Creative Desk Inspiration

A beautifully interesting desk makes for good work.


Always include pictures, flowers, candles, paper and lots of nice pencils or pens. And Pictures. And Piles if you must. I love to look a pristine work spaces, but it makes me feel a little hopeless because my mind and my life does not work like this. So I decided to take another approach, beautiful clutter.




Photographer Jessica Pages, via Front + Main



averyfinehouse blogspot.jpg



My own upstairs is a wide open space, & my concentration is rather at risk because my desk is adjacent to the nursery. I so want to do this. I am going to get a cube book shelf and use as a wall.






My desk is a beautiful old farmhouse table that I inherited from my father –he used this very same table as his home office desk to write books and make piles of paper unequal to any other in the world.


I think many beautiful & meaningful things have been written here, I penned two  book chapters that I am proud of, recently published, and my father wrote many poems and his own scholarly work here. And made piles. shellsuitshelly tumblr.jpg



Likewise, I have a rather scattered mind which works in huge revelatory bursts of energy and ideas and then goes gray, in a quasi ADD style, so I must have notes, notebooks, daily planning sheets, a timer, or else all in lost in the black hole of the internet, or a random book I start reading.






Seriously I read the rest of my Louis Marin book I found nestled among papers on my desk last Tuesday. Then I rearranged some pens. It was about 3 hours later and everyone was home. No work was done. I am of the mind that this is acceptable. I am certain my grandmother who I admired deeply would see reading such an esoteric book in the middle of the day was totally a necessity.






My desk is always crowded, and not only because of my distractable brain.It’s mostly  a reflection of beautifully busy life….which includes two small children, some homeschooling, many craft projects, my work as an endometriosis support person, my role as a director of an artist foundation, and my two other jobs….as a interior decor consultant, and an art historian !!!!


Perhaps it is the case that my desk suffers from a personality disorder from all these activities, in any case I need to constantly reorganize it -and the only thing that inspires me is prettiness …here are some inspiring spaces for you




front +main.jpg

Front + Main


I am not an advocate of blank space in a desk area, but this is merely a reflection of my own thinking process, I need stimulation, distraction and some decor or accumulation, something that reflects the richness of life, experience and texture. So you will find here, rooms full of things, full of life, of ideas.


Annetta Bosakova Flickr.jpg

Annetta Bosakova


irideeën Flickr.jpg

irideeën has some pretty fantastic photos of her creative space….and all her photos are delightful



Eat Drink Chic & Rosehips & Petticoats, UK




&  I tell my littlest not to draw on walls, love this sketchy inky “architectural detail”          image via Stylecaster






brit + co.jpg

Brit + Co






Just right abstract pattern meets modern +pinks, from When it rains, @ Etsy




The delightful reality of a creative desk, via the very talented UK designer Hannah Rowlands, @Raisinheart.






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