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A look book dedicated to the unique quality of grace in quietly womanly style –this is the simplicity of feminine couture featuring long skirts, interesting fabrics, hand dyed, jewel tones, linens, draping that flatter the feminine form, rich texture and pigments. 

Gracefully stylish…unique, and unexpected + comfortable -your body will fit into these clothes, no strange pushing, squeezing, or stressed zippers because you have a woman’s body. 


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Skirts like these are great for any season, layering works well for changing weather during late spring and early fall, pinks are offset by blues, browns and grays, add boots or sandals depending on the season. Layering of skirts is an age old way of draping the womanly body, and has a quintessential beauty…..


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Loose drapery, simple colors, sexy can mean coverage as well, no revealing front, but a dipping back is lovely.


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There is a reason stripes are a classic, elegance, sport, and modern. Plus, who doesn’t love the flattering form of a flowered skirt and red clogs.


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The most deliciously silk skirt in a deep rust, simple, feminine and easy to wear.


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Nothing in the world like a linen dress, this classic piece is dyed to perfection, and has a modest yet gorgeous cut. Indigo like no other…


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