Decorating with Gold -4 Ways to Add Splendor

Gold is the material of royalty, treasured throughout the ages…Add gold accented pieces to your modern living space for a sense of luxury and heirloom quality elegance. Whether taking your cue from Ancient Rome, Neo-classical Europe, the splendor of Rococo, Art Deco or the ornate vegetal patterns of the east, gold takes your decor to the next level. Enjoy our guide to decorating with gold hues and gilt surfaces…


Stylish Kitchen - KOKET Projects.jpg

Koket Projects Gold Kitchen



1. Chose an Accent Table or Bookcase with Gold Detailing

Aidan Gray Furniture Furano Gold Coffee TableMaison XXIV LLC

Wareham Coffee Table Base Finish: Antique Gold Gilt






2. Add Gold Hues to Bedrooms



Newtons Furniture



Splash Of Gold Cushion The French Bedroom Co UK.jpg

Splash of Gold Cushion, The French Bedroom Co

Gold Ombre Cristal Lumbar Pillow by Lorena Maxilla




Ashes of Roses Gold Bed -Newtons Furniture



Wayfair’s Abbie Floral 6 Light Semi Flush Mount Finish Gold Leaf




The French Bedroom Co



White & Gold Embroidered Cristal Sheet Set by Lorena Gaxiola





3. Retro Style Decorative Pieces with Gold Details


Ambiance Honor Side Board from Memoir.jpg

Ambiance Honor Side Board, Memoir



Ostentation Folding Screen, Memoir

Red Pomegranate Gilt Bowl
, Wayfair


Angled Bird Leg Candlestick gold from Arbol House.jpg

Angled Bird Leg, Candle Stick from Arbol + Ovohouse



modern lighting, gold decor, pendant lighting

Dar Lighting Group, Be&Liv, Boca do lobo, and Touched Interiors 




4. Add a Piece of Design that is Truly a Work of Art



The sculptural Lapiaz Center table from Boca do Lobo is inspired in part by karst formations, a vision of stone frozen and dramatically cracked open to expose a rich mineral interior of gold.  



Bedroom Decor with NYMPH Chandelier - KOKET Projects.jpg




Classical Inspired Homewares by Mia Fleur.jpg


Mia Fleur



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