Thanksgiving Decor & Disgruntled Ruminations on Tangling bits & pieces as well as wayward candles

Thanksgiving Decor for the Modern Lady…

Seasonal. Safe. Easy. Elegant. Child Proof.

This is so pretty & clever and not dangerous!

Handmade meets traditional rustic elegance….festive pop of color with the gold pumpkins & all so easy to prepare, fun to create the tabletop paper together as a family, & candle safely away from the various decor items…(

The Kitsch Factor. I like Kitsch, as in brightly graphic floral vintage sheets or Bavarian children’s toys but in general, I find most thanksgiving decor alarming. First, when all the little children come home from the public schools with black pilgrim hats, I feel the onset of what I have long considered thanksgiving discomfort. I also find myself wondering why there are 17 mini pumpkins immersed in a vase of water with glitter. This rather looks like an experiment by small children which almost always involves perishable food, glitter or tape, and water.

Don’t get me wrong, as you can see from all the cheese platters featured here, I LOVE FOOD. And I would say isn’t this a huge part of thanksgiving?

Gorgeously arranged delights…..(

But the standard decor…Usually the first offender is a large gaudy wreath on a front door with various dyed twigs poking you in the eye or even better  yet getting stuck in an upset out of sorts baby or some such who has plans to mostly pull down decorations and eat glittered acorns.

Some Feelings About Centerpieces

I have long held the belief that a lot of stuff in the middle is mostly helpful for hiding how much you are eating, however I always manage to have a sleeve nearly alit by danger candles or my hair entwined in a highly irritating chair decoration. But all the same, here is something rather clever…although it does rather veer into my danger category


Gorgeous, I love the use of outdoor elements, using garden plants at the end of the season & imperfect fruit. (


As well I feel rather like a Viking when there are antlers. I like it, I do.

In general I enjoy feeling like a Viking Shield Maiden since it seems very fierce, equitable and glamorous in manner of an Amazon, but…perhaps not while eating a wheat free pie in November. Perhaps in December while I am walking my oversized arctic dog in blankets of snow drinking spiked cider in this very attractive decanter, which has very sensibly disguised itself as a book.


Grimm Fairy Tales with Flask from the amazing shop Hollow Book Shop

Now, I have a vague memory of my ever tasteful, talented & artistic mother making a cornucopia for thanksgiving one year, it probably looked like this before my three year old brother dissembled it with glee. She was most certainly the 1980s precursor to Martha Stewart, mysteriously alluding any 80’s kitsch all the while.


Martha Stewart’s cornucopia plus a glass of wine obviously.

And here are some lovely ideas for decorating.

Keep it simple.Rather use negative space to break up your set up –like here:


Beautifully composed with restraint & sense…wonderfully talented food styling by Valerie Rice, gorgeous photo by Elizabeth Stevens Design (elizabethstevensdesign)


If you are not a talented “stylist” stay away from gold ribbon, open vessels with water,  & a great deal of fir cuttings & pumpkins. You can just add seasonal touches here & there, I like these vignettes (easily put away or disposed of)

fall_mantel_A Beautiful Mess

From “A beautiful mess” I like this because it has a simplicity, & character….. http://www.beautiful.mess


So perhaps a table with just a geometric pumpkin might be perceived as anti social, but I like it. (

Delightful… (


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