Holiday Style: Beautiful Brights

Festive style…a special collection for Elizabeth…. a grown up lady with a Christmas birthday, that’s how special she is…. 

Now, I did my best to keep out pictures of seventh graders masquerading as grown women in expensive clothes & consumptive looking models. It is after-all the holidays & we don’t want to see pics of anyone who A) Looks as if they are not enjoying themselves or B. Does not eat goodies.

In my collecting voyage, I saw plenty of haute couture outfits but they appeared to be on my 13 year old neighbor who was disguised as someone from a Dickens workhouse. All the same, here are some party ideas as well as more casual happiness outfits, I look forward confusing wine glasses with you over the holidays…….



Shoes, amazing with nice heel, love pairing of plain white blouse with this green silk skirt. Elegant & festive. Suitable for a grown up lady (aka GAW) (

This is really nice and best with flat shoes perhaps… (






Classic style….(


The combination of a chunky sweater & a party skirt is lovely. As for the purse, I like the texture & the color clash…perhaps a laptop is inside, but I don’t mind plenty can be stored, such as lipstick, barbie dolls, emergency candy, and flasks. (

Perhaps best if attending a Highland Party but lovely all the same. (

Naturally fair woman with bright red lips… (






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