My home is a beautiful open plan upstairs with sliding glass doors outdoors to a porch with a half arch window above, lots of light and sense of fluidity. It’s a dream home truly, built by husband, his friends, the FDNY & family, post Sandy.

In this space at one end there is a small sitting area, & at the other end, a playroom on the right, & my home office on the left. And therein lies the problem, too much overflow of plastic ponies & tiny farm animals.



Searching for a solution that provides a non permanent divider that won’t ruin the beautiful architectural & can be changed as our lives change. I wanted to share some of the interesting ideas I have found during my research for this problem! Enjoy!


Room Divider Idea #1: Glass Walls




Room Idea Divider #2: Just Curtains…


partment therapy sf girl by the bay.jpg

Fearon Hay Architects


Room Divider # 3:  Screens

room divider ideas

boaz cohen and sayaka yamamoto

alberto biagetti and laura baldasarri via desireecasoni.jpg

alberto biagetti and laura baldasarri 






# 4 Bookshelves as Room Dividers


Apartment 34.jpg



frenchfancy doherty design studio.jpg





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room divider ideas

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