The Galerie of Chairs…


Philippe Starck's Master Chair in Gold: Just because it clearly belongs in my study....with many thousands of small fingerprints allover in all likely hood, considering the study's close proximity to the nursery...

Artisan Chair Adventures

My chair obsession has reached new heights. My family currently suffers various moderately comfortable modernist chairs through out the house.

Of course if I can get the Eames Lounge chair or the Saarinen womb chair than all will be fine (eh-em cozy) so you see where they are with me. Sit in your Philippe Starck Chair and like it.

But after working with a collector to find some great vintage chairs,  I have come to some new conclusions that all visitors to my ultra modern home will be glad of….



Eames Lounge Chair in White, Hermann Miller, I like black better but the snow is rather lovely and I like how in this photo you can see the molded shape that was so important to the development of the chair. Source.




Eero Saarinen’s Knoll Womb Chair…..I can spend hours in this. Source.



Phillip Starck’s Ghost Chairs, Kartell. Source. 





Chair by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici, 1930

And then there is my fascination with green modernist chairs..even after I spent a week finding artisan designed modernist and vintage yellow chairs for a client…


It’s fine whatever it is, it can be a green chair with modern chairs as well. Source. 


Yum. Source. 


Gilles Trillard Interior. Source.

I would love a Hans Wegner wishbone chair in green, but could also learn to love a few nude versions…



Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs. Greens.





And here are some photos of  what we looked at & considered when searching & choosing yellow chairs….to go with some post impressionist art and then with some handmade silk wallpaper.


de Gourney’s blue & yellow wonderful pattern Jardinieres Citrus Trees. Source.


From and then we looked at this one below, but went for something thinner, but then this picture started a whole thing with chandeliers which is so fun, and once we are done picking something, I shall post more. I like the modern over the top ones and the frothy Venetian types, and we are looking for at least three. So fun.



We settled on a set much like these Giandomenico Belotti  “Spaghetti” Lounge Chairs (1960-69)  pictured below….

I must admit however that in Peter’s sitting room there are two super comfy chairs so I think I need to find something for our house too. That’s the next post. AESTHETICALLY ACCEPTABLE COZY CHAIRS, Florence Knoll would be so proud…


Style. Celtic & Nordic Inspired Hair

Gorgeous not so easy, but lovely hairstyling; there were a number of pretty ones I wanted to include but the ladies had really stupid vacant had not had a real meal for a week expressions and I was really going to lady warrior type impressions etc. you know the type who has an organic garden and knits, plus can fence and all that.



Some Art. Goddesses & Warrior Queens

I worked on a recent project for a collector interested in images of Diana & Artemis & other works depicting queens, warriors, & huntresses…fascinating genre..


Sacha Goldberg Photograph Series Inspired by Rembrandt 


Diana in Georgian fancy dress from the exhibit “Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.” The Museum of London.

And then we fell in love with Daniel Jung’s photos….whose work is a fascinating admixture of fashion & a sort of contemporary pre-raphaelite sensibility



Third Stone Images, from


Diana, Versailles,  Musée du Louvre, Paris


Lepcis Magna, Ancient Anatolian-Greek sculpture, Archaeological Museum of Tripoli


Bernardino Cametti Diana as the Huntress. 1720. Bode Museum, Berlin.


William Henry Rinehart Latona and Her Children, Apollo and Diana, 1874


Wounded Amazon, Palazzo Nuovo, Musei Capitolini, Rome


Antonio Belluci La Déesse Diane (Détail)


Orazio Gentileschi Diana the Huntress, 1630


Kyudo: 弓道 Japanese style archery


Antonin Mercié Le Souvenir (1885), made for the tomb of Mme Charles Ferry.


Detail of Le Souvenir (1885)


a716e2b3f79d764bde88d88c8c9a7b45Edmund Blair Leighton The Accolade, (Queen Eleanore)




Leighton Lady Godiva


Shri Lakshmi Devi….


Johan Bavman’s Photo Project of Fathers at Home, Sweden


enhanced-buzz-wide-12680-1426868849-8Image by Johan Bavman

Swedish artist, filmmaker and photographer Johan Bavman’s photos are evocative, touching, funny, and familiar. In his series of Swedish fathers at home during paternity leave, he captures all the joy, the physical and emotional work, not to mention the complex multi-tasking, all required for the care of children. On my father’s birthday, I invite you to learn more about this beautiful project!


Me & my Dad (Image by unknown photo booth) during the 1970s with some feathers that I clearly collected.Very sporting of my young dad to wear them in his hair!




Images by Johan Bavman

And there is a book! So you don’t have to break the artist’s website looking at these pictures. It is quite possible that Johan Bavman’s Swedish gentlemen dad series has the power to break the internet. You can visit more details about the book here

There will also be an exhibition, which I dearly wish could come to the United States. These pictures are so powerful, even if they could touch a few hearts, and change a few minds about the importance power of love and hard work in parenting…regardless of gender.

Exhibition Venues:

Malmö Museer, 23/1–24/4 2016

Malmö, Sweden
Arbetets Museum, 10/5–10/9 2016
Norrköping, Sweden



the color black: a collection

Miss Dita in Black (


Oh Noir!  Long associated with negativity, death & depressive emotions, it seems noir has been maligned. Mysterious, powerful, seductive, full of adventure…..visit this richly evocative color in a gallery of unexpected images, places, styles and rooms…..luxurious nuit……


Jean Patou black lace gown, 1957 (


Charles James, Ball gown, 1954-1955. Black silk chiffon, silk satin, netting, and boning. (pinterest)


Heart Ribbons, Victorian artefacts (


Victorian Bracelet (


Black heels by Sergio Rossi..he always gets it right (



Claw earring from refinery.29



utsuwa kenchin

utsuwa kenchin. black ceramics. (


Mecc Interiors

Mecc Interiors…..





Black rice…. (

Guðrún Ólöf

Guðrún Ólöf (Guðrún Ólö



carbon colored wood (



House of Beccaria

House of Beccaria



Zitkala-Ša (“Red Bird”

Gertrude Käsebier’s photo of Sioux author & activist Zitkala-Ša (“Red Bird”)

The Black Wolf (





Block Printing


Block printing is a historic artistic technique spanning culture and many centuries. It is used both for textiles, paper decoration and design. Styles tend to be quite diverse, varying regionally, some images and patterns or graphic and bold whereas others showcase great carving skill with the addition of many details.



Block printing traces as far back as the fifth century BC, and can be summarized as an image produced by the stamp of carved block (linoleum, wood, rubber & old potatoes). While much of the finest work comes from India, there are also many notable East Asian and American artists working today.







Two Notebooks by contemporary artist Kathryn Watson.

A 17th century example of block printing on clothing from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London




Intricate botanical carving block by the talented Jeanne McGee.



Jen Hewett is a contemporary American artist whose gorgeous textiles are a unique admixture of African pictorial traditions, mid century modernism & a great sensitivity to texture, color and patterning.