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I will be featuring a monthly blog on creative people who through their own art, teaching or special way of introducing creativity make a difference.


This month, I am delighted to present the work of Robin Norgren, creative, teacher, entrepreneur, artist and more. She is an Expressive Arts Counselor and Creativity Facilitator based in Virginia. Committed to the importance of art and craft, Robin knows how to present materials to young children so they can achieve real handiwork. Her kits are so sweetly charming, I am over the moon! 

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I wanted to feature Robin’s work, and sewing kits before Valentine’s Day because sewing kits are an amazing gift for a child of almost any age. Sewing together is a meaningful way to spend time together as parent and child, brother and sister or whatever loving combination there might be.

I came upon lovely Robin when looking for a way to teach my older daughter to sew, patterns, or kits that are frustration free. I like that you can show the child how to follow patterns or if the child is younger do prep work before your homeschool or craft-time period. This prep is often key to keeping children of different ages engaged during handiwork.



Tell me about your vision:

“I truly believe that art is a vital component in our lives, promoting peace, joy and a sense of connectedness personally and our community each other. My work builds a foundation that helps children develop coping skills for stress and anxiety, which they will draw from time and again throughout their lifetimes. We offer opportunities for adults to play as well.”

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Why sewing kits?

“I love Maria Montessori’s philosophy for teaching children. I decided to become certified as a Montessori Primary Teacher because I knew that it would enhance the way I create curriculum as an art teacher. During the training, I discovered that you could teach sewing to children as young as 4 years old. This seemed amazing to me having experienced similar meditative advantages myself from hand sewing. I was privileged to see this age group sewing first hand as a Montessori Outdoor Environment teacher.”

How did you develop your kits?

I was asked develop a craft kit for a school fundraiser. So, I began to research what types of sewing kits were  on the market in order to offer something different to our community.


What I found was that there was not anything out there that was not super complicated. And so, that is how Josey’s Art school sewing line was born. Our kits offer whimsical designs that you can frame or make into pillows with all fabric and embroidery thread and a pattern. The bonus is that you receive a pattern, which you can use to create multiple hand-sewn gifts for yourself and others.

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