4 Easy Ways to Upgrade + Update a Tween Girl’s Bedroom

Image via Oh Eight Oh Nine.jpeg

Oh Eight Oh Nine


My daughter who just turned 8 has been requesting an update to her room -she’s had the same set up since age 5 so it’s time. Her taste and interests have changed.

Our changes will have to be in the details, because we won’t make any major furnishing changes, and we just painted about 3 years ago -and it’s in perfect condition.  I also invested in high quality shades and curtains.

There are new fun ways to update the look without getting rid of the big investment pieces.


1. Add a High Quality Poster or Photo that Changes the Mood


Interior Philosophy.jpg

Interior Philosophy gets this look right.



2. Change Those Drapes!



I am loving these Boho style Pom Pom curtains…..from Susie Watson Designs + Serena & Lily


3. Add Throw Pillows that Say Fun!



Zazzle,  Aelfie, + Plusheez


4. Add Sheepskin for Cozy Style


Blue Sheepskin Style by Aelfie.jpg



Deavita Sheepskin Style Pouf Seat.jpg


Curated by Kids -Beautifully Fun Rooms Part II

Hello! Welcome to part 2 of our popular curated by kids decor series! This is a fun collaborative effort by Rosalina, her daughters, and a occassionally random group of neighborhood kids, mostly girls age 5-12. We noticed that if something seems magical or fantastical it’s a winner. Case in point, a rabbit leaping over a mountain in gorgeous graphic wallpaper  in the sweetest of muted pinks,  or an eyelashed pillow….or even a pear dollhouse…



Ferm Living

Rock and Pebble Pear House from little earth nest australia.jpg

Pear House by Little Earth Nest Eco Toys 





Emily Merritt Collection, From Pottery Barn Teen. I find that PBT sheets are a huge investment but they last a lifetime, the percale cotton seems to get better with age.


Nachttisch Chevet Petit Robot von Laurette from Engel and Bengel.jpg

Engel & Bengel




Yellow is a unifying color and brings these patterns together beautifully. Not a lover of pinks? Not a problem. The blossom duvet is classic and on trend. Mix and match styles, like this eclectic white bed with retro floral designs. Image courtesy of Serena and Lily.




Classic white desk that can go to an apartment when your little gets older, or stay @ home for holidays. Image courtesy of The Land of Nod.



Large Round Wooden Side Table in Mint with Contrast Colored Legs.jpg




Oh baby, who doesn’t have a panda crush, and guess what these are from H&M which means they are super inexpensive.

Check out the irresistible prettiness is this Takotomo bedspread in polka dots with gold piping!

How about an  adorable bedside table ? Large Round Wooden Side Table in Mint with Contrast Colored Legs from Sisters Guild.



Put your stuff away please! Bins, bins +more bins. By RiceDK from Sisters Guild.


Curated by Kids -Decor for Little Girls’ Rooms + Tween Style

Got a tween girl? Maybe she is not into the rosebud sheets and dolls as much anymore, and needs something a little more hip? Discover ideas curated by kids courtesy moi and my team of littles.

Expertise provided by my kids, neighbor ladies, ages 8-17, and various mini color lovers, sparkle aficionados, tiny surfers, dog lovers, and excellent students.

Korridor Pyramid Storage Boxes - 4 Sizes Available.jpg

Hate that chaotic look on top of the dresser or the desk? Contain it. We love the ultra modern + streamlined color of Korridor Pyramid Storage Boxes. From Red Candy whose tag line is ShutUpBeige.




A fabulous trendy decor addition from TakaTomo.de




Design within Reach.jpg

Design within Reach




Yes please…cactuses are wonderful from FrankieLoves. amazing bright colors and fun patterns! Warning, if you visit this company’s website, you might fall IN LOVE with the gorgeously curated amazingness. It’s the only place I have ever been that’s made me NEED a hamburger themed lamp shade. Must have…




junkfooddeluxe handmade lampshade from frankieloves.jpg

And the winner is…Junk Food Deluxe Handmade Lampshade rom LoveFrankie



Krispy Dreme Cream Cushion from IDecorate.





What a nice green desk for your tween. Image courtesy of The Land of Nod.

cute lamps-kids-lighting-teen-decor




Yum! I love pineapple, check out this decorative candle, from RedCandy. And next, hand selected by two tweens –an over the top scrumptiously rococco style bed for your darling.


What do you think about this super ornate and amazing bed. Maybe rock this out with funky linens? Move over Marie Antoinette, let’s lounge in this Gold Queen bed from The French Bedroom Company  High-Low it with H&M Linens with stars or maybe half moons from Ferm Living.




WildfireEvents on Etsy.jpg

Rectangular Pouf in Petrol Velvet .jpg

Or maybe a lovely bench by RiceDK from Sisters Guild!





Design crush time for everything on Ian Snow’s site! This pretty velvet pouf is perfect for hanging with friends.






Get Cozy -Winter Interior Decor Tips


Beautiful Cozy Home via Blissbbblog photo by Gilian stevens.jpgPhoto by Gilian Stevens, Via Blissful B Blog

Looking at any of lifestyle photographer Gilian Stevens’ work you get the sense that cozy and warm is more than plaid and old rugs. Write down these ideas!

Think beyond the 1980s-90’s home decor look! Go north and warm it up with a reading nook, charming tea or coffee set, sheepskin, wall hanging, plush faux fur and cable knit throws. Enjoy your indoor time with beautiful tableware and beautiful throw pillows.



Via Alchemy Fine Home, from their beautifully curated and hand selected Celebration Collections.



Via Bo Bodre by Kahler Design


via Bluebirdvintage typepad.jpg

Via BlueBirdVintage



Via The Nordic House Blog


Wood burning stoves are simply amazing, they save money and create heat and are beyond warm and cozy!!! Whites and grays add depth to the space in this lovely room.



Get warmed up and read indoors, Photo by Gilian Stevens, Via Blissful B Blog Well..these looks like toasty bliss, cable knit blankets lined with faux fur, adorable! Via RH Baby and Child -their kids and baby selection has a lot of gorgeous stuff that can be used easily for adult decor -and they have amazing sales!



Via Fresh Home

More wood burning sweetness, and a sheepskin throw -remember minimalism and modern can be warm! Indoor time in winter is about returning to your home, and making it welcoming, warm and stylish. After a long hike, skiing or snow man building, host a small get together or just cuddle up for quiet time solo or with your family…


Via Pinterest and Ferm Living



How to Clean Naturally -DIY



Toxic cleaners can make you sick. I like things clean, but I do not like being exposed to chemicals or listen to my kids coughing to the tune of a bottle of harsh cleaning supplies. I have become more and more aware because when I changed my children’s laundry detergent from commercial to organic non toxic handmade powdered laundry detergent  (via Etsy) my asthmatic toddler stopped coughing at night. In fact she improved massively.


Okay so maybe just maybe your home won’t turn into a place designed by Nicole Davis, but it’s pretty gorgeous no? Plus who doesn’t like a little internet house eye candy? So talented!




Via Zest for Color on Etsy.jpg

Via Zest for Color


We never use liquid detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets, all of which can leave a coat of chemicals on the fabric and make your respiratory system irritated. Many have mentioned they love the smell of clean laundry. Add a drop of lavender or other oil to your full wash basin to make your laundry smell fresh (we like lemon, clementine, mint, patchouli).


Use dryer sachets or wool dryer balls, these are so easy to make, buy old cotton fabric quarter remnant, add dried lavender and tightly sew up! If you need just rejuvenate with lavender oil.





How to Make Natural Cleaners

All Purpose

  1. Glass bottle
  2. 1/2 cup of water
  3. 2 tablespoons of castile soap
  4. 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
  5. Thieves oil, or tea tree oil 5 drops
  6. Lemon oil 3 drops





Bathroom Cleaner

  1. Glass spray bottle
  2. 1 1/2 tbsp baking soda
  3. 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
  4. 1 1/2 cups water
  5. 2 tablespoons liquid castile soap
  6. 5 drops of tea-tree oil, and 5 drops lemon oil, orange or mint oil




Granite or Stone Countertop

  1. Glass spray bottle
  2. 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  3. 2 cups water
  4. 1 tablesoon castile soap
  5. Essential oil drops (about 6-8) try orange or lavender






Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane has made it simple for all of us with her pretty, and easy DIY cleaner labels with the actual ingredients on the label!!!



Via 11 Magnolia Lane

Decorating Ideas -Swans


MyLove Affair with Swans

I never really thought about swans -as a decorative element, or a favorite animal until my daughter requested a stuffed swan for her birthday -and I was astounded by how hard it was to find a nicely made one -I had to order one from Germany. I realized in fact they were the perfect bird for the animal crazy primary schooler -and they can add a touch of sophistication and the vintage as well. I hope you will be absolutely inspired by this collection of beautiful artistic designs, antiques, and eclectic swan decor items. 


Hanna Nyman, Sweden -Hanna is a paper artist who is worth knowing about. Check out her amazing Back to Poetry Instagram for more extra prettiness!


No need to be a baby to LOVE this amazing mobile and this super swan pillow. Mmm..sweet dreams sugar..from Little Cloud, UK. You can find tons of custom items made with yes, Liberty Fabrics.


swan, handmade gifts, nacotopocoto at etsy

I may in fact, need one of these for my dresser, how delightfully sweet, hand made ballerina swans….artfully crafted by hand using a family heirloom sewing machine by Nacotopocoto, Etsy.



Via Instagram/ Pinterest


swan, eveline-tarunadjaja,

Design by Eveline Tarunadjaja, an extraordinarily talented illustrator, and designer from Melbourne. Enjoy more of her work on her beautiful site



Frankie’s Bedroom….A little romance mixed with a vintage settler’s bed + Swedish Style..via Blonde +Bone.



And more wonderfulness, Swan prints, and check out the amazing whale stuffed animal on the bed. Via Little Dwellings, Australia. This design firm’s site is full of delights, including “mood” or e-boards, and tours of makeovers. Masters of the cool pastel and whimsical, yet tasteful children’s decor, their site is a must see.



Image via Pinterest, Top Home Decor.



Swan Nightlight via Modcloth

Amazing Kids Dinnerware + Table Top Ideas

tabletop, Bloomingville, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

Nanna Design, Bloomingville Mini


We finally graduated from our collection of super cute vintage plastic plates + bowels and we are ready to use porcelain plates! I wanted to get something that would appeal to grade-school age kids,  but can be used into the teen years. And I wanted to avoid cartoons and Disney Princesses etc.

We have used a combo of single vintage plates in coordinating colors, and discovered Jim Ward’s (JimBobArt) amazing line of plates with humorous and illustrative style plates, RiceDK and so many great sets, enjoy the beautiful selection!



Jim-Bob-Art-UK, tabletop, Bloomingville, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

The Sandwich Defender Plate, Jim Bob Art




kids dinnerware upcycled the storybook rabbit via etsy

The Storybook Rabbit Shop


The Storybook Rabbit Shop on Etsy has great paintings on vintage dishes, like this wonderful rabbit plate above,  and while they run high in terms of pricing, they are just so charming, and make amazing gifts! And the Australian based artisan makes custom orders!


via BHLDN Weddings



If you chose vintage places I suggest hand washing so the finish does not come off and expose your kids to any toxic paint etc. Do not use cracked plates, and feel free to combine vintage pieces with usually pricey sale items single pieces from department stores, thrift or outlets.

I recently curated an amazing collection of animal themed plates for one little boy, each sources sourced from thrift stores or sales at retailers (where only odd numbers of plates are on sale) so this approach can be used for any taste.



orchow Spode Woodland Hunting Dog Dinnerware via Horchow

Spode Plate Set via Horchow



Rockett-St-George, tabletop, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

Rockett St. George



Wee-Gallery, porcelain, ceramics, tabletop, dishes, plates, kids-tableware, style, design, kids-decor, interiors

Wee Gallery



EBONY via Sketch Inc

Ebony Line, Sketch Inc.




Rice DK




Biobu Ekobo Plates

Biobu (Bamboo fiber plates)





Lapin Citron



Rice a:s dk Melamine Sailor Stripe Print

Rice DK


via kindzoblij nl


#howtodecorate #kidsdinnerware #creativetabletopdec0r

easy delicious plants: nasturtiums


Nasturtium_Gleam-Salmon via Floret


The peppery tasting Nasturtium flower is a great substitute for radicchio or cress and all parts are edible. Easy to grow and available online + in garden stores, these delectable plants come in a wide variety of colors, and add a splash of color to your plate.


The Bouquet 1922 Félix Edouard Vallotton.jpg


Native to south and central America, Nasturtiums are easy to plant, spread easily and quite hardy they can be planted after your zone’s first frost.

I like to soak my seeds, and direct sow, or plant in peat pots. Generally, they do not respond well to transplanting. However, I find that they are in fact, quite easy to grow, and sprout so quickly whether in full sun or partial shade, last year these pretty flowers lasted into early winter.






via sabordecanela.jpg



cornbread and nastirsiums via aficianado.JPG




home is where th e boat is .png



Dreers Garden Calendar 1899


Kale and caramel ricotta and basil stuffed nasturtiums.jpg






curated by kids: panda bedrooms

How to decorate your room with various panda themes, objects + etc.


Lulu et Brindille with prints by Seventy Tree

Lulu et Brindille, Paris and Seventy Tree


Curated with the assistance and expertise of Bianca (6 years) & Charlotte (4 years), who managed to create this vision despite a diverse number of insults, and objectionable behaviors from one’s sister, such as “she’s wearing my headband”  “stop breathing” and “stop touching my hair.” Ten years of collective experience in the industry of childhood, expertise in cuteness, bed hogging, liking small animals, singular diets, & talking nonsense.



iviebaby blanket.jpg


Editorial note regarding this cutie cozy from Iviebaby: “That’s a baby blanket, but I like it and sometimes I like small stuff even though I am not a baby.”


panda walllpaper mural by little hands.jpg

Little Hands Wallpaper (warning the cutest on their site is overwhelmingly delightful)


cyandegre via etsy, panda pillow

Sleepy Panda, Cyandegre, Canada 


panda chair via amixss

Vintage Chair, Japan



ferm living_marionette wallpaper

Ferm Living

moshi moshi kids -panda decor


Moshi Moshi Kids and Paula Arcklin


panda cushion by babee and me via etsy

Panda Pillow by Babee and Me


teddy bearfabric at esty

Panda Blanket Panel from Teddy Bear Fabric