini Rodini.jpg

Mini Rodini

Mini Moda



Sydeny Harbor Tee by TEA

Plus + a super cool cookie and a show stealer shark shirt from Hanna Andersson




DG Children Clothing Collection 2017.png

Dolce and Gabbana Summer 2017


According to my girls this is totally how they see their life “mommy is sort of yelling while smiling, and daddy is fixing himself something to eat.” Okay best picture ever of family life at beach goes to Dolce and Gabbana!







Sidney Harbor Tee by TEA.png

Sydney Harbor Tee, TEA COLLECTION



MiniBoden… + Mini Rodini’s Mr. Mouse Swim shorts,  SS17




Dolce and Gabbana!


And now for this years amazing bathing suits for boys and girls, but mostly girls, because that’s what my advisors are most interested in ….



M Bumby.jpg

Marysia Swim Bumby, Photo by Rubia Collective



Stella Cove 



Narwhal Hi Tops LL.jpg

Look Lane UK, Narwal Sneakers


BESOS XXOOO, Don’t forget to make popsicles for the beach. It’s easy (Bianca, 7)

Gemmas BiggerBolderBaking Blog.jpg

Lemon Blueberry Popsicle from our kids’ latest favorite site Gemma’s awesome blog Bigger Bolder Baking! 


Ideas for Spring Style -Best of Kids Fashion


Singapore Style tastemaker ….Cavalier Kids -We love this brand because it’s just plain fun.

Children love to move so stretchy or loose fabrics are smart choices and soft on skin natural textiles like bamboo, cotton and cotton blends are best.

Bright funky colors take center stage today and pretty much anything with fun embellishment or a hint of the unusual when it comes to texture. And of course, we all know sporty looks and animals are always a sure hit!





So much fun with Munster Kids...and yes, a monster is definately a type of animal.

Castelbajac Collection from Wolf and Rita.png

Wolf and Rita has a line of gorgeously unusual pieces and not just amazing dresses, lots of fun tee shirts and short sets too.


We are madly in love with the British brand No Added Sugar too, because well, it’s just stylish pretty and sharp clothing that fits, and is adorable and practical.




No added Sugar



ladida girls.jpg

Ladida is full of gorgeous prettiness, and dresses you definitely want to save forever, as in tucked away in your top drawer til your baby has her own babies…Kahlo inspired designs for the spring-summer season will make your heart swell. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was a model of bravery and brilliance, and so for me, she makes a great example for little girls. And everyday beauty was important to her as well, just a visit to her Coyoacán house tells you this story in the most thrilling of ways.



unicorn_mini rodini.jpg

Mini Rodini 




junk food clothing co.jpg

Oh Junkfood Clothing Co., definately top of my list of baby couture…awesome tees for your tiny mr. handsome face…

More koolabah.jpeg .jpeg


H&M KIDS.png

H&M wins the prize for affordability with their incredible prices, cotton is the best choice for kids as their active lives mean appliques and etc will fall apart at this price point. But a cotton tee-shirt or dress can be washed on cold a dozen times. PLUS they have an affinity for patterns with cats…and dresses like this one come in @ $ USD 4.99


H&M Girls

The Best Outfit Ever ….

Women’s style is constantly changing, and no matter your age some version of this classic look is an all time winner!

A flattering pair of jeans, feminine button down top and beautiful shoes, flat or high heels!




Jeans with a blouse or button up shirt is a classic look with tons of variations, but it can be hard to get the combo just right, shoes, blouse, jean cut and a flattering assemble for your body type. Sometimes adding a body shape wear piece can make the look.

We think of shape wear as a special occasion undergarment but today there are so many great pieces that mold those curves just right and comfortably, adding beauty and confidence!


1. Pick jeans that flatter your shape…





If that means 1 pair of more pricey jeans that’s okay. It’s better to invest in something you look great in –than to waste your money on 4 pairs that do not do you justice. Add a belt to show off your waist.



2. If you wish…. add Shapewear that you love

Try something that looks good if you catch a glimpse -such as when you were semi-transparent blouses, peaks through sweaters,  +  most importantly chose for comfort. Think of it less as hiding something bad, but a seduction of sorts, revealing a feminine foundation beneath..


The Lingerie Lesbian and Lena Lena Lingerie 

Try a sexy bralette under the shapewear in a contrasting color -strappy, halterback or lace, or if you need more support a underwire bra with detail, shimmer, maybe in a bright color . 


Agent Provocateur


3. Add a favorite loose but elegant casual button down shirt in any color




Camilla Pihl


Remember this look is about more than a tight shirt….another option is 

Feminine blouse with detailed buttons, patterns or in delicate luxe materials or at least fabric that looks like it!









Chia Mihara Shoes


Yosi Samra via Zappos.jpg

Glamour and comfort with Yosi Samra Foldable Flats….


Anthropologie Boots and Coco Shoes Ankle Boots


Trending Bridal -Deliciously Pretty Designs by Lucia

LuciaStofej Lace Headband Folkart wedding belt

I am so excited to present a quick chat with Lucia Stofej, an inspiring creative entrepreneur from Slovakia. I hope you enjoy learning more about her process and seeing lots of deliciously pretty bridal jewelry, veils, and headpieces. If you are like me, and a total romantic maybe you could totally wear these every day!

Lucia Stofej belt
Shepardess LuciaStofej

SImple Bridal Hair Crown Flowers by Lucia Stofej


Bellemaison: Tell me more about your vision and what makes your shop and designs so special? 

Lucia: Vintage materials! I love looking for “treasures” at antique shops.


 Lucia Stofej AT WORK


Every time we travel somewhere, I create a list of flea markets and antique shops to visit. Also, my grand mother is a great source of materials as she tends to put away pretty things she had inherited from her relatives. This way I now own beautiful lace, ribbons and parts of our national folklore costumes. And they keep living their life through my accessories. All this helps to make fashion more sustainable and fulfill my vision.


Image via Kent State University Museum.jpg

Bellemaison: Who are your customers? 

Lucia: Brides, brides and brides. The wedding market and business is my fate. During my Work & Travel student programs, I spent 3 summers in Vermont, USA and worked at a mansion where weddings took place, from Thursday to Sunday, every week.

I love weddings and everything about them. Such a beautiful celebration of love. I even married my husband twice, in Paris and in Slovakia.


LuciaStofej Gold Tiara Bridal Pearl Crown

Lucia: When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a painter. There was a large storage room in my parents’ house. It was full of old magazines, books, clothes, plants and it was my favorite place to be. I could get messy there. Painting inside of old books made sense to me as there were only words. Later on during my studies a passion for DIY and mostly creating jewelry and hair accessories appeared. I was inspired by a friend of mine who used to make earrings. At university, I studied Arts and really enjoyed our drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, even jewelry classes. After that there was no way back. 🙂 I had to open my creative business.

Lucia Stofej, Peacocks


LuciaStofej Teal Hair Accessories feather

Bellemaison: How did you arrive at making these beautiful accessories? 

Lucia: I sold quite a number of products in Slovakia so I wanted to try out a global market. It was 2nd of January, 2011 when I finally mustered up all of my courage and opened my Etsy shop. The first necklace sold within hours. Later on my focus changed and now I mainly create bridal hair accessories and veils and such.

Bellemaison: Do you have special sources of inspiration that you can share?

Lucia: My inspiration comes from antiquing, watching old movies, gardening and hikes in the woods….

Sweetness LuciaStofej

Bellemaison: Slovakia’s national craft tradition is considerable and includes a  long history of gorgeous practices such as resistance dying, women’s ornately embellished clothing, weaving, painted homes, wooden architecture and carving. In what ways do these traditions influence your work? 

Lucia: I believe “modrotlač” or blue print is our national craft. It’s a negative block printing or a combination of printing and painting –and through the resistance process, beautiful blue and white fabrics are created.


Images courtesy of Ludovakultura, Centre for Folk Art Production


Lucia: In fact, there are so many interesting festivals in Slovakia featuring national crafts, music, and food. As well, I am fascinated by our traditional costumes and decor and these elements come together to inspire my work.


Image courtesy of Slovak folk costumers @ tumblr

Image via Slovak folk costumes @ tumblr 


Detail LuciaStofej

Bellemaison: Tell me about the process of making your creations please? 

Lucia: I am the sole designer and creator of everything for sale, and I pack and ship everything myself from my home studio. I am a very busy lady (and mum)! Most of my items are hand-sewn with great attention to detail.

Halo Headband Vintage Lace by Lucia

I love how objects transform when pearls, beads and rhinestones are applied . I often hand-dye my feathers and fabrics. My flowers are made by hand, petal by petal, using traditional millinery techniques.

Image of the artist + a vintage photo of a woman embroidering via Slovak folk costumes @ tumblr 

LuciaStofej Constellation


You can see Lucia’s creations on LuciaStofej Bridal Veils, Vintage Headpieces and Bridesmaids Jewelry) and visit Lucia as below too!


Learn more about the tradition of modrotlač through this incredible pictorial story

All images are the copyright of Lucia Stofej + used with her express permission for this blog, unless otherwise credited. 

style: beach essentials + 5 great suits


ia instagram.jpg




For a unexpected pop with pale or dark skin, wear red.

Add mint leaves to your amazing thermos, enjoy the feminine and sexy look of a Nanette Lepore swimsuit —kimono fabric style…


via modcloth.jpg



via fashionspot.jpg

Beach hairstyle…


via shopstyle.jpg

Sexy not dowdy…


via cupshe.jpg

For the sporty type, or prepster, feminine, but simple


white beach hat via polyvore

love her yellow polish, remember always wear a hat for at least some of your day at the beach in order not to look 107 by next week and protect yourself from skin cancer


towels by the beach people via style files

Love these beautiful beach blankets and towels



via zaful

Full coverage with a boho flair….


via literary gift company

books…portable sanctuary…..


mara hofmann for freepeople

add desi style bangles with this beautiful bright pattern sort of cover up -via mara hofmann

Trending Fashion Look Book 2016

I must say when one of my friends asked me to do a trending style look book feature on the blog, I had a little trouble locating pictures of truly beautiful couture that was not worn by underfed sulking teen models. My other issue was finding images that were from other times of the year besides fashion week.

This look book once again features style for women, with the idea in mind that one does not need to forget one’s pants in manner of Beyonce to be glamorous. Sorry B, but you are a grown lady and should try pants. xxoo


Trending Skirts….


love her


Well, this lady has style! I think she rather forgot her tights when packing and opted for her boyfriend’s trouser socks, but cause she is so delightful it totally works as does her eyewear. I am a sucker for French street style meets crazy art teacher + librarian. Hope those shoes are not too pinchy.



Street style for real.jpg

I would be friends with her just because she wears white sneakers with velvet skirts and does not need to be all exposed to be awesome. She probably knows a lot about Bauhaus architecture or some such.



street style seconds.jpg

OMG! Forever 21 meets awesome Siouxie and the Banshees style. Special thanks to this young lady for her natural look and unbashed adoration of plaids. Watch out for tram!!!



natalieoffduty blogspot.jpg

Okay, of all the women so far, she has it the most perfectly perfect. Chiffon skirt + leather jacket so lovely. And so pleased to see natural looks prevailing.


I completely had this skirt in high school. She is so glamorous.



kate spade plaid.jpg

That’s a Kate Spade skirt. I am in love, if one can be with a skirt, which I am certain is a possibility.





Monochrome classics –I just do not like the silly shoes as they seem quite wobbly and rather red light district, but otherwise this is a great outfit. As much as I am loathe to admit it, there are many moments when high heels can make you look stupid or in the very least terribly mistaken of the terrain, rather than sexy.


Trending: Fabulous Dresses


Harpers Bazaar Fashion week St style.jpg


This is from Harper’s Bazaar Fashion week street style feature. I have dreams about really fantastic non existent dresses and other style items, and I swear this is just like one of the featured fancies in my dreams. And the purse, and the nails. So lovely!



Goldenrod Burberry @ Vogue.jpg


Burberry continually surprises me with the richness of their seasonal color schemes and texture.




Gucci borrows a little from the imagination of India. Ironically, I am quite certain you can find something of equal beauty for a fraction of the cost from a seamstress or dressmaker in India.



Valentino @ vogue.jpg

Valentino…loving the amazing muted corals, greens, and whites and patterning.



Trending Fancy Hair…..


coopehagen style week

Source . Style week in Copenhagen




Hair ring by Moore Seal



yes please refinery29.jpg






Lingerie is art. For Valentine’s Day


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, enjoy this gallery of handmade artisan lingerie as well as few manufactured pieces of exceptional beauty. Edgy, traditional, feminine, kink, whatever you like ladies…

(Cover image is courtesy of Dottie’s Delights)



Palmers by Lena Hoschek Lingerie Collection ~ Photo by Hilde van Mars, Source.



CLOEN Intimo_esmeralda_@journelle



American Grace Lingerie @etsy.jpg

American Grace Lingerie, Handmade in the United States, Edgy and fun selection.


LenaLena Lingerie.jpg



Lena Lena, beautifully stylish & handmade…



Lingerie ideas for valentine's day

Meow said the cat to the cow...Hopeless Lingerie from Australia…Love their instagram too ♥




Alexandrea Anissa -amazing meets seventies & betty paige style ♥

Alexandrea Anissa .jpg

Alexandrea Anissa


Fox undies @BettibonesBettibones detail fox undies

So sweet, foxy panties Betti Bones Shop


Audrey Set @Miss Crofton


Miss Crofton...thank god for natural models..and creatively designed hand made artisan goods



@anthro Honoka.jpg

Honoka Lingerie. Source.





Baby…I was just born this way. I don’t know if it’s the natural no effort sultriness of Madame Brunette or the modesty of the cuts, but this is my favorite so far. Heirloom collectibles. Couture undies by I am Evgenia.



Oh SO LOVELY lingerie




In love….so sexy, beautiful colors…..OH SO LOVELY




Ohhhlulu, Lingerie @ Etsy.



Naomilingerie Japanese Style.jpg

Naomi Lingerie Cateyes.jpg

Naomi Lingerie, Japanese Style



1920's lace and silk camisole @cluebelle.jpg

1920s vintage style….from Cluebelle



Simple prettiness by Ollegoria



Secrets in Lace Vintage Poster.jpg

Permalift Poster Source.

Jewelry Trending -Do it with Style -Pakistani + Indian Lookbook

Indian & Pakistan Inspired Jewelry

Hello beautiful

So if you spent a little time on my blog you know I am a little desi style obsessed. So let us begin with some bangles. I cannot help but throw mine on every morning.



Sonam Kapoor



diorJames Thomas Long Photography


Inside Weddings
Photo,  Arjun Tryst.jpg




oh my bollywood.jpg







Annie & Amrita


Photo by Deo Studios.jpg



@nomadic decorator.jpg

MAC makeup Delhi Couture.jpgb465367322b2afc06f4dcb45ae2f51a4.jpg




all image source as available are listed in the image title.