here are a few amazing bookshelves featuring books, of course, pictures, sculptures, decorative pieces, treasured finds, with the perfectly imperfect amount of things, space and staggered or neatly stacked composition..

so declutter that clutter, and artfully arrange…


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Decide on a color theme… we have natural colors, white and blue, add natural objects like stones or shells sparingly..and lots of white space….


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Don’t throw out all the old books, treasure the most attractive, or sentimentally meaningful, look for single bookends at flea markets, final sales and thrift shops…


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Embrace color, mix and match titles, add a small ceramic piece in brights or softer colors…a small painting…



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Beautiful coral, metal sculpture in gold tones, whimsical elements, staggered heights, and shapes make this a patterned stage for enjoyment



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Paper the back of a boring shelf, or paint it a bright or rich color. Note the use of transparent materials, lattice vase, glass and sculpture with negative space. Air plants make a hardy and beautiful addition to your curated shelving. Classic, Asian and chic modern come together to make a mesmerizing tableaux.




An office set up that makes you want to go to work at your the neutrals + metallics + cozy blankets




Make the most of white space, and vary your book arrangements, mixing stacking with rows, add textures, wicker, stone, porcelain and wood make for an interesting vignette.


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Stone, metal, wicker and beautiful wood sculpted by nature. The designer has added air plants, as well as modern + rustic style, giving the space a gallery look.


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An eclectic look —a shelf  can hold your prized editions, art collections: combine antiques, natural elements like feathers, carefully selected stone items or shells. Add textile, wicker, sculpture leaving some staggered space between…..for a touch of green, usually succulents, air plants + cactus stand up best to these kind of arrangements…

how to style a book shelf

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