Trending: Little Girl’s Fashion Ideas

Discover this fashion look book for little girls aged 2-8….the choices are as modest and comfortable as possible, no need for super cinched waisted clothing for littles etc…Enjoy!


mac and mia via 100 layer cake

Stylish baby…cozy & great to play….Mac & Mia via 100 Layer Cake




Whiteandfrosty at deviant art. Toast pins…

Louise Louise @MiLK
Louise Louise via MiLK



Via weheartit



moonmoth top via oh my dear blog

Moon Moth Sweater, via oh my dear blogspot

Gina Kim Photo @minimoda_es

Gina Kim, Photographer @ minimoda, the faux fur vest would definately be a hit in my house, love that this outfit works, but looks like a styled by child assemble…..


via muffin maffy tumbr

Cat shoes ….so sweet via tumblr



Alicia Paulson design by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen, via Ravelry



Real life, mud, baggy pants, tangled hair, boots for every outfit & a teddy bear, via ravelry

via lia griffith@michaels

Lia Griffith


kindred oak

Kindred OAK



purple tutu from pigve.jpg



Pigve purple tutu and little skirt…..Via Vivoli Babies

This floral skirt is truly a super easy sewing project —-your daughter, niece or grand daughter can help!


via my cakies.jpg



Aida Cornado



mitts from pigve.jpg

Pigve mitts



Pink Mexicana frock from Aida Coronado, Pigve mitts, & pretty blue dress via Kees and Me.


Little Moon Clothing



native belle boutique….

yellow tutu.jpg

Yellow tutu 



Via Pinterest….looks so much like cousin Juliana when she was a little girl….

pigve pinafore


Africa baby queen —-Via Pinterest


mini boden at nordstrom


Yellow Bunny Dress, Blue Flower dress & bunny, kitty & horse skirts from Mini Boden. Great paired with knit or sweater leggings….

atsuyo+akiko royal

atsuyo+akiko royal


jcrew sneakers

So sweet, brights at crewcuts
miniboden rabbits @m.bodenusa.commini boden
Via Mini Boden
Vintage Circus theme tunics,  Via Etsy
 neon headband from pigveluckyboyssunday
Pigve and Lucky Boys Saturday
swan via shopminikin.jpg
Shop Minikins &  Yoyo MOM
arty fashion by picnic.jpg
der blaue reiter shopminikin.jpg
Picnic Frock, Arty Dress via Shop Minikins, & Dino world via Mini Boden


felt cats at did someone say party site.jpg

You can make these…via 

kids style
Baby Russia……via Old Samovar and  Sokologorskaya

pigve floral dress
Oh little mama, so sweet
swan via shopminikin.jpg
via pigve
Madyura… and Pigve…
Seed heritage & Crewcuts
Jcrew stripesforever21
Via crewcuts, and buzzfeed…

via Lauren Conrad.jpg

Via Lauren Conrad



Seed Heritage Tutu


Lamb Loves Fox..


alittlemuse_a wovenplayshopminikin


Shop Minikin & Pigve


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  1. All of these items are beautiful. Do you feel like designer children’s fashion is going a little too far though? I think the point of buying high quality clothing is not simply the way it looks and the great design, but the fact that it is durable and if taken care of properly can last you many years. Children grow so fast that they only wear things for a few months generally.

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