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Chloe Cheese’s Cat Print

  Decorating Ideas for you -try charming drawings made into prints……

I really love the familiar children’s book illustration style of Chloe Cheese’s work, and the color scheme means her prints fit into any decor style. Her pretty illustrations reminds me so much of Judith Kerr’s fantastic Mog the Cat books! Before I admired the painting on Chinese porcelains, or the plaster sculptures that adorned my grandparent’s living room, the Kline blue paintings, it was the aesthetic wonder of illustration that was most important to me.
And anyone who has followed this style blog for a bit knows I adore any sort of lovely home decor with cat motifs. And mid century style. ….Enter Chloe Cheese, a printmaker whose amazing still life illustrations of the prettiness of every day life are absolutely charming. I found out about Chloe’s work from Emma Hardiman from Athena Art, London. Athena is famous for their c. 1960s shop on High street. Tremendously popular, today Athena is internet based and well known for their pop culture inventory including vintage albums.
However, it was the handmade illustrative work that really caught my eye when I was chatting with Emma who described Chloe’s work perfectly! “This collection encapsulates the essence of her passion for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary of everyday life. She finds beauty in the things that we might not even notice and causes us to pause and relax in the moment.” 
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 Interior of dining area with a large wooden table and black chai

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Prints of Chloe’s work and other working artists can be purchased on the company site.
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