The Montessori Bed

The Floor Bed……Freedom for you and yours

If you are like me decorating, planning & setting up your child’s bedroom is a very important project. And believe me, I had some preconceived notions (don’t we all?) about what it should be.

And when you have two small kids close in age who you put to bed at the same time, this is a great solution, everyone is welcome to cuddle together. Here are some beautiful & practical examples of the floor bed. I highly recommend it. If you are worried about a climber or escape artist (I have my own little flight risk) put up a motion detector nightlight or a gate.


I was sure my daughters would sleep very tidily in their cribs. They did not. Some of my friends settled this matter with a mattress on a floor, it seems that the kids felt imprisoned in the crib. It turns out this was true for both of mine.


Shared bedroom with toddler or preschooler floor bed & crib



I am a fan of graphic vintage sheets, they look great as box spring covers or on the bed. This picture is from


Petit &




Stacked bright vintage sheets

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