curated by kids: duvet cover fabric diy ideas

A few of our favorite fabrics for making duvet covers, simply use one solid colored sheet with one sheet of these great fabrics, wonderful step by step directions via craftsy

or here at Design Sponge!  and of course, Martha has a video 

This post courtesy of me, and my six year old. Curated by Kids Series. Next guest curator will be Charlie who only likes girly things, but will pin you down if you take the last cookie with her pre k wrestling moves.


Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise

Michael Miller Wee Wander Woods Turquoise via


helen dardik - pattern

Helen Dardik fabric 


'Seigaiha Wave' Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric

‘Seigaiha Wave’ Motif Furoshiki Cotton Japanese Fabric


sweet autumn day by little cube

Sweet Autumn Day Collection, via Little Cube


avril loreti

Avril Loreti, Cloud 9


HomeTenuguiCotton Gauze Blue Whales' apanese Tenugui Cloth

Cotton Gauze Blue Whales Japanese Tenugui Cloth, Kyoto Collection



littlecube studio.jpg

Little Cube Studio




Art Gallery Hello Bear Oh Hello Fog.jpg

Art Gallery Hello Bear, Oh Hello Meadow via



Timeless Treasures Unicorns Aqua

Timeless Treasures via


Seven Islands Runaway Bunny Pink


Curated by Rosalina + Bianca (age 6)

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