Coffee Service….Yes Please! Pretty Coffee Makers + Sets




Perfection in presentation -beautiful coffee styling by Crate + Barrel


I love coffee, and my favorite morning ritual is drinking a cup of cafe au lait -my husband makes it for me every morning, an act of love and perhaps self protection as well.





Nonetheless despite this loveliness, I have been thinking I want to prettify my afternoon coffee break. Things can get pretty hectic here at the beach house slash homeschool center slash writing office slash crazy kids jumping up and down.

So what way will I go, ultra modern matte Scandinavian style or Italian high modern? Or so pretty I cannot stop staring. I don’t know yet if it will be one or another or both but here are some pretty things.


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Via Tumblr -Oh hey there, yes keep it coming darling.




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16.05.14.Mjolk5679-thumbc.jpg Luca Nichetto Sucabaruca Coffee Set, Kihara Ceramics, Mjolk


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My heartfelt journey …. I want a beautiful coffee maker that is not fully aluminum -these are hard to find. The noble search goes on….Let’s start with the coffee maker, I love these cool ones from Rigby + Mac.


Alžběta Pilařová .jpgPhotographer Alžběta Pilařová


This is kind of how my table would look but not as picturesque. It’s like a tumbled dream, flowers, books, toys and delicious treats plus a coffee to delight.


What’s your favorite espresso coffee? ♥



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