The Galerie of Chairs…


Philippe Starck's Master Chair in Gold: Just because it clearly belongs in my study....with many thousands of small fingerprints allover in all likely hood, considering the study's close proximity to the nursery...

Artisan Chair Adventures

My chair obsession has reached new heights. My family currently suffers various moderately comfortable modernist chairs through out the house.

Of course if I can get the Eames Lounge chair or the Saarinen womb chair than all will be fine (eh-em cozy) so you see where they are with me. Sit in your Philippe Starck Chair and like it.

But after working with a collector to find some great vintage chairs,  I have come to some new conclusions that all visitors to my ultra modern home will be glad of….



Eames Lounge Chair in White, Hermann Miller, I like black better but the snow is rather lovely and I like how in this photo you can see the molded shape that was so important to the development of the chair. Source.




Eero Saarinen’s Knoll Womb Chair…..I can spend hours in this. Source.



Phillip Starck’s Ghost Chairs, Kartell. Source. 





Chair by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici, 1930

And then there is my fascination with green modernist chairs..even after I spent a week finding artisan designed modernist and vintage yellow chairs for a client…


It’s fine whatever it is, it can be a green chair with modern chairs as well. Source. 


Yum. Source. 


Gilles Trillard Interior. Source.

I would love a Hans Wegner wishbone chair in green, but could also learn to love a few nude versions…



Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs. Greens.





And here are some photos of  what we looked at & considered when searching & choosing yellow chairs….to go with some post impressionist art and then with some handmade silk wallpaper.


de Gourney’s blue & yellow wonderful pattern Jardinieres Citrus Trees. Source.


From and then we looked at this one below, but went for something thinner, but then this picture started a whole thing with chandeliers which is so fun, and once we are done picking something, I shall post more. I like the modern over the top ones and the frothy Venetian types, and we are looking for at least three. So fun.



We settled on a set much like these Giandomenico Belotti  “Spaghetti” Lounge Chairs (1960-69)  pictured below….

I must admit however that in Peter’s sitting room there are two super comfy chairs so I think I need to find something for our house too. That’s the next post. AESTHETICALLY ACCEPTABLE COZY CHAIRS, Florence Knoll would be so proud…


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