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bellemaison magazine is a curated collection of ideas, inspirations, projects and mood board for those who love interesting visual internet collecting…


about me 

hello there! my name is rosa and i am a lover of all things creative, colorful, inventive. i am an art historian by training, but also love to take on creative & decorating projects.


I provide brand elevation, marketing writing + copyediting consultation for creative + niche businesses, designers, interior and design firms, event photography + more, read more here


fine art? 

if you are interested primarily in features about fine art and design, please follow my blog for fine art + design (www.rosajhberlandartconsultant.com)


emerging artist, designer or crafter?

i am particularly interested in work by emerging artists, and yes, even those pieces you have never shown anyone. email me or check out the blog. 


feature requests? 

if you are thinking about an awesomely amazing collaboration, or need a design or craft feature please email me here, and let me know your details, i work with small blogs, bespoke interior & design firms, as well as large corporate entities, and i am always happy to sign a NDA as required.


advertisers or those interested in working on promoted or sponsored posts may contact me via email




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