Johan Bavman’s Photo Project of Fathers at Home, Sweden


enhanced-buzz-wide-12680-1426868849-8Image by Johan Bavman

Swedish artist, filmmaker and photographer Johan Bavman’s photos are evocative, touching, funny, and familiar. In his series of Swedish fathers at home during paternity leave, he captures all the joy, the physical and emotional work, not to mention the complex multi-tasking, all required for the care of children. On my father’s birthday, I invite you to learn more about this beautiful project!


Me & my Dad (Image by unknown photo booth) during the 1970s with some feathers that I clearly collected.Very sporting of my young dad to wear them in his hair!




Images by Johan Bavman

And there is a book! So you don’t have to break the artist’s website looking at these pictures. It is quite possible that Johan Bavman’s Swedish gentlemen dad series has the power to break the internet. You can visit more details about the book here

There will also be an exhibition, which I dearly wish could come to the United States. These pictures are so powerful, even if they could touch a few hearts, and change a few minds about the importance power of love and hard work in parenting…regardless of gender.

Exhibition Venues:

Malmö Museer, 23/1–24/4 2016

Malmö, Sweden
Arbetets Museum, 10/5–10/9 2016
Norrköping, Sweden



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