Writing, Marketing + Branding Services for Creative Businesses, Designers, Artisans, Decor, DIY + Home Improvement

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Looking for Design Expertise Writing in a wide variety of fields including Interior Design and Decor, Renovation + Architecture?





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About Me

Dedicated, knowledge and attentive, I  offer a range of affordable high-end marketing writing services for niche brands + creative firms.

I specialize in copyediting, copywriting, and brand elevation for furniture design, textile and interior trends as well as DIY, food + interior styling, home improvement, international design trends, + art and design history. 

Born and raised in Canada, I work today in the United States and I have 15+ years of experience working the field. I am well versed in Canadian, British + American English.

My international clientele include high-end luxe retailers, department stores, bespoke interior design firms, and limited edition furniture studios as well as lifestyle magazines -Home Depot, Krikla, Alchemy Fine Home, Couture Flowers Magazine, Solo Rugs, Wiczny, + Christies among many others.


Expertise Paired with Elegance

I specialize in brand elevation and creative writing that focuses on marketing and sales. I take the time to get to know every client, and their vision, voice and unique market. I promise organic content that loops in your vision and product without keyword stuffing.



Discover professionalism + warmth

I am always open to feedback and promise high quality work. I want to get it right. There is no one size fits all, you need customized content and attention.

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I work on a sliding scale so please let me know your budget as soon as we start discussions, because I am always willing to work with new clients. I welcome inquiries from start-up  businesses, + emerging artisans and designers as well.



I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your amazing ideas. 

Contact me

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