Spring Style & Decor

My Top Ten Easter Decor, Inspirations & Gift Ideas ….Delightful Animal & Flower Things for Spring Time & Easter

1. Coral & Tusk Easter Linens

Basically any sweet embroidered Vignette from Brooklyn Based  Coral & Tusk. 




2. A wool felted Easter Egg made by Natalia, Life & Wool



 Via Life & Wool

3. A Wood Bunny by Aarika




4. I need a note book to write down all my spring thoughts. 

petunias whimsy.jpg

Petunia’s Whimsy


5. Rabbit Washi Tape for Easter

crazy rabbit tape from pokemon garden.jpg

From Pokeman Gardens

6. And some super cute watercolors, with case decoration by Natalie Lété

These are incidentally for children supposedly, but I don’t mind.


Spring watercolor set


7.  Whimsical Japanese cotton fabric for small sewing projects



From Nanagracy, Etsy 


8. This squirrel cutting board by Natalie Lété


aveninda home nathalie lete cutting board.jpg



9. These Gold Leaf Eggs

gold leaf eggs via littleinspiration.jpg

From Angie, Little Inspiration

Angie’s site is very pretty, & she gives a very nice tutorial as well for these gilt eggs, & many other stylish ideas



10. Kayle’s Delightful Chocolate Eggs

And last but not least, this delicious idea that someone obviously needs to make right now. + Vegan Raw Peanut Butter Eggs dipped in Chocolate. YES. And if I can turn you onto Kayle’s site, The Kitchen McCabe, deed well done, even if you just had 6000 calories because of me. xxoooo




Bonus + Did you see the sweet bunny plate as my featured image? So lovely and by Joëlle Wehkamp, Studio Sjoe, I love everything she makes…..like these amazing creations for Rice DK!

Rice - Eijffinger behangcollectie 2



How to decorate kids’ rooms with vintage prints DIY





Image courtesy of Liza Giles and Decor 8.


Decorating with vintage prints, pretty calendars from years before, old appointment books –here are some DIY ideas to transform your child’s rooms or even your sitting room. Add depth, character & a sense of originality with eclectic selections.

Salon style hanging of reproductions, good quality laser prints, e-bay or thrift store finds, pages from old discarded kids’ books, and creative commons images licensed for non commercial use are some of the many sources for eclectic curation.

Your frames can be different materials and shapes as well for a true salon style arrangement.

For kids’ rooms, think about adding reverse glass paintings, framed old sewing patterns, hand drawn prints of old advertisements,  and antique nursery decor items.



Combining children’s artwork, with historic art, folk art and modern pieces can work beautifully.

colrofulhomes tmblr


This painting rather makes me rethink on the dingy strange mid century style things I walked by at thrift stores….







These images below were sourced from google creative commons & licensed for non commercial reuse, so you can print them out & frame if you like…or you can hang with washi table or fancy pin tacks like this.



Pretty room via juliasvitadrommar, the lovely feedsack pins are available @ MAKINGtheNESTofIT


A Gallery of Ideas…DIY Decor

1. Cheerful Vignettes







And sometimes not so cheerful…





2. Grimm Style Fairytales











3. Classic Tales…











4. Fairies, Myth, & Romance









5. Flora & Fauna


4a47f195056de4694c0b8b01510d2c9d    images-1       Zenaida_macrouraAWP17AA






Great Links to Free Printables for your salon style wall

1. The Hawthornes….


♥Free Downloads of Vintage Childrens’ Books, House of Hawthornes and Farm Animals


2. Handmadehome


Free Downloads of the Alphabet, Handmadehome


2. Freeprettythingsforyou



Courtesy of Free Pretty Things for you, we love this vintage kitty

Stuff that makes me happy

Because one needs this kind of thing sometimes.



Reading the paper in bed…or perhaps stretching in bed with full make up….





Pink macaroons

romy northovers @romyno.com.jpg

Romy Northovers ceramics



Photos by JessaKae

Pictures of women holding coffee….and being stylish








The shirt says it all –I mean one does not really “kill it” in a calico skirt, but I love the whole concept. I think one rather reads books on one’s lunch break while dressed as such, but never the matter…




Luxury feel bedding, quartz rose color…..because so soft.






Random unicorn stuff


teen vogue i saw a unicorn.jpg



Ridiculous unicorn items.

unicorn nightlight @modcloth


I smell Nutella



Household goods with cats on them (even though I have a dog).



Little Cloud Table Lamo.jpg


A cloud Lamp who simply just loves you


And a mad pillow from etsy.

Trending: Little Girl’s Fashion Ideas

Discover this fashion look book for little girls aged 2-8….the choices are as modest and comfortable as possible, no need for super cinched waisted clothing for littles etc…Enjoy!


mac and mia via 100 layer cake

Stylish baby…cozy & great to play….Mac & Mia via 100 Layer Cake




Whiteandfrosty at deviant art. Toast pins…

Louise Louise @MiLK
Louise Louise via MiLK



Via weheartit



moonmoth top via oh my dear blog

Moon Moth Sweater, via oh my dear blogspot

Gina Kim Photo @minimoda_es

Gina Kim, Photographer @ minimoda, the faux fur vest would definately be a hit in my house, love that this outfit works, but looks like a styled by child assemble…..


via muffin maffy tumbr

Cat shoes ….so sweet via tumblr


via ravelry.com.jpg

Alicia Paulson design by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen, via Ravelry


via ravelry.com

Real life, mud, baggy pants, tangled hair, boots for every outfit & a teddy bear, via ravelry

via lia griffith@michaels

Lia Griffith


kindred oak

Kindred OAK



purple tutu from pigve.jpg



Pigve purple tutu and little skirt…..Via Vivoli Babies

This floral skirt is truly a super easy sewing project —-your daughter, niece or grand daughter can help!


via my cakies.jpg

Via mecakies.com


Aida Cornado



mitts from pigve.jpg

Pigve mitts



Pink Mexicana frock from Aida Coronado, Pigve mitts, & pretty blue dress via Kees and Me.


Little Moon Clothing



native belle boutique….

yellow tutu.jpg

Yellow tutu 



Via Pinterest….looks so much like cousin Juliana when she was a little girl….

pigve pinafore


Africa baby queen —-Via Pinterest


mini boden at nordstrom


Yellow Bunny Dress, Blue Flower dress & bunny, kitty & horse skirts from Mini Boden. Great paired with knit or sweater leggings….

atsuyo+akiko royal

atsuyo+akiko royal


jcrew sneakers

So sweet, brights at crewcuts
miniboden rabbits @m.bodenusa.commini boden
Via Mini Boden
Vintage Circus theme tunics,  Via Etsy
 neon headband from pigveluckyboyssunday
Pigve and Lucky Boys Saturday
swan via shopminikin.jpg
Shop Minikins &  Yoyo MOM
arty fashion by picnic.jpg
der blaue reiter shopminikin.jpg
Picnic Frock, Arty Dress via Shop Minikins, & Dino world via Mini Boden


felt cats at did someone say party site.jpg

You can make these…via 

kids style
Baby Russia……via Old Samovar and  Sokologorskaya


pigve floral dress
Oh little mama, so sweet
swan via shopminikin.jpg
via pigve
Madyura… and Pigve…
Seed heritage & Crewcuts
Jcrew stripesforever21
Via crewcuts, and buzzfeed…

via Lauren Conrad.jpg

Via Lauren Conrad



Seed Heritage Tutu


Lamb Loves Fox..


alittlemuse_a wovenplayshopminikin


Shop Minikin & Pigve


Lingerie is art. For Valentine’s Day


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, enjoy this gallery of handmade artisan lingerie as well as few manufactured pieces of exceptional beauty. Edgy, traditional, feminine, kink, whatever you like ladies…

(Cover image is courtesy of Dottie’s Delights)



Palmers by Lena Hoschek Lingerie Collection ~ Photo by Hilde van Mars, Source.



CLOEN Intimo_esmeralda_@journelle



American Grace Lingerie @etsy.jpg

American Grace Lingerie, Handmade in the United States, Edgy and fun selection.


LenaLena Lingerie.jpg



Lena Lena, beautifully stylish & handmade…



Lingerie ideas for valentine's day

Meow said the cat to the cow...Hopeless Lingerie from Australia…Love their instagram too ♥




Alexandrea Anissa -amazing meets seventies & betty paige style ♥

Alexandrea Anissa .jpg

Alexandrea Anissa


Fox undies @BettibonesBettibones detail fox undies

So sweet, foxy panties Betti Bones Shop


Audrey Set @Miss Crofton


Miss Crofton...thank god for natural models..and creatively designed hand made artisan goods



@anthro Honoka.jpg

Honoka Lingerie. Source.





Baby…I was just born this way. I don’t know if it’s the natural no effort sultriness of Madame Brunette or the modesty of the cuts, but this is my favorite so far. Heirloom collectibles. Couture undies by I am Evgenia.



Oh SO LOVELY lingerie




In love….so sexy, beautiful colors…..OH SO LOVELY




Ohhhlulu, Lingerie @ Etsy.



Naomilingerie Japanese Style.jpg

Naomi Lingerie Cateyes.jpg

Naomi Lingerie, Japanese Style



1920's lace and silk camisole @cluebelle.jpg

1920s vintage style….from Cluebelle



Simple prettiness by Ollegoria



Secrets in Lace Vintage Poster.jpg

Permalift Poster Source.

Best of Scandinavian Inspired Decor

Scandinavian Inspirations & Decor, enjoy these winter decor ideas to warm up your snowy winter! I LOVE SNOW…Just love the thought of cozying up in bed with my coffee. Had a great time snow shoveling today and watching my husky mix dive through the snow….









Harpers Bazaar







Aviva Stanoff Champagne Pillow





maison anna d @ blueskybutterflystudio@tumblr.jpg







Sources: All image credits may be found within the image jpeg file name.


Sewing Kits for Kids….

I will be featuring a monthly blog on creative people who through their own art, teaching or special way of introducing creativity make a difference.


This month, I am delighted to present the work of Robin Norgren, creative, teacher, entrepreneur, artist and more. She is an Expressive Arts Counselor and Creativity Facilitator based in Virginia. Committed to the importance of art and craft, Robin knows how to present materials to young children so they can achieve real handiwork. Her kits are so sweetly charming, I am over the moon! 

birds sewing


I wanted to feature Robin’s work, and sewing kits before Valentine’s Day because sewing kits are an amazing gift for a child of almost any age. Sewing together is a meaningful way to spend time together as parent and child, brother and sister or whatever loving combination there might be.

I came upon lovely Robin when looking for a way to teach my older daughter to sew, patterns, or kits that are frustration free. I like that you can show the child how to follow patterns or if the child is younger do prep work before your homeschool or craft-time period. This prep is often key to keeping children of different ages engaged during handiwork.



Tell me about your vision:

“I truly believe that art is a vital component in our lives, promoting peace, joy and a sense of connectedness personally and our community each other. My work builds a foundation that helps children develop coping skills for stress and anxiety, which they will draw from time and again throughout their lifetimes. We offer opportunities for adults to play as well.”

new kits

Why sewing kits?

“I love Maria Montessori’s philosophy for teaching children. I decided to become certified as a Montessori Primary Teacher because I knew that it would enhance the way I create curriculum as an art teacher. During the training, I discovered that you could teach sewing to children as young as 4 years old. This seemed amazing to me having experienced similar meditative advantages myself from hand sewing. I was privileged to see this age group sewing first hand as a Montessori Outdoor Environment teacher.”

How did you develop your kits?

I was asked develop a craft kit for a school fundraiser. So, I began to research what types of sewing kits were  on the market in order to offer something different to our community.


What I found was that there was not anything out there that was not super complicated. And so, that is how Josey’s Art school sewing line was born. Our kits offer whimsical designs that you can frame or make into pillows with all fabric and embroidery thread and a pattern. The bonus is that you receive a pattern, which you can use to create multiple hand-sewn gifts for yourself and others.



 http://www.joseysartschool.com Youtube:



Trending Style Inspiration: Tunics



leanilastyle @logspotTrending style Inspiration-Tunics 

The tunic is a canvas for creativity for fashion designers, textile artists and more. Ultimately feminine in a cozy, flattering, and totally
unexpected way this dress piece is suitable for all ages and all body types. The tunic looks pretty with layers, such as long “boyfriend” style sweaters, long cozy sweaters, and with complementary tanks as well. Great with leggings, and if long enough cozy tights, jeans, and more. In the summer, beautiful at the beach, or with shorts or alone.






Perhonen Dress @mina-kaitori.com

















Ancient Dogstar





raquel allegra