a selection of modern furnishings

The Pairing of Modernist leitmotifs with Handwork

Contemporary furniture by artists, architect & designers continues the historic tradition of mastery in handcrafting….

So, here are some of my most beloved contemporary & historic examples….



Peter Hvidt & Orla Moelgaard Nielsen, 1950s, Denmark (theapartment.dk)


1950 Wishbone Chairs, Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn. (http://www.egetrom.no/dansk-visitt-carl-hansens-stollek/)


Riva 1920 J+I ZIG + ZAG Low stackable solid wood stool,  by Sakura Adachi (http://www.archiproducts.com/)


I have long admired the artist Kana Nakanishi & love this piece (http://www.kananakanishi.com)


Beautifully unusual & graceful, admire this designer very much…Muller Van Severen, Blue Green Chaise Lounge, Contemporary, Belgium (theapartment.dk)



Bar stools by Nuevoliving pictured in a room by Gaile Guevara, Vancover, BC (http://www.gaileguevara.com/)

oIpwxeeSPy1cnwYpqJ1w_Dufer Collateral test

Photograph by Todd Quakenbush (https://unsplash.com/toddquackenbush)


Josef Hofmann No. 670 (Sitzmaschine), 1905 The Vitra Design Museum Fin de siècle Vienna architect & designer Josef Hofmann created this bent beechwood and sycamore panel chair. The chair was was one of many of the artist’s refined geometric designs for the Purkersdorf Sanatorium, Vienna. It’s one of my favorites, although it was invented for a place that treated terminal tuberculosis and “nervous ailments” with electrotherapy and etc. A little dark perhaps, but I do tend to like ghoulish neo-Victorians things as well as butter yellow baby blankets and the such. The Vitra Design Museum website has a beautiful & informative descriptive essay about the work as part of their 100 Masterpieces Series. This picture is from their gorgeous collection. http://www.design-museum.de


And for good measure, here is a very strange design item, a Victorian Opium Bed -for sale at Christie’s, do you need one? (christies.com) …And don’t worry for all of those who say they are Austen & Dickens fans, but really secretly like Penny Dreadful & True Blood …well..I will have something for you shortly.


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