so…. you work for a toddler?


Listening to NPR today, I heard a reporter say that there are so many mundane boring things about parenting. I also would say certainly there are an equal number of tasks that might seem dull in the workplace, & one is often working for an egomaniac.

Not to say that toddlers are not that, but they have lots of plush beautiful hair, and smell like cookies & milk forever. And they call tornadoes tomatoes & strawberries straw-babies. That alone makes it totally worth it working for them.

I see real value in each step of our daily lives, it’s a honor to care for my kids, to feed them, clean up after them, bath them, it is important to have a mother, & it forms a child’s soul & sense of self worth. Mothering is crucial to the health of our children, to our own growth, & to society in general, as Harriet Beecher Stowe once said “Women are the real architects of society.”—So my fellow Queenly mother, be proud, be purposeful, and do these tiny things with meaning.


This is Charlie. She’s very cute & very naughty. In a few moments she will commence throwing stones at ducks, & pulling up the fancy neighbor’s heirloom flowers. She’s so delicious my heart grows 5 x its regular size about 400 times a day although I am puzzled by why everything must be run under water in the bathroom sink. Wizardry!

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