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Konzuk -A Contemporary Minimalist Jewelry Line

Karen is the designer behind a remarkable minimalist celestially inspired modernist jewelry line Konzuk made for the architecture and designer lover. Called wearable architecture by Dwell Magazine, the pieces are hand made and feature diamond dust infused black concrete. We are so delighted to feature this Vancouver based artist and designer on the blog. Hope you enjoy her beautiful creations and learning more about the process!

Tell me about your training and path to making artisan jewelry?

I had originally attended art school where I studied sculpture. It was in an attempt to hone my sculptural skills that I took a jewelry class. I immediately took to it and there was no turning back! It was in my last year of school that I developed and production line, business plan and concept for my company. It’s been going for 20 years strong now!

 What’s the process for making the concrete and diamond dust pieces? 

For the Continuum pieces we hand form each of the dome shapes by using a dapping block and forming tools. The concrete and diamond dust is then applied to the surface in a thin layer of about 1mm and cured for three days to assure a hard enough surface and to prevent cracking. We then fabricate the final pieces using a laser welder and finish the process by hand.

 You have a new line, called Continuum, please tell me a bit about the inspiration behind these pieces? 

The continuum collection is an extension of our Stellar line which is inspired by capturing the stars in the sky. The main inspiration is drawn from Bauhaus ideals of simplistic and geometric forms.

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KONZUK jewelry appeals to design-centric audiences around the world. Collaborations include Sir Paul Smith’s flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles. In 2014, it was awarded an international design awards for its innovative Orbis line; and in 2016, Schwinn, Germany, will begin producing its unique line of concrete hardware.


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