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recently i got to do a really amazing project for a spiritual healer, katja. she has such amazing light, passion and energy but loves mostly black and white for decor. her huge garden provides most of her food, and flowers from this glorious backyard fill the house

Photo by Dmitry Nevlad.jpg


ever the sexy archetype, she loves wolves, like i do. i recently helped her rethink her home and this blog is a kind of mood board for her aesthetic and vision….

our discussion began with the idea of spirit animals, and the bad reputation of wolves, and how there is a lot of manga style silliness out there, and paint by numbers looking nonsense pictures of wolves, and very little that really honors the fierce, wild and independent spirit of these animals.

but every once in a while you come across an artist whose depiction of the idea of wildness, of the spirit of the wolf is superbly powerful, sensitive and evocative, like that of the talented photographer katerina plotnikova, her portfolio is so beautiful it can be almost overwhelming, such a rich saturated gothic appeal.








Katja’s House Goes Gray

Our Lookbook | Decor Inspirations

A little modern rustic, add some little gothic, and a touch of romanian mystery and scandinavian white


kothea lux fabrics and wallcoverings



via upcycled treasures


Hans Blomquist





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