Interior Trends -Maximalism

Maximalism is an interior design trend characterized by the use of bold color, patterns and unexpected juxtapositions of shapes, formats and hues. Heavy on design and personality, Maximalism incorporates global traditions and craftsmanship and emphasizes a sense of style and unique flair.

In many ways Maximalism is a theatre of style, a reaction in a sense to the minimalist aesthetic, full of fascinating palettes, stylistic tropes from varying eras and of course a constant is boldness in choices and pairing.  Maximalism is predicted as the leading trend in 2019 for styling the modern home with true character and forward thinking ideas.


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A sense of geometric drama paired with understated color and texture distinguishes the Mogg Ritratti cabinet is designed by Marzia & Leo Dainelli. Made in Italy, this cabinet is inspired by the light and reflections of Paris as the sun crosses Notre Dame. Image courtesy of Go Modern, UK. 



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This Fishbone Coffee Table is a work of art in itself. Created by Patricia Urquiola in 2012 for the Italian manufacturer Moroso, the Fishbone range features a unique and head-turning table top which is hand made from Sintetica methacrylate. This bold style seems somewhere between Memphis style and the Bauhaus, a contemporary take on Maximalism.  Image courtesy of Chaplins Furniture. 


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Lush Designs DLR Shade Pink Orange showing a view of London with a wonderful illustrative pattern that has a retro feel and yet reflects the growing trend of detailed stylized drawing seen in contemporary art practice today.  Image courtesy of Lush Designs. 


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And the abstracted hand tufted wool Koi rug from Brabbu Design Forces contrasting beautifully with the orange velvet Bourbon chair. A 70s vibe is married to the regality of historic France with a dramatic sense of contemporary maximalism. Image courtesy of Brabbu. 

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