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Dark green furnishings, tabletop decorations, luxuriously rich and dark paint and textiles are a perfect approach to fall and winter updates. Warmth with an added touch of dark sophistication adds a timeless beauty to both traditional and contemporary spaces. Explore and enjoy our gallery of gorgeous new hues, furniture and rooms. In a black room like this amazing space from Sweetpea and Willow.



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Sweetpea and Willow’s Balfour Sofa 3 Seater in House Velvet Forest Green



Maison Valentina, couch, elegant, sofa, day bed, green velvet, fall decor, winter decor

Maison Valentina’s superb day bed



Covet House, Dining Room, Chandelier, Lighting, Marble, Grey Paint, Dark Green Decor, Green Chair, Dark Green

Covet House Dining Room Modern Classic Inspirations



Decor trends, fall interior decor updates, dark green, modern decor, interior decor updates, candles, fall decor, winter decor

URBANARA Dining Banner Christmas 2017 II



Decor trends, fall interior decor updates, dark green, modern decor, interior decor updates, candles, fall decor, winter decor, pillows, modern colors

URBANARA Blankets and Cushions – AW17



Myalnds Paints Borough Market No. 38 and Mews Blue No. 98

Myalnds Paints Borough Market No. 38 and Mews Blue No. 98

mandana painted homes: india

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About Mandana

Did you know about the Meena women’s artisan tradition of intricate and imaginative exterior and interior paintings of their homes, Aravalli Hills of India? I did not either, and I am astounded by the beauty and detail of these moments of beauty…In 2009, Tara books published a monograph on the tradition aptly titled Nurturing Walls. The technique is taught by mothers to their daughters, and often reflects the living world, particularly in the depiction of baby animals and their mothers. Graceful, intricate, and at times, lyrical, the white pictures are a sort of public art, and testament to the role of craft as an expression of feminine creativity and voice. Thank you to Gita Wolf, and Indianbydesign for leading me to this inspiring tradition…










The Atlantic







via tara books


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trending style -art & decor embroidered hoop pictures


Caitlin Benson, Cinder and Honey


Sarah K Benning



The delicacy, graphic flair and beauty of handmade hoop embroidery has long held my attention and now has been making the front pages of various blogs and style magazine. Here are a few of my favorites …..because i like small hand sewn things..


via cinder and honey 1

Caitlin Benson, Cinder and Honey


Molly Projects shot in the studio

Molly Projects, Via Molly Makes Issue 56



via cinder and honey

Caitlin Benson, Cinder & Honey

Sarah K Benning via the everygirl

Sarah K Benning

elsita typepad.jpg



edgy sexy decor: katja’s house

meme design

recently i got to do a really amazing project for a spiritual healer, katja. she has such amazing light, passion and energy but loves mostly black and white for decor. her huge garden provides most of her food, and flowers from this glorious backyard fill the house

Photo by Dmitry Nevlad.jpg


ever the sexy archetype, she loves wolves, like i do. i recently helped her rethink her home and this blog is a kind of mood board for her aesthetic and vision….

our discussion began with the idea of spirit animals, and the bad reputation of wolves, and how there is a lot of manga style silliness out there, and paint by numbers looking nonsense pictures of wolves, and very little that really honors the fierce, wild and independent spirit of these animals.

but every once in a while you come across an artist whose depiction of the idea of wildness, of the spirit of the wolf is superbly powerful, sensitive and evocative, like that of the talented photographer katerina plotnikova, her portfolio is so beautiful it can be almost overwhelming, such a rich saturated gothic appeal.








Katja’s House Goes Gray

Our Lookbook | Decor Inspirations

A little modern rustic, add some little gothic, and a touch of romanian mystery and scandinavian white


kothea lux fabrics and wallcoverings



via upcycled treasures


Hans Blomquist





trending interiors: how to decorate with cool chairs

want to add flair, originality and character to your home? pick something original, attention grabbing, hope you are inspired by this gallery of beautiful chairs about by artists and designers….it’s okay to introduce something daring into your interiors, for streamlined hard surface chairs, combine with soft furnishings, or add as the main chairs at your dining table….the los res desk is perfect for your office…..

Bae Se hwa Steam 11 Walnut Chair.jpg

bae se hwa steam 11 walnut chair



Christian Desile Desile Chair via Core 77.jpg

christian desile



Diplome Liyun Design Object via yunli.ensci.org.jpg

diplome liyun



via rekamagyar.jpg

via rekamagyar



grupa, hungary




Cees Braakman Chair for Pastoe via 1stdibs.com.jpg

cees braakman chair for pastoe



Poul kjaerholm 1952.jpg

poul kjaerholm 1952



Model Airplane Sear Eames.jpg

airplane seat model by charles and ray eames



Gerrit Reitveld via powerhousemuseum.com.jpg

gerrit reitveld, Powerhouse Museum










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a selection of modern furnishings

The Pairing of Modernist leitmotifs with Handwork

Contemporary furniture by artists, architect & designers continues the historic tradition of mastery in handcrafting….

So, here are some of my most beloved contemporary & historic examples….



Peter Hvidt & Orla Moelgaard Nielsen, 1950s, Denmark (theapartment.dk)


1950 Wishbone Chairs, Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn. (http://www.egetrom.no/dansk-visitt-carl-hansens-stollek/)


Riva 1920 J+I ZIG + ZAG Low stackable solid wood stool,  by Sakura Adachi (http://www.archiproducts.com/)


I have long admired the artist Kana Nakanishi & love this piece (http://www.kananakanishi.com)


Beautifully unusual & graceful, admire this designer very much…Muller Van Severen, Blue Green Chaise Lounge, Contemporary, Belgium (theapartment.dk)



Bar stools by Nuevoliving pictured in a room by Gaile Guevara, Vancover, BC (http://www.gaileguevara.com/)

oIpwxeeSPy1cnwYpqJ1w_Dufer Collateral test

Photograph by Todd Quakenbush (https://unsplash.com/toddquackenbush)


Josef Hofmann No. 670 (Sitzmaschine), 1905 The Vitra Design Museum Fin de siècle Vienna architect & designer Josef Hofmann created this bent beechwood and sycamore panel chair. The chair was was one of many of the artist’s refined geometric designs for the Purkersdorf Sanatorium, Vienna. It’s one of my favorites, although it was invented for a place that treated terminal tuberculosis and “nervous ailments” with electrotherapy and etc. A little dark perhaps, but I do tend to like ghoulish neo-Victorians things as well as butter yellow baby blankets and the such. The Vitra Design Museum website has a beautiful & informative descriptive essay about the work as part of their 100 Masterpieces Series. This picture is from their gorgeous collection. http://www.design-museum.de


And for good measure, here is a very strange design item, a Victorian Opium Bed -for sale at Christie’s, do you need one? (christies.com) …And don’t worry for all of those who say they are Austen & Dickens fans, but really secretly like Penny Dreadful & True Blood …well..I will have something for you shortly.